Factory Work Sucks

I’ve been there.   I used to work in an Industrial Heat Treat and Fabrication Plant. It was hot, dirty, sweaty, and people’s lives were exchanged for money. One person actually was badly scalded with molten salt on this job. I will never forget his face as he sat there shaking on the loading dock, waiting on the ambulance to come, as we sprinkled water on his 2nd degree burns, trying to do anything to take away the pain he was visibly in.   You never forget something like that.  I realized right then and there, and in the late night shifts that I did not want this life for myself. I would do whatever it takes to get out of there and never come back.

When the furnace was down, it went form 1400 degrees Fahrenheit to a brisk 800 degrees. We used to put double clothes on so that we could crawl in there and get out the broken basket carrying parts to be heat treated that got stuck. It would burn the hair off your arms. My ears and nose were filled with soot and I was completely covered in black grime when I’d get out of there.

I was on swing shifts, and they just suck too. I never saw anyone because I was always sleeping when they were working and vice versa. When working on my shift  the bell would ring every ten minutes and then we would haul 250lb steel baskets up into grates and then fill those baskets with metal parts covered in machine oil usually. The metal shards would go right through your gloves into your flesh and every once, and a while for the sake of time savings you’d slip and get a metal rod from the basket in you. I still have that scar. Yeah I know what factory work is like it Sucks!

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Factory Work Sucks







Factory Work Sucks

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