2 Ways To Change Your Beliefs About Money

Are You Making Enough Money For Yourself and Your Family?


I am sharing this with you because I learned a great lesson about how my beliefs about money were harming me and my family and now I have a method for changing my beliefs to benefit me and my family, because we are good people that want to help others and so are YOU.

  1. Top Producer Formula Lesson 2

    Are Your Beliefs and Attitudes about money:

    1) Serving You and Your family?

    2) Harming You and Your family?

    How do you know? Ask yourself:

    1) Do you have the money that you need to give your family the lifestyle they deserve?

    Then if you do not have enough money to provide your family with the lifestyle they deserve and this has always been a pattern in your life and is now a pattern you are bringing to your family too, does that belief you have about mioney being evil, that rich people are evil serve you or harm you and your family?

    If it is harming you and your family, why keep it?  You can learn to turn that self-limiting belief on itself to destroy it.

    Strong words destroy?  Yep.  I am done with this self-limiting belief.  It is destroyed!

    This lesson below gives you 14 steps for how you can change your core beliefs to better position you to succeed and produce the money you and your family need to live a life that they deserve.

    One thing I believe…You are a good person. Deep down all people are good.

    I believe that people are exposed to things in their lifetime that effect how their life is currently. Example:


    You were born into a family at a certain socio-economic level. Your family had or has certain ways of communicating with each other. But, I also believe that that has nothing to do with your life right now.  You want a better life for your family than you had growing up,  right?

    Your life right now is a result of your beliefs and your decisions that you have made that affect your life.

    You can change your life the second you decide you want to change your beliefs and you feel that down to your core values, then that feeling is greater than any pain you may temporarily feel while changing while getting stronger, while learnings new skills that produce value for others. Becuase that is how you are going to get paid, when you learn the skills you need to produce that value for others.

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    Belifs and Attitudes About Money


  2. The Inner Circle Audios

    This one product will give you counter-examples that will give your core beliefs about money irrefutable proof that your core examples about money currently are wrong.

    Listen to these audios daily, from people that are successful and learn the skills and mindsets you need to be successful too. Once you have listened to them enough you will have a very hard time believing that you can not be successful.

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By Listening To The Inner Circle Audios daily and By using the 14 steps in the Top Producer Formula lesson 2 that are found in the product lesson above you can change your self-limiting beliefs. When you change your self-limiting beliefs, you are no longer limited. You have a breakthrough. Are you struggling to make money for yourself and your family?  Or, are you struggling to have enough time to be with your family?  Does working hard at your job come first?  
First of all it is not your fault.  Society has programmed you to believe that you should go to school, study hard, get good grades, follow the rules,  get a good job, work hard and you will be REWARDED.  How is that working for you?
Not so good, Right? If so, the good news is you can change, the second your decide you want more for yourself and your family, and you can still be a good person. If this is what you want

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