2 Inspirational Audio Tools For Gaining A Belief In Yourself And Your Business

Speak The World Into Existence – Listen to This each day for 31 days. Here is what came out of me when I listened to it below:

This one concept is responsible for David Wood growing his business from $0.01/hour, yes 1 cent per hour to making over $30,000 in 90 days.

This one concept literally changed his business and it can work for you too. But, if you are on our team, you have to promise me and yourself that you are going to listen to the audio:

Dated 3-26-2015:

“Speak The World Into Existence (with David Wood)

How to SPEAK the world into existence, and FORCE it to conform to the POWER of your will… This audio needs to be listened to daily for 31 days by anyone who is struggling with belief and attitude issues. RUNTIME: 78 minutes”

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Here is what I learned in this audio one of my favorite I have so many in this series:


1) Admit where you are weak

2) Most people will blame everyone else but themselves

3) People blame their sponsor

4) people blame God

5) Admit your success and failure is controlled by you.


6) I do not know how any of the after-life works – True

7) People create in their life exactly what they are expecting all the time – The Law Of Attraction is powerful in this one!

8) No Complaining – Biggest secret of my life getting better it is also a warning sign to keep remembering that

9) Simple formula and how to overcome excuses in yourself that are keeping you broke – Ever hear the term broke genius?  Is that what you are doing? How is that working for you.  Stay humble.  Keep a beginners mindset.

10) It’s not working because you are complaining out loud or in your head but you are complaining.  Stop it and start to figure out why you are not succeeding.  

11) Because You are being a moron(Me not You)  Well maybe You…Are you being a moron in your business?  I was so I know it is possible LOL

12) You project out into the world the way you feel inside about your business

13) You need to believe that you can get anyone in your business. People with cancer are succeeding, people with spinal disease laid up in bed are succeeding. Blind people are succeeding, deaf people are succeeding, people that have no experience and just become humble and follow the eight core commitments are succeeding.  They are there for a reason follow them.

Success Leaves Clues

You have all this knowledge at your fingertips when you are ALL IN use it to help provide enough value to the marketplace that they will ask you if they can join your business. Not, the other way around.


2-4 people per month becoming customers is easy

but it takes forever to get to 1,000 people in your business.

In a normal network marketing business you need 10,000 to 20,000 people to get past the “grinder” stage of $10,000/month in income

Here about 600 people and you can start to see $20,000 months.  I know because I have seen my workout partner do it and we didn’t get good at conversion until about a year into it.  We wasted a lot of time

You are wasting a lot of time not getting to events and networking with people and finding yourself a good workout partner, someone you relate with.  Find yourself an accountability partner as well someone who will call you on your bullshit you tell yourself and others.

(Caution: especially after you start making sales.  Keep a beginners mindset.  That is why you made that sale in the first place.)

It was absolutely the best thing I did in my business.

The great news, at events you will find everyone from every walk of life, every socio-economic level, every creed, philosophy and gender and sexual orientation.

 We do not care. All are Empowered Here

The only thing that matters in Empower Network is results. Period.

Otherwise you are empowered to be yourself, you are free to think any way and believe anything that you want.

We have given you the secret

The eight core commitments.

Whether you choose to believe them is up to you.  But I will sleep very well tonight knowing you have the secret.  You have been given the “Keys to the Kindgdom” of freedom, all you have to do is walk in.


Two people a day is your goal or outcome

I do not work hard

 I just help my work out partner sponsor two people a day.  And he does the same for me.  

We sell products so that is selling two $25 blogging systems using any method you choose

2-3 hrs a day for as long as it takes to build your business up to getting 30 leads a day.

You get them to buy the $25 blogging platform with your marketing.  Then your workout partner takes over and helps them get clear using the training you find in the fast start training and in your products in your back office.  Of course you have to buy them first.  For some reason people think that people are just going to share the secrets to the online world.  No, we all had to pay for getting the education just like in college.  The good news is marketers that are good make $150,000 to start and $250,000+++ in the real World, so once you learn the skills go consult with corporations if you want, or just travel the World and have fun.  Residual income will allow you to do that.

Your results will vary. To see average income updated daily click the picture below

Income Disclosure
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Stretch your mind


Rip open your brain.  What just happened. Tom Challan once said:

“Once you believe you can sponsor two people a day, you do”


Don’t be a negatron

Fuming negative about your network marketing income is the exact way to stop your business


Do not settle for an $8 an hr. job or a job that has you making six figures but yiu have no time to enjoy it with your family and friends.


