$25,$100, $500,$1000,$3000 70% Commissions

$25,$100, $500,$1000,$3000 – 70% Commissions  Tell Your Hero’s Journey

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Tell your hero’s journey. Start with the end goal in mind. For some it will be tough in the beginning, just like in the movies. You will have to learn new skills and start to put them into action, just like a hero in a movie.

You will have trials and tribulations and barriers to push down as you learn new things along the way, while you are busting your head through obstacle, after obstacle, after obstacle, brick wall, after brick wall, just like a movie….(Think Indiana Jones or Laura Croft)

We’re rooting for you to win! You and I both know you will win! You have always known you were going to win…Right? You’re the hero in this movie….Right?!

Say it With me! “I {State your Name} AM THE HERO IN THIS MOVIE!”


$25,$100, $500,$1000,$3000 70% Commissions


You are going to run into evil forces along the way that are gonna try to slap you around because they can( Slideshare, Google, Youtube, Facebook learning outside your comfort zone, trying new things is always hard) but you will never, ever quit! Heros don’t quit! Just like in a movie! The hero never quits! Keep going we are rooting for you!

Here is a secret for you…I am your biggest fan!

You see, you are in a great, big, giant movie! The story of your life! Hollywood is calling! Who do you want to play you in your movie? What Movie you ask? Your Success Story!

Marketers always start with the end in mind. That is what we do, we’re marketers!

We paint a picture of the life you want. Then in most cases you are sold something and then you are on your own. But, you are like,” Ah wait a minute I am still here, how do I use this thing!” Then you get frustrated because it is not what you thought, and you quit. NOT THIS TIME!

$25,$100, $500,$1000,$3000 70% Commissions

Not the case here. This is real life, I know it and you now it. We are in this thing for the long hall. I want to see you succeed! You are Succeeding because you are here reading this! Others have quit already…it was not for them…it was not there time yet. BUT IT IS YOUR TIME!

There is a huge community over 150,000 people in 150 different countries that want to see you succeed. There is a ton of support along the way. But you have to decide to start.

Hollywood is Calling You!

What does the ending of your movie look like for you?

$25,$100, $500,$1000,$3000 70% Commissions


For some it is being able to quit that job and spend more time with their family and friends.

For others it is an extra couple hundred dollars a month, to take care of bills that are late.

For others still it is the dream and vision, of having nice things, material things like fancy cars, and jewelry, or traveling around the world on trips, or eating in fancy restaurants.

Or finding that man or woman of their dreams!

For me it is being able to do what I want when I want, and never having to worry about money ever again!

Never having to work for a boss ever again!

$25,$100, $500,$1000,$3000 70% Commissions


Being able chart my own destiny and to have the love of my life quit her nursing job, and be able ride horses all day, if she wants to, because she has paid her dues in life nine times over, as an ICU nurse.

And for me it is finally being able to feel like I am successful in life!

Then I will ask her to marry me in a very special place I can see in my head. It is crystal clear and getting clearer all the time!

We all have a picture in our head or know what it looks, feels, or sounds like when we have finally made it!

OK now….this is all about you, finally someone cares about you! Your future!

Your success! Feel it! Live It! Ready?

Quite on the set! Cameras rolling! Action! Your audience is waiting. What will your heroes journey look like?

Hollywood is Calling You

To your Success and I’ll see You on The Beaches of The World!

Tom Lincoln

ph: 219-902-3563


1705 Atchison Ave, 1F, Whiting, IN 46394, USA

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