2 Essential Tools To Increase The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers

These two tools are single-handedly responsible for the growth in my business

  1. Google Drive

    It allows you to create documents to keep track of anything.

    Spreadsheets to keep track of:

    1) Names of Your Customers
    2) emails of your customers
    3) phone numbers of your customers

    What else do you need?

    Two things:

    1) What area of the country or World do they live in.
    2) Where did these customers originate, who is responsible for the sale

    Can you see how this one Google product can help any sales manager or workout partner if you are in Empower Network?

    It is a huge tool I use daily to record my workout partner and now my clients customers.

    You see by doing calls/contacts for Chad Ockstadt, I realized what one thing I do better than anything else, that is, I sell on the phone. I know what to say and how to say it based on what is going on in the conversation of each person I contact on the phone or text message

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    tool image

  2. Gmail

    This is one of the tools I use to contact new customers that are attracted to front-end offers from my work out partner.   It allows me to keep track of the kind of customer they are:

    1) partials – almost joined but had some issue and did not
    2) New Members
    3) New Members of his downline for hour-long coaching sessions

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  3. Google Voice

    This opens up the fairly new technology that we are finding a better response rate, better engagement over email. It allows us to do text messaging to contact new members or partials and many of them respond within the first 15 minutes of texting them on their cell phone that they most certainly have on them all the time. You do right? In fact, the ones that do are usually more serious about treating their new business like a business. They know it takes money to make money. There fore their lifetime value goes up.

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