Don’t ever quit on your dream.  You have struggled to much to get this far. Keep going you have almost figured it out.  If you need a day break, take it.  But then get back to work until you get past the grinder stage of $10,000/month.  It is like a right of passage online and in network marketing.

Make a decision that this is it.  Only moving forward!

I was not going to stop until I figured this out, when I started my business.  I knew this was the right business for me. I even labeled my user name linc(short for Tom Lincoln) 1618

I am a bit of a science geek and  also a creative soul, and I read a book that talked about perfect proportionality in nature and I knew this was the perfect business for me and you, so I chose 1618.  I left the period out.

That’s it period.  

I believe in my self for the first time in my life and my career.

I believe in myself for the first time in my life and my career

 I have never been so certain about anything in my life!  I have seen it happen with my workout partner Chad Ockstadt.  

I have made over 580 contacts for him.  I have seen his team duplicate over and over and over again.  This business is very real and yes you can make money in this business, if you are certain you are successful you will be.


Acting as if It was already happening


Believe you are doing it.  

Believe you are selling two new members at the $25 dollar product-level,  a day, two new customers a day


All the rules of traditional network marketing are broken.  You do not have to be a certain way or dress a certain way.  Here you are empowered to build your business your way.  But remember, success leaves clues.


What you believe tends to happen.


I do not know why and do not care. 


If you act as if it is true, it just happens, magically!

It happens magically


30 days from the time you decide you are successful


time frames compress when you act with that certainty.


90 days later you can have your first $30,000 month

Speak the world into existence

Stand up take responsibility for your business!


We’ve all taken our own path, you can too.


It is not seeing if it will work.  If you think that way it will most certainly fail.


You have to believe it will work.  If you do not believe it will work, it won’t.


The reticular activating system in your brain is responsible for this phenomenon.  The thing in your mind that helps you believe something is true.Your mind will prove whatever you will believe


Whatever you believe you will seek with all the data coming in, to prove to you what you believe.


This is why you need a workout partner!  It will help you believe.  It will make you a stronger communicator without all the stress.  Your mind thinks they are not my leads.  You still do a great job for your partner or they will not be your partner for long, but that is how it works.  Plus, you give your partner and they you a boost in getting over objections, after all you are their assistant and they are yours.  All true especially if you treat your role as such.   Do a great job for your workout partner!


Those 8-10 questions in many of the fast start trainings will help people who really believe they can be successful, or it will “sort out the many to find the few that really are going to be successful no matter what”


If you pay attention to everythng


Your unconscious mind is what drives your belief


My life changed the moment I was called a Badass by a leader in our company


Badass Button

 It was at that moment that I believed I could sell two basic members a day

Read every day.  

Your mind will prove what You believe.

 I believe in You

Know You are a Badass!

I believe You are doing it

It is not that difficult.  

It is difficult if you believe it is

That is not the way that it is.

You can decide that in this moment, when you read my words, you can right now, say that’s it I’m in, I’m ALL IN!

And I did.

 I decided at that mooment that I was going to do this business and be successful

Justin Verrengia almost drowned, about 30 seconds away from death.

Feeling like you are going to die and that you are moments away from death

One second in difference in speed and you can change your reality forever

Say enough is enough.

SCREAM ” I am sick and tired of being in pain and suffering in my life”

You reach down and pull out the power inside yourself

You know you have it!  

Here is the secret…You have always had it.  You just didn’t know how to unleash it yet.  Now you do!

It is not just you that changed it.

You set it in motion.

The Universe transpired at the moment that you were doing this… that’s it,  period!

If you had not you would not be here reading this.  I believe you are here for a reason

The reticular activating system uses the thousands of differences or life occurrences in what we pay attention to. You can spell it out to one person but unless they see it

They will fail

So here is how you do it

Before You write or do  video

Say to yourself in the mirror

I command my unconscious mind to covert 25% of the people into a Sale

I talk like a damn sales letter…LOL

There are so many differences between success and failure

The moment that you reach inside and say it is easy for me

Say it with me, “This is Easy”

“If a woman with spinal disease can do it I can do it too”

“If a blind man can do it, so can I”

Next time you see someone succeed you say

“Congratulations! and if you can do it I am going to tear this up!”

