15 Things I’ve Discovered About This Industry

I have spent almost eight months in this business opportunity so far.  I’ve spent way too much money building my business, and I didn’t have to. Good news,  is I will never have to go through that again and neither will you, unless you want to invest a lot of money into your business.  Discover what not to do in our groups and in my blog posts, and what not to do from my mistakes.  Learn from them. I have, so they were not mistakes 🙂 They were investments in my future. And my future is now looking very bright!


Here is the best thing I can share with you.

1) There are no secrets, just things you may not know yet. Never fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others that have been in this industry longer than you and had more opportunities to learn techniques and strategies that work.  

Never give up.  The only people in this Industry that do not become successful are the ones that give up.  And the ones that do not do what they discover in the education they buy.

Invest 10% into new education.  Try to fail.  Failing helps you discover how to do this new thing.

Try to fail in one new thing a day.  Just think how much further you will be in your life if you live this way.

Breakthroughs happen in an instant.:) and they will happen a lot in the beginning.  Remember you are learning a new skillset.  You do not go from 0to 60 in sixty seconds in this Industry.  

2) If it is really hard, you are probably doing it wrong, and/or there is an easier way to do it.  You can also sometimes pay people to help you discover the leverage power of the Internet.  But, spend you money wisely.  Never spend rent money o living expenses.  Use extra money.

Spend 20% or more of what you make on new advertising everytime

You are building an email list that you will have a relationship with, if you do it right for the rest of our life.  Build you list always.

3) You can YouTube and Google anything and get free information this way.

4) Never get discouraged. You will always be discovering something new in this industry.  Everyone has mentors if they are successful they do.

5) This is a community of people that help you, if you ask. Network with people at events.  The people next to you may help you make millions in the future.  Never forget that.  The person you have Lunch with may end up being your partner. They will not share everything with you right away, unless you pay them.  They are in business, and they invested in their education or time to learn new skills.  Respect that.

 But, they will help you out and share a lot with you, because one day you may buy from them, or introduce them to a client or who knows why, but they will help you if you ask, especially at events.  

They may just help you because they know what it is like to struggle.  Everyone does in the beginning.  Meet and follow the directions and share info from leaders at Events.

6) There are many people that are successful on the Internet.  Learn from them.  Success leaves clues. 

I have paid 10’s of thousands of dollars to learn from successful people.  Be smart about what you pay for.  Always make sure it will lead to income producing activities for you.

7) I have a list of resources that I am compiling that I have acquired during my career so far that will help you on your journey.  When you join my team I will share it with you if you contact me.  

I will help you sort out what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve spent 10’s of thousands of dollars, discovering for myself and you what is best.  

I made it way to hard on myself.  Good news is,  I know what works now.  There are “a thousands different ways to skin this cat” 

You’ll see my results soon enough( they are already starting) and you can find them on my Facebook posts.

8) My list of ways is only just my list so far.  I will update it in our team group on Facebook as we get results.  Also, things are always changing, and I’ll update this too.  I have found some dynamite traffic generation methods that will allow you to market successfully for life if you want to they are that easy.  But, nothing is easy when you first learn it.  

9) How do I do it.  Like all marketers do.  Test, Test, Test, start small, tweak, then get good results and scale it up. Know your numbers of Cost per click, cost per lead and cost per sale.  Knowing conversion numbers and opt-in rates helps too. Also know what your long-term value of each customer is.  Use Analytics and Tracking sites for every affiliate link you put out there.  Otherwise, you are stabbing in the dark.  Know you numbers.  I’ll make a post about them specifically later on.  They are really important

10) you will go through the following phases:

a) Learning

b) sorting out what works and what you are comfortable doing( don’t get overwhelmed buying anything other than Empower Network products)  

Keep it simple.  That way your team can do it too, and you all make money.  Our goal is to build the richest teams.

c) Scaling Up

d) Harvesting Money from what works

e) Teaching others and building out your team.  Do not do that until you are on the stage and earning at least $30K/month


11) Hangout with leaders and be seen and get pictures with leaders.  Get to know leaders at events.  This is a very open community and pretty easy to get to them. Respect their time and the fact that everyone is trying to do the same thing.  Be cool. Always keep your cool.

12) Do the eight core commitments daily no matter what. 

13) Seriously, if you want to succeed,  get all the products in Empower Network.  You will qualify for bigger commissions of up to $3,000 that way.

14) Build a relationship with your list

15) Make sure your affiliate link gets into a minimum of 200 places a day. 150 if you are part-time.

Your Results Will Vary. To see average earnings updated daily go here

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You will also be exposed to opportunities to pay for being part of High Income earners Masterminds.  Invest in yourself.  It will pay off in your business.


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