2 Brilliant David Wood Quotes In The Beginning Of his $180,000 Marketing Campaign

But then again, you are not David Wood.  
He is anything but average.  
I am also drawing a conclusion that this was his $180,000  campaign brideg video from stories he has told at events and in audios.  
I may be wrong.  
But one thing I believe is that the format of this bridge video is what you need to create for yourself, once you start getting results or sales in your business.  
As you get more make a new one and scale it up.  
You can use others results if you prefer.  Test it and see what results get you the best results.  You are a marketer that is what we do.
This bridge video script of sorts, was responsible for his first $180,000 campaign being successful allowing him to move to Costa Rica, and from there, he launched a $150,000,000 sales campaign, in only 3 years, with Empower Network, and it is still going strong.  
So in this blog post I am breaking down what he said and why, to help you put together your bridge video.  
I would say the most important thing to do is follow a format that you can see for yourself:
I struggled for 5 years
David Wood

David struggled for 5 years when he first got started in network marketing. He tells what life was like constantly pitching, wandering around Walmart, doing meetings in hotel rooms

Pitching people that got within 2 feet of him he would give out business cards

He’d give out DVD’s and invite people to come to his meeting,

He got sick and tired of people giving him objections

Instead of chasing people I learned how to reverse it and get people chasing me.
David Wood

From starting online using this community(MLSP where he learned online marketing) he generated over 2,000 leads in his business.

All people who hunted him down and asked him for more information

He completely eliminated objections from everything he was doing

He no longer got questions or told, Oh wait I gotta talk to my spouse before I join.”

He no longer got the objection, “Hey before I buy this I need to look at my bank account.” Every one had credit cards, and they were just waiting to sign up for something when he called them, and 2.5 months into his business he made more than $25,000 in three days

He started selling rainbow vacuum cleaners in homes, he hated jobs, he was always looking for a better way.

Between 21 – 24 he had over 25 different jobs. He was a missionary before then.

He was a licensed Insurance agent and licensed in all 50 states but he wanted to quit immediately. He hated being on the phones in boring conversations and gong to corporate meetings, yet he was always good at selling. That is what he was good at.

He used to draw little comic strips and broadcast them out to the company in their Intranet.

What he did his whole life was goof off.

I’m A Goof Off and I like to be creative, so I could just be me
David Wood

He describes himself as a goof off in this first video that started it all.  I am combining a couple of quotes into one quote above, but you get the gist of what he was saying.

He realized that he did not have to be some duplicatable drone to be successful from a home business. He could be himself. He could be creative, because he is a creative person.

He could write comic strips and make videos and be himself
and make a “crapload of money”

The reason he liked the system and the platform was it allowed people regardless of their skillset or their experience level to come on board and do them.

They could learn how to market offline or they could come online to market as well

Entirely through blogging or the internet or pay per click advertising. So for him it was just a matter of finding his skillset when he got online.

It was easy for him, he said forget all this advice he was just going to be himself. He’ll use this system as a platform and he had huge results from that. He started in the middle of a recession.

So he asked himself a question. What do people want in a recession. The answer was really simple. They want to make more money.

Then he talked about the rule that Zig Ziglar said, “If you want to get what you want you just have to help enough people get what they want.”

Then he sent people to at the time Google Keyword Tool now called Google Keyword Planner and look for the number of people that are searching for a home business or making money online.

Or, who are looking to start a business from home, or looking for a way to make some extra cash, and then look at all the variations of those keywords, and he came up with over 1 million people and more like 2 to 3 million people a day looking for what he was offering and that we offer.

So you do not have to sell
You do not have to convince
You do not have to beat someone over the head with a sledgehammer and drag them to a home meeting.

All you have to do is:

Say to yourself, “The people that are looking for what I have, I sell them what they want.”

All you have to do is find people that want to buy what you are selling
You do not have to sell.

All you have to do is position yourself so they find you and and sell them what they already want and you can make as much money as you want.

The greatest thing about this community is we have got a whole bunch of entrepreneurs that are each skilled in a whole bunch of different areas and involved in different types of backgrounds

They are involved in different home businesses and they sell different products and services. And they all combine their knowledge and skills together to make the community better. for each of your different businesses.

It is a mastermind of Epic proportions. Just like in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, he says that you have to have a mastermind of people in order to create wealth, regardless of what industry you are in.

Not only do you have a mastermind of people in this system but they will help you get up and running. He talks about his why.

He sees people that are:

Losing jobs after 40 years because of outsourcing of jobs to foreign lands who was very close to retirement

He talks about no matter what the economy is doing he can position himself so he can provide for his family.

Then he talks about his vision of not only helping himself get wealthy and provide for his own family, but he can help thousands of others do the same by teaching them how to use the leveraged power of the Internet to do the same.

Allowing people to bring their wives home from work or their husbands home from working a JOb and making an extra $1.000/month or an extra $10,000/month or reach their dreams of traveling out to the Caribbean, or other destinations.

He describes himself as a nomad that he likes to live all over and then he talks about how he is going to move out to Costa Rica(where he got the vision for Empower Network)
He talks about being able to use his computer and put on his headphones and be able to work with people in Australia and South Africa.

He talks about helping people all over the World that have a vision and helping them reach that vision.

Then he says that this is what this community is really all about

and the screen you are watching fades to black

and you are left watching the bouncing arrow GIF pointing to the capture page telling you to watch this free presentation.GIF arrow from the beginning

It is nearly the same system that he uses( just looks better now) that we use in Empower Network.

Our products that are built from the collective brain power of 5,6, and 7 figure earners – millionaires, and it is available for you to purchase and learn how to run your business from the Internet from anywhere you choose that

David Wood’s Bridge Video is a classic and we have a very similar and in many cases better system and platform than what he was using when he first started online using the Internet.
You can learn how to use his system to sell whatever you wanted in your network marketing or affiliate marketing business.
You can also use it in a traditional or corporate business.  Once you learn how to attract people that already want what you have to sell the World is your oyster.
You can do this too once you decide you want to.  If this is YOU,  then click this link and get started now.  See here is our arrow that we use to point out things you should do.
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