Your unconscious will change

Your passion to your videos will change

I do not know why, it is the most badass thing you have ever seen in your life

I want you guys to succeed so much

I want the richest 10,000 people team in this community, the World has ever seen!

Go find a link and just get in

We are the coolest group of people in the network industry

You can preach

You can be gay or straight, rich or poor


All people are empowered to make money and have a life in Empower Network

You are free to do whatever you want to do

In Empower Network you can do whatever you want to do.  You can sell whatever you want to sell, but only one mlm, Empower Network.  But go make money on affiliate offers once you get the science of getting two $25 sales a day.  

Warning: Do not do this until you get it or you will dilute your list and they will stop responding to your emails. Remember the miney is in your relationship to your list, Not just having a huge list that does not buy anything.

You can make an extra 30,000 a month too selling this affiliate deal or that tool.

The other people are ALL IN in Empower but you are just poking your toe in the water to see if it works, then go get a refund. It will not work if you just dip your toe in the water.

“Maybe you were failing all your life and maybe you have heard you can make a million dollars. 

If you go ALL IN, heart and soul then you can make a million dollars.”

See income disclosure here

That second my life transformed

I stopped taking excises

Is there a product I need?

For years I had been making the excuses for why I did not succeed at Business and network marketing

But when I found this I decided that no matter what 

I was going to be successful

That is what I did this time.

I promised myself

People will start showing up at your door in social media.  It is the strangest phenomenon I have ever seen.  When you turn your phone on in the morning it sounds like Rice Krispies popping and bells going off so many people in the world are reaching out to you.

And you can turn it on or off as you desire.

When I changed, the world changed around me

Don’t ask me how it works, it just does

You gotta lay all your chips on the table, and get ALL IN heart and soul and believe it is happening

It is going to happen

Listening to a Tony Robbins course

The best way to prove it

is to give ten percent of your income away

tithing they call it or to give it away.

No way to give a percentage of your income away without simultaneously believing there is not enough for you n the Universe.

Your mind will not let you give away what you will need to survive

I am going for it like there is nothing else because there is no plan B

You do not have enough energy to diversify your life

Listen to a broke investment adviser and get rich really, really, slowly and painfully

Go All IN financially

Put all your resources in and believe that you are ALL IN emotionally and your life transforms

Now with that said, remember we are marketers.  It is our job to make it sound great.  If you have to spend money that you need for rent or the mortgage or other living expenses, STOP and Get A Refund.  You have 14 days to use this product and still get a full refund.

14 day money back guarantee

No, not just $25 that is just dipping your toe in the water!

Step 1)

Get in

Get All IN

1) 19.95/month

2) $25 blogging platform/month

3) $100 Inner Circle Audio membership/month

4) Top Producer Formula $500

5) Team Building Formula $1,000

6) Mass Influence Formula $3,500

Follow the eight core Commitments

What if I am doing 6 of them?

Nope, not good enough for You.  You deserve all 8

I told you what you need to do

all of them and I have full confidence 

That is all you need!

I didn’t listen for years

and I failed for years!

People that had private jets gave David Wood This Information

I know that I am giving you value when I share this with you

part of what is in all the products I mentioned above

All the sudden when I made a decision

I am OK with your decision if you join me or not

There is a percentage that will do as I am saying

and a percentage that won’t no matter what I say.

I am in, I am ALL IN, and I am doing it period

You are the person I am talking to.

Make a decision to get ALL IN

If you get in, and get ALL IN

if there is a brick wall with spikes in it, you will break your head through it to get the results you must have.

You must have success more than the air you breathe that is how important success is to the ones the that understand what being an entrepreneur is all about.

Some of you reading this will get that and some of you won’t

Those eight steps?

Those eight core commitments?

1) Get All IN

2) Blog Daily

3) Market Daily

4) Help two people buy the $25 blogging membership

5) Read Daily

6) Listen to Inner Circle Audios daily

7) Listen to the Empower Hour at 209-255-1040 every Monday Night at 9 p.m EST, 8 pm CST, 7 p.m. MT and 6 pm PST

8) Make sure you have your ticket to the next event and get any of your members to the next event( I added that last part because it will give your team the advantage over your competition if you get your members to the next event your business will explode!)

