10Xs Your Year In 2014

In 2014 instead of Making A New Year resolution do something a little bit out of the ordinary.  10xs it!

What I mean is take whatever your monthly goal is, for example my monthly goal has always been since 2005 $20,00/month.

I have been in business since 1993

In 2005 I did the best thing that I could have done for my business.  I decided I wanted more.  I started networking.

 I did what everyone does at first.  I went to the small business networking groups and Chamber meetings.  I have a lifetime of going to Hotel Meetings and home parties or meetings since I was 16.

 I even had te Police threatened against me when my sponsor took me to a training meeting in a woman’s apartment.  Needless to say, that company didn’t work out. LOL

Real Estate, yeah that’s it!  I tried all the single family home hotel meetings, I have joined real estate groups, I have mailed out in bulk to mortgagees in the secondary mortgage market.  I have even had some meetings and calls with potential money makers, but for a variety of reasons they did not pan out.

You see wen you are young the world is your oyster, and you are going to “show them all!”  Little by little you start to realize how stacked against you the cards are if you try to do it on your own.  

Starting a business, or investing, sometime remind me to tell you about my experience with the Euro Fx in the commodity Markets! Oh, and there was the time I was going to corner the garbage collection and the wholesale market!

But you know what?  I wouldn’t trade it in for any job.  Never.  Anytime I tried to have a job, sure I was good at it.  but, I hated it.  I knew better.  I knew I was working for someone else’s dreams!  

So when I found this business, and it allowed me to grow my agency, Boom!  I had found what I was looking for!  Finally after all these years since really in 1986 after college, I have found my purpose in life.  I was meant, really meant to help other people be the best version of themselves.

All the personal development reading, affirmations, seminars, blood, sweat and tears, plus massive action have led me to this point, and it is looking great!

You know when it all started to turn around?  When I stopped being afraid.  It is that simple.  The more I put myself out there in uncomfortable situations that will lead to my growth as a person, the more I succeed!  It has not been easy, but it is simple.  

You decide you want it more than life itself, and you go get it!  You make more mistakes than most people can deal with.  You get yelled at, and you fight back, and you find love.  You find peace. I have always been looking for peace of mind. 

My original goal while working with my Mentor from the Samurai Business Group, Dan Kreutzer, was to make $20,000/month and make ultimately $250,000/year.

 But, I have found my “sweet spot” and it is now 10Xs that goal.  My new goal for 2014 is a realistic 2.4 million dollars.  Do you want to know what I found that has me so excited?  Find me on Facebook.  This is your first task.  Remember what Yoda says “There is no try only do.”  See you on the inside Happy New Year!

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