2 Steps How To Give Testimonials For Network Marketing Products

Learn how seeing these two cows will be the moment in the history of your struggling network marketing, affiliate marketing or traditional consulting business, that you finally realized what you have been doing wrong and why people are not buying from you.  These cows have just changed your life for the better!  Keep reading…We will also cover some of the secrets in Top Producer Formula Lesson 10

How to Give Network Marketing Product Testimonials

  1. The Cow on The Right Talks Too Much

    There were three lessons I learned from this one video  that changed the way I do business in network marketing.  I just finished watching it tonight.

    Here is a bonus for reading this post.  if you want people to really engage in your content, or really want to listen to you when you speak follow these three simple steps and watch your business results start to sky-rocket!

    1) Learn something new about your chosen business

    2) Do that thing that you learned and get a result bad or good.  Bad results are lessons and you can prevent people from making the same mistake you did( giving them value)

    3) Teach that lesson to your readers, listeners or viewers if it is video you are using in your marketing strategies

    That is it.  Simple,  Now all you need is a vehicle to put it out to as many people as possible.  Or you can keep reading and at the end I will show you one that is working really well for me.  I am learning how to market anything I want online.  This is one fo the most precious gifts I could have been given and I worked for it, so now I will share it with you…keep reading


    I will cover one of them in this post

    “Why Did I choose a picture of Two Cows Tom?”

    You may be asking.


    It was a Cow That made me click a picture and get in a business and learn how to sell anything online. I will be able to do it anywhere I go that has an Internet connection. I am finally experiencing Freedom and certainty in my business. It is the best feeling in the World and my vision for you is that you get to experience it too so keep reading

    Now back to the Cows.

    This Cow talks too much. Now, I am not saying you are a cow, but you “talk too much”


    That is what I was told when I blew the biggest deal of my entire career

    Let me set the scene for you. I had, through hard work, and tenacity, and probably sear dumb luck, gotten the National VP of a major Car Rental Company and his boss, the senior VP of Marketing to come to Skokie, IL and meet with the director of sponsorships of Rotary International, at the World Headquarters of Rotary International.   How I got in there is a story for another time.

    If this deal closed, I stood to make 1.5 million dollars.

    The local guys that had hired me to sell their sponsorships and manage their trade show exhibit floor, and they were all excited for me so they came to this board room meeting to watch this deal go through. Their chapter also stood to look really good( think in the black on their event budget) to the head honchos at Rotary International so they were excited too.

    Here is the result of that meeting:

    The head of the local chapter of Rotary International said to me when I asked him how I did in the meeting, later in the lobby, as he smiled, and said three little words I will never forget, “YOU TALK TOO MUCH” My heart sank.

    Well OK, that was four words but you get the drift. I had to learn how to sell in a complex situation like that or I would never be a success in my business.  That is what I was thinking

    It was “the straw that broke the camels back”  that had me sign a contract with sales consultants, charging tens of thousands of dollars to work with me, to teach me how to sell in those situations if I ever got into one again.  They were worth every penny, don’t get me wrong.  But, so was this video lesson I just watched tonight.  That is why I am typing this for you at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.  It is that important for your business.

    So I did learn how to sell in complex sales situations, and Yes, I talked too much before. But not anymore.


    Then, the market tanked and I had to survive, so I saw a cow in Facebook.  That is where my life shifted.

    It was a picture my sponsor Mack had posted, and it was tied to a capture page, where I put in an email address, watched a video and the rest is history, and I was hooked on how great working online from home in my pajamas was( as I type this that is what I am wearing good luck getting that image out of your head : )

    So Back To The Cow on The Right…Don’t be that cow that talks too much when you give a testimonial

    You know the type of network marketer that gets up at every meeting and says how this product, this juice, or extracted juice from the “Jinga Jinga Berry” has changed their life and they are so excited about being in this company and that they love the products…yada yada yada…the ones that talk so much about nothing, that the speaker has to take the microphone away.

    Now in defense of that person, as it is probably YOU or has been you in the past, just like it has been me in the past too, You didn’t know any better and neither did I, until I watch Lesson 10 in the Top Producer Formula.

    hack image

  2. The Cow on the Left Uses Three Steps To Give Testimonials…Be the Cow On The Left

    What you want to do when you give a testimonial for your product is be as concise and specific as possible. How you do this, is best described and demonstrated in Lesson 10 of The Top Producer Formula:

    1) Tell what You were like before you found your product
    2) Tell specifically what you learned from your product
    3) …Oops I almost let the cat out of the bag

    If you want the answer to this last step for the perfect network marketing product testimonial you will click here and join our team. Once inside you will also learn:

    1) How to close anyone at the end of your presentation and I do not care what network or affiliate marketing product you are selling at a live or online event. This close has worked for so well it has closed millions and millions of dollars worth of sales.

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    hack image

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Your results will vary.  To see average earnings go here: http://yourlastjobever.com/income/

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