It is impossible to do that stuff

Focus on two a day

Focus like everything depends on it, because it does

Your spouse or significant other will smile and tell you you did a great job when you succeed, but not until unless they are amazing! Make sales to alleviate any stress there and schedule your 2-3 hrs aday where it does not get in the way of their time with you.

Not once a month to bring in 40-60 people

Two people with the $25 blogging package each day

We have people that have cancer and are using this to pay for their cancer treatments.

I do not care if you are blind.  There is a blond person on track for making $20,000/month on our team the Prosperity Team


If those people can do it, you can do it too. There is literally no excuse

You might say, It is just another company event

No it is not.  This is not some pitch fest

People Making MOney With Empower Network

That stage is full of people making good money with Empower Network and most of the audience had made at least one sale as well, not everyone, but most.  At events you will see people that are just starting all the way to million dollar earners.

This is three days of intense work on yourself

It is like a retreat

You network with million dollar earners and get around them and find your workout partner and accountability partner there.

You see that there are many more like you.

You are not alone as there is a sea of people that care about being free just like you!

People who have struggled and are growing, and having breakthroughs left and right

There is a breakthrough! There is another!

Attend all the events

All of Them

There is a percentage of people who attend all the events these people will get wealthier and wealthier

We teach you and download all we know into you in these three days.

Leaders share their best stuff with you.  You are our brothers and sisters in Empower Network and we take that very seriously.  You are part of a movement across the World for Good

Good People becoming great people!

Wild and Crazy People!

No one has more fun at network marketing events than Us! Period!

You will have experiences and only if you are in a hospital bed and you can not move, only then do you have a legitimate excuse not to attend the next event

Only if you can not move

Cristinia on a bed in Australia could not literally move from her hospital bed, making $11,000

You go to every event if you truly care about making your family proud

Who is going to be at the next one?

1/2 go

Of those people

1/2 go

of those people

1/2 go

Interesting thing, the people that go to every event have the higher income if they go to every event.

Aaron Rashkin million dollar earner and multi-million dollar earner in the industry put it this way:

” At each event you gain another number in the combination that unlocks your freedom”

Log in to your back office and get your ticket to the next event.  Join Us Here

People are always more beautiful when they are free

We help people be free to express their opinion

and create a lifestyle of most people’s dreams.

We do not care who you are. No special behind the scenes deals here

Everyone is equal

Everyone has the same chance at success

Get on stage speaking inspiration to your team, by earning that right,  and you make more obviously. Do that you have just as much of a chance to do that as anyone

The second we stop trying to fit people into  box

The world becomes your oyster

You are so used to being put into a box

You are so used to doing what others tell you to do

Time freedom once tasted is something you will fight for.  

It lets you do what you want to do

Be thankful for this life we have created 

This is the first time I have been able to think.

It is a great feeling!

My brothers and sisters of the World

Success is where you are actually free to think

about whatever you want to do next

and can just do whatever your mind can conceive.

So use this power only for Good.

We are here to change the World

We need your gift

People need to hear Your message and you get to tell it

When you start earning $30,000/month

Your results will vary to see average earnings updated daily go here

You can join up there too

I remember hearing a story

What happened to your hopes and dreams you had when you graduated High School

When you Graduated College

You were going to change the World!  Now you can!

Whoopee! Wooo Hoo!

You Can Change The World

Reach down inside yourself and that is the moment

Not the government

Not your parents

Not the boss

You are doing it because you know it is

the right place be!

This is the only place for you to be

You are psychologically unemployable, Right?

You are psychologically, not a self-employed business owner

That just sucks! Right?

You are in the B and I quadrant as Robert Kiyosaki puts it in Rich Dad Poor Dad.

B and I Outcome
You Want To Focus On The B and I area on this chart

Here is what I am going to create this year

Speak it into existence!

My goal is to create a new $30,000 per month earner every single day

Isn’t it interesting what you believe is what happens

Let’s all start acting in unity

No Complaining

Lock arms and fight the forces of evil that keep you oppressed and stop you from being who you can be and oppress your spirit.  Let your spirit free!

Holy cow!  I am a Badass Paul, You were right!

Fight mediocrity!

