2 Creating Bridge Videos To Increase Conversions Hacks That Network Marketers Can Use To See More Members Join Their Team

These are in your back office as long as you have The Top Producer Formula.

  1. The Bridge Widget Hack

    Use Empower Network's Bridge Widget


    You can choose pre-done for you, bridge videos, so you do not have to do one on your own:

    1) Truth or Hype
    2) Nikki
    3) Pat
    4) David Wood did one too.

    You choose which one you want to use



    You can choose to use:

    Build Your Own Squeeze-Bridge Page

  2. The Build Your Own System Bridge Video

    It is good to make your own bridge video. All the leaders use their own bridge video so that people know they are a real person, and so that people will have an opportunity to begin to know like and trust them.

    The nice think about this hack is it comes with a full template and two videos to teach you, step by step how to do one.

    Each person on our team should do one.

    Mars CMO Teaching Bridge Videos

If you would like to build your own bridge videos to increase your conversion rates and get more people on your team, whatever business you are in, then click this link and get all the products.   Again you must get up to the Top Producer Formula product to get all this cool trainig on Bridge Videos. Ready to get started Click Here
Everything you need to be able to use  Empower Networks Squeeze Bridge-videos or make your own are provided for you in your back office in video or PDF format.  Use these bridge videos before you show your prospects your sales videos so people begin to jnow like and trust you and you see your conversion rates increase and your team membership rise.

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