2 Fantastic Empower Network Resources| Support Team and Walk Through Videos

This is Day 2 of 30 Day  Challenge Lisa Torres Allen gave me yesterday…to tesyt my target market niche
1) makes and females in their 50’s
2) struggling with producing sales.
To continue on our 30 day challenge for working with the right target market because Lisa Torres Allen contacted me on facebook.
Today I put in a support ticket to Empower Network to double check hat it was OK to use MLSP as a frint door product to CEmpower Network.
  1. Support at Empower Nework

    I have put in several support tickets into Empower Network, whenever I had questions I could not find the answer to

    myself. That is key ladies and gentleman. Don’t bother support unless you have failed to find the answer in Google, and YouTube. You will probably find the answers there first.

    But, if you have looked and can not find the answer, by all means, put in a support ticket. They respond, usually right a way, but if they are really busy, within 24-48 hours, always. I have never not had them not respond quickly.

    When you do put in a support ticket, check the frequently asked question or FAQ section first. Your answer may be in there. But if not, put in a suppoet ticket in like I did yesterday to double check that it is OK to use the new MLSP system as a front-end offer to my funnel for Empower Network. I have seen too many auxillary syetems, affiliates thatdecided to start their own complex front-end funnel or business, shut down because compliance does not approve of their activity. Do not let that happen to you. Always double check. Always use income disclosures in anything you do online.

    Click Here to Learn More About Support at Empower Nework

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  2. Walk Throughs For Your Empower Network Business

    Make sure you go through all the walkthrough section of your Empower Network buiness. There are some great videos in there.

    Tune in next time to see if Empower Network suport approves of MLSP


    Use both the supoport ticket feature and the Walk ThroughVideos,  to make sure you understand where everything is for the efficient running of your business, while you are taking massive action on income producing activities each day.

    Click Here to Learn More About Walk Throughs For Your Empower Network Business

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