Lock arms together

The fight is not about the money, it is about the people lifting them up and allowing them to live the life they want

We will break down walls and fight through little things that get in the way, because there is one thing that every single one of you will do, when you decide to, and that is to create freedom and create the most profitable and richest team in this industry, that has the most fun, every 90 days.

Holy Cow!

Holy Cow

Not Those are Cows!

I mean Holy Cow! I am excited for You!

You Do Not Need Permission To Be Great! 

listen to this call for 31 days and it will be impossible for you to not earn money.

Your results will vary. To see average earnings click here  

The Rest Of The Inner Circle Audios


Inner Circle AudiosSpeak The World Into Existence


This one tool will be used to re-program your brain to think positively instead of the negative programming you have gotten since you started your business.  You see you are responsible for the place you are in life, no one else.

How is that looking for you. If your answer is good, then this is not for you. But, if your life is not good yet keep reading.

So here is what “they” program into you:

1) mind your parents
2) mind your authority figure
3) mind your teachers
4) Go to school get good grades
5) Go to college get good grades
6) Get a job
7) have a family
8) retire to the good life

Now I will go first. It is only fair if I go first if I want you to share your story with the World. Then you can tell me your story in the comments below or later at an event

That scenario did not paint out that way for me, not at all. Can you relate?

But, the good news is you are not alone there are many of us online

that have said they are tired of being lied to

and we are building businesses online


But I am jumping ahead of the story


So first I will copy and paste the list above.  Here is my story.  I hope you can relate to some of it or all of, or most of it.


1) mind your parents – Always did. When I tested my freedom, they slapped being grounded or a spanking on me,  faster than it would make your head spin. I was a “goodie two-shoes” out of fear lol.

2) mind your authority figure – always did grew up catholic.  Catholics are great at guilt.  You always wanted to avoid guilt so you minded you elders.  Not Catholic anymore, I am a mix of different ideologies that I believe are private.

3) mind your teachers – Always did that unless they would work on a math problem for 45 minutes and then erase the whole thing as say, “Oops that is not right!” I never did learn math until College and then I aced Calculus, after I had to retake every math class in Summer School.  

Now before you think I am smart, and translate that into thinking you are not smart enough to do online businesses.

Stop Thinking You Are Not Smart

Stop it!  Believe in yourself!

I just memorized the homework, by copying it over and over again until I could do it in my sleep. Simple but not easy.  This would be a theme that would repeat later in my life.  

Simple But Not Easy

4) Go to school get good grades – yep, I had A’s and a couple B’s I loved creative writing class

I was a football player and wrestler, captain of the Wrestling Team.

I got lucky and lateral dropped a huge behemoth of a man to make it to nationals. Boy, was he pissed that I caught him off-guard.

At Nationals I took 7th place.  I got nervous my first match and was pinned by “a fish”(term for wrestler that is not that good)

and then in my second match I made the decision to get mad in my next match and l picked up my opponent and slammed him down on the mat in like the first 30 seconds, and pinned him.

My coach was very mad I had lost the first match, so he came late to this match(he went to the movies to cool off) and missed the whole thing.


5) Go to college get good grades – I went to Central Michigan University to be an Olympic wrestler

There was a pretty good program with a coach Tom Minkle, that was training for the Moscow Olympics.

Of course the USA boycotted that Olympics and when trying to qualify for the next Olympics he ripped his bicep, and that was the end of many years of preparing for the Olympics.

Good thing he was a Math genius and made a fortune playing cards in Vegas. Later he coached and was a math professor.

That was the end of my aspiration to be an Olympian.  Maybe later with horses 🙂  But first building a business that starts to run on itself


Your results will vary. To see average earnings go here

In college I had a couple of high points in my academic study. After wrestling fizzeled out (and truth be told I was only good sporadically) back to my story as it relates to why you should listen to audios every day.

6) Get a job -yep, did that.  I was a museum educator.  I was a public program coordinator and a education manager.  Fun job, got to travel, SCUBA Dive and speak in front of large audiences of up to 5,000 people but it didn’t pay enough, so I kept looking


I started my business in 1993 not having any idea what I was going to really do to provide value to the marketplace. 

What Will I Sell?


I was good at writing copy for brochures  That was part of my job at Shedd Aquarium.

So I wrote a book about how to be a marine biologist and it sold via direct mail with classified ads in local papers across the USA,

but I couldn’t believe it was that easy, so I sent them their money back.

