2 Instructional Kalatu Blogging Videos By Tom Lincoln

How hard is Domain Mapping and Using The Blogging Template For The Klatu Blog?
  1. Mapping Your New Domain Name To Work With WordPress

    This is a reveiew of what I did to map my domain onto my Kalatu blog:

    1) my domain is yourlastjobever.com
    2) I forwarded that domain to http://www.yourlastjobever.com
    3) so either address yourlastjobever.com or http://www.youlastjobever.com go to one page which is http://www.yourlastjobever.com
    4) Then I tested it and it worked

    I added http:www.yourlastjobever.com as the primary domain for my Kalatu blog

    The mistake I made in the beginning was not adding that address abiove exactly:

    1) first I typed in yourfirstjobever.com and did not include the www in front of it and it did not work. once I did add the www it worked fine.

    6) then I added a captcha to it followiung directions in the system. Maybe I’ll do a video showing how easy that is tomorrow.

  2. Kalatu Blogging System

    This just shows you about how easy it is to use the templates.
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