Being ethical is very important to me in business was my excuse at the time for not accepting the money for the value

I provided the marketplace, that I learned while programming at The John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.


I also had a brief stint with large bureaucracy at The Museum of Science and Industry

I was totally flying by the seat of my pants.  I was 33, I did:

no market research

I had learned the direct sales marketing strategy from an infomercial course.

so I had no idea how big my target audience was and

what problems they had, except a “gut feeling” that many students would want to be marine biologists.


I had run Marine Biology Trips in Cozumel for college students and one gentleman had such a great time ( I had hired a great marine biology instructor in a Mr. Steve Arnam)

LOL, I can laugh now, but at the time it was traumatic to feel like I had to send back the $33 dollars a book I earned.


I then ran out of money quickly and learned how to gamble to make the rent.  Each time you go off on your own you become less employable.  So you take part-time jobs until the economy gets better usually for a year or two. 

Why because you are a business owner. Period.  This was a means to an end.  I am 53 and I am still building my business. 

But this time I am gaining traction like never before.  People reach out to me now daily. I never have to go after them. 

At most I run some paid advertising to build my email list which is the lifeblood of any online business.  It took me a while to figure that out.


Where did I learn that? In the Inner Circle Audios.  You see you do not have to be smart.  You just have to listen to audios and watch videos  and learn, do and teach from the success of others.

Back to my story

Hey if it worked for the founder of FedEx it would work for me.  The gambling ideas I used to start and fund my business.

I read a book that taught me to handicap horses, to play craps and $1 slot machines from books and a video games

I played over and over again until I understood the system I would use to “Beat the House”

Yeah, I beat the house to the tune of $5,000 that month( a great month) and then lost it all again, but hey it paid the bills for a couple months.

Then the recession(s) hits, and later terrorist attacks, with good-marketing-campaign clients, in-between,

where I was paid $3,875 per month to sell exhibit booths for a national, charity, heart, health fair for women

and later clients would pay me $4,000/month to run their sponsorship campaigns.

But here is where I made a huge mistake and I will share the two lessons I learned:

1) The customer will not need to work with you if they have it all figured out, if they are organized, and easy to work with they will not need you.

2) The lifetime value of the customer is the most important thing to focus on in your business.

I will not go into he details but just say “I blew It”


I was lucky enough in the sponsorship marketing world I grew into.  How did I do that?

I read books and websites, attended trainings and talked to experts and corporate officers and executives

until I started to figure out the world of sponsorship consulting.

But, I was still in my quest for the large $24 million dollar deals that I was reading about in Ad Age.

I was networking with the right people and I had formed enough agent relationships with contracts and non-disclosures signed. 

I was loaded for bear.  We could handle any campaign that I found, as my part in the deals was to find the deals. 

They just wanted to do the work.  They still do.  Markets are still overly inflated.  Too risky.  I am amazed that it has been 7 years.  I am not waiting for the governments of the World to figure it out.  We are building our own economy.  That’s it…Period!


Like I said,  2008 hit, The Big Financial Meltdown, Worldwide!


Now,  I was an entrepreneur that still needed to find clients.

Back in 2005, the same time I started to learn to meditate with The Silvan Mind Method,

and I started working with a personal development mentors at the Wright Leadership Institute, Bob and Judith Wright, love these two people that once described love like this:

“When you truly love someone no one can make you feel as Loved as that person, and no one can make you hate that person as much.”

Judith told the story of when she was so mad one day at Bob that she took her Jimmy Choo heels and planted it squarely in the chest of Bob and knocked him over.  I guess she got his attention in that argument.

Another mentor taught me all about complex sales in the field.  Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert from The Samurai Business Group.

I would spend 1/2 day every month and then every two weeks masterminding and learning from these two leader in sales training, for corporate executives.  The thing was I was not from that world.  I did not fit in.

I spent a couple Weekends in personal development retreats that really helped me figure out who I was now and who I wanted to be.


I Was Not Happy With Myself So I Got To Work On Myself

I needed a business that matched the power of the complex sales training I had studied and used in the field for 7 years. Plus I had signed a multiple figure deal with them so I needed to get my money’s worth to pay them their due.


I grew from a booth salesman for hire, a “gun for hire”  into an owner of a sponsorship marketing agency

and as I met more professionals in marketing, and learned they hated the business development side of things,  I then saw an opportunity, and made a decision to grow into a marketing agency owner with 30-50 agents that would work for me when I did the business development.


Then 2008 hit!  I curled into a little ball in front of CNBC and Bloomberg television trying to figure out what the hell just happened to my steadily, growing business, plus I had to figure out how to not let my 5 major clients down.

 Afterall,  I promised them I would sell sponsorships for their sponsorship property and I still will.


I was on my way I had just closed my biggest deal to date after all the struggle, the mentoring was working!

I had a very big fast food franchise telling me they had never met anyone as good and as amazing as me!

I just smiled and said Thank You.

The funny thing is I never said a thing at the meetings with the agency for this franchise.

I just listened and asked them questions about their problems.

After this experience I knew I could do this business. 

My setting an intension to the Universe back in 2005 was starting to pay off!


You see it was around this time, actually in 2005 that I decided that all the part-time jobs that I had

while building my agency, had taken their toll on my personality. Telemarketing and telefundraising for the Chicago Symphony, in the lean years,

plus being a corporate carnie at corporate picnics was all taking its toll on my desire to be around the general public.

I was the one that would bring the jump house and giant slide, and move pool tables into to corporate team building events,


They had All Taken Their Toll On My Psyche


I was an ASSHOLE.

Actually I described myself as THE ASSHOLE, thinking that was a good idea as a bouncer at night while building my business.

It kept me from ever being in a fight, but I could not have been more wrong.


My negative attitude was eating away at my ability to be successful

I had been reading throughout my career and business start-up:

a) 1990 –Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins and Think and Grow Rich

It was then that I got pitched the sounds like RInterior Design Nutritionals deal.  I needed to lose 30 pounds, so I got involved.  But, when I heard about the up line sponsor losing his entire downline after he built it up I said no Thank You.  

Plus I felt the RAH RAH meeting I attended was weird.  Nothing like the cathartic, work on yourself and your business events of Empower Network.

I was also involved in an sounds like Rrbonne International deal later in life. Turned my friends face orange so I got out of that deal.

I was kicked out of a sounds like Ruixtar meeting my sponsor was doing to train me on how to do home meetings. LOL The lady was actually going to call the police if I did not leave with my sponsor now!

was done with that business.

b) 1992-  Read Rich Dad Poor Dad  on the way back from a marine biology cruise in the Exuma Islands I was the ship cook on

c) 1993 -Started my Business in the eco-tourism field  Lincoln Science Entertainment Centers LOL I still laugh at the name!  It had a cool logo though with sharks and science equipment LOL

d) Did some more Mr. Wizard Shows For Kids this time in the Midwest and a horrible show in New Orleans, they almost lynched me, I will never forget, “Son, You speaeeeeeaaaaaak Waaaaaay Tooooooo FaaaaaasT” “You’d better get now!”


e) Did telemarketing for Corporate Event Enterprises as well as dealt craps for them and acted as a team ref in team building events and also drove their truck cross country on a number of occasions.

 I like the road from my Mr. Wizard days.  But, not as much as I am getting older at 53.

f) Had a corporate carnie client at Record-A-Hit.  That was the moonwalks obstacle courses and inflatable giant slides that fly in tornados( who knew)

g) Ran a Santa Claus and Easter Bunny picture concession at a large lakefront Mall called Navy Pier

g) 2005 got my complex sales mentor and finally started having clients that had money to spend, worked for Rotary International Chicago and Rotary International World Headquarters.  But, it was there that I learned I talked too much in a meeting where I blew a one million dollar deal by talking too much.  I hit the sales training full bore now.

h) 2007  – I read The Success Principles By Jack Canfield – Cried like a baby for a month while reading that book


It was that book that taught me not to complain for 31 days in a row

That one decision changed my life into this glorious adventure that is my life now!

i) 2007 –  Closed a $15,000 sponsorship deal my biggest to date. 


Around that time I met a beautiful woman who would not take no for an answer.  I fell in love and life was great!



j) 2008 – We all know what happened then. 


I curled into a little ball in front of the TV trying to figure out

what happened, watching CNBC and Bloomberg television day and night.


I invested in commodities and  commercial real estate investing deals but never found one where the #’s were right. I had learned that from a course as well

Then I found a deal that was the best decision, besides saying yes to Stephanie and I being in a relationship, of my life


 I found Empower Network and in it, was this great audio set.


The Inner Circle Audios

Inner Circle Audios


I listen to them every day, reprogramming my mind from the negativity of the past.  Remember 98% of people are not OK.  That is why they work for someone else.

You see You are not employees if you are with Us

You are not self-employed individuals, and in that hell of only being able to earn what I have time for implementing after I sell it,

as there are only 24 hrs in a day and I am only one person.  It is a job then. It is not a business.  You work for yourself and there is no leveraged compensation.


It was the constant up and down of  income, being self employed.


Now I am happy every day.  Partly because of all the personal development work I have done

But more because I have finally found my passion in life, and you can too, when you click this link and join our team

Follow that link to the join link at the bottom of the page, but look at the income disclosure first.  If you see the lack of income in that statement, do not join my team, you will not be happy here.  If you see the opportunity in front of you, Welcome!


Join Our Team Here


I read great books every day.

I listen to audios daily. 


I learn, do, and teach others to earn a living online, and in the process

people are finding me!  It is the best and the wildest feeling…


…They contact me and my agency because of what I am building online every day.

Business owners, or people that truly want to be entrepreneurs and are willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to build up a successful business, are my sweet-spot target market.  They just show up  and buy our educational products.  That is the way it seems now that the two years of work is done and I have built up this sized business.


But corporations are taking notice as well, and hiring some of the people I have learned online marketing and sales from.


Many more sales to come.  Just getting started.  15 people have earned a million dollars in this company.

Hundreds have earned a 5 and six figure income.  Your results will vary. To see average earnings updated daily click here:


I have made thousands of mistakes and you will always be learning from your mistakes,

correcting them, testing new ideas, measuring the results, and tweaking them

and then scaling them up to monetize.

That is the business we are in.

It takes time to build an online business.  But I have never been more engaged in my career.

7) have a family – My goals I had written for myself were coming true.  I have a better relationship than I had with my family, I have pets while before I had a plant in my life.  We have a 150lb dog, 4 rescue cats, and two horses and I am deeply in love with my love Stephanie. 

We have been in our relationship through the ups and downs and still she is my best friend.  She is responsible for my success so far.

Where am I going?  $20,000 per month is my first outcome. 

I have met people in this industry that charge $7,000/hr. and deservedly so, as they produce multi-million dollar results for their clients.

Prior to starting this business online my agents started at about $150,000 – $250,000/year

My good marketing contractors, from The Y&R NY and Leo Burnet Agency World would charge $35,000 per local market for a crafted campaign.  Because of that I had raised my hourly to $350/hr. and I felt that it was not enough. 


Now with the stellar marketers and strategies I have learned in this community of marketers, that figure is way too low.  I am not at the $7,000/hr. rate yet, but that is the direction we are moving.

8) retire to the good life – There is no plan B.  When you find your passion you will never work another day in your life. 

When you understand the power of residual income you will bust your head through brick walls to get it. 

I have seen some success in this business so far, and made some bone-head moves as well. 

Wouldn’t change a thing. 

It has made me into the marketer I am today.  Now I can compete intellectually as well as financially, with my agents at the same level.

Game on!  This really is like getting your Masters Degree in Marketing, actually more like a Ph.D.

They do not teach this stuff in Business School and that is OK because we are willing to teach all of you who have M.B.A.s and can not find a job.  You will make more money( see our income disclosure by clicking this link.  Your results will vary)  here if you master the science of marketing and selling online.

No Plan B

The Inner Circle Audios are mostly responsible for that transformation from dreading income producing activities to loving them, and by taking a ton of action. 

You see the more action you take quickly, the more mistakes you learn from, and the faster your learning curve goes, you compress time and space, and you start to speak and write in a way that you never could before.  You become empowered to empower others and it is the wildest trip I have ever been on.  I love it! 

You Get To Be The Hero To The People In Your LifeWe will see 10,000 people learn how to create this kind of business in their lives.  I will only work with 10,000.  Then I will retire on or before march 27th, 2027. 

My future is very clear and so is my path.

If you would like to join me, and have your own level of clarity in the direction your life is going,  on your own hero’s adventure, pull out your credit or debit card and click the link below

Click Here to Learn More About The Rest Of The Inner Circle Audios


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