7 Presentation Formula Steps That Will Double Your Network Marketing Team

Today we are going to tell you about a presentation formula that will double the size of your network marketing team if you do what we tell you.
  1. Top Producer Formula Audio 9

    In this lesson David Wood, who along with David Sharpe, is responsible for selling over 300,000 customers into his Network Marketing team. This formula works for:

    1) Beginner Network Marketers(Lovingly Called “Grinders”)


    2) Network Marketing Team Leaders


    This particular audio includes 12 steps that you must use to create a buying frenzy:

    1)  At your next live event


    2) Your next online webinar


    In this post, I will tell you most of the important steps.  You will need to purchase the others and learn more of the detail required to master these steps when you join our team.  But, read on there is some good value for any Network Marketer in this post whether you join our team or not.



    The Benefits of reading on and listening to this audio over and over until you get the science behind what David is saying is:


    1) You no longer have to do three-way calls because they are not pleasant( they are annoying) for the downline and the upline leader(come on tell the truth be honest with yourself)

    2) You no longer have to invite strangers into your home.


    Who really wants to do that for a home party to “show the plan?”


    3) You no longer will have to buy leads from a lead broker that got them from a lead broker, and  who  is reselling them at a profit,  passing all the costs down to you.


    Plus, these leads are from home based business people who are freebie seekers, so they do not convert well.


    Oh, and if you stick around until the end of this post  I will show you how you can get your phone ringing off the hook with people that want to know more about your business.



    4) You no longer have to explain to your spouse or significant other why your business is not making any money or profit.


    I will tell you what most of the twelve steps are. You will need to join our team to learn how to do them.  There is only so much we can cover in this post that is already over 1000 words.


    But this audio in the Top Producer Formula, and it is made for network marketers both online, and old-school,  offline network marketers.  Each type of network marketers will be taught you how to:

    1) Gain their customers attention – many ways to do that some work others not so much

    2) Develop a certain kind of relationship with your customers. Develop the wrong one and fail every time. Develop the right one and have loyal customers for life. Hint: What is the lifetime value of your customers currently?

    Ours is about, depending upon which millionaire or leader you talk to,  about $1140 per $25 sale.

    3) Earn Their Trust

    4) Clarify Their Problems -This one step alone is worth millions of dollars if you do it the way Dave shows you and tells you. You can really feel how well it works in the audio.

    5) Show them The Solution

    6) Set Clear Expectations For A Certain Area of Their Life

    7) Show Them That The System Works – Example: Dave shows you how Empower Network his baby, got 300,000 customers and 15,  million-dollar earners, in three years.  Plus he was able to amass stages full of people at events that have all earned over $5,000(I’ve been to these events and it is amazing to see) and many that have earned $30,000, $40,000 and Yes, even $100,000 to 4 million or more by the time you read this post,  in their business.

    Your results will vary. To see and example of average earnings go here: http://yourlastjobever.com/income/

    If you were making that kind of money in your primary business, what would that do for you that you do not have now?

    But, you know what the best part was?

    It was the $1,000 earners that had just gotten started and had people in their downline for the first time.  The people that had made $700, and the people that were really excited to have made $100 for the first time ever online really made our eyes open wide.  They really were excited about their business for the first time.  There were many like that in the audience.


    Wouldn’t that make your significant other respect you for your decision to join us?  Bring her or him, to the next Empower  Network event.  They will become believers at our events, that are unlike other network marketing events.

    You will meet people the way they really are, raw and uncompromised by suits and ties.  Some people do wear them, and that is fine, but most do not.  Everyone is just happy to be in a business where no one judges them.  It is refreshing.  We all can just be ourselves, warts and all.  The founder walks on stage barefoot, all the time.


    You can feel safe to stay in your primary business.


    We are in the business of helping network marketers grow their teams and make insane amounts of money while doing it.


    But I like to see everyone make money, even the people just beginning in their first 90 days make money.


    It really gives people in network marketing hope that they can make money in this business. Not just the leaders. I’d say 90% of the room stands up when we do the commission countdowns at our events.



    Our next event is in Nashville TN, April 24th, 25th, and (26th for VIP and ALL IN members) ALL IN is all the core products owned so you have the ability to earn 70% commissions on:

    $25/month residuals
    $100/month residuals
    $500 one time sale
    $1,000 one time sale
    $3,000 one-time sale

    The amount you can make adds up really fast.

    OK, back to our audio review(Sorry, I get excited and carried away sometimes)


    8) Present the benefits – Like above

    9) Make them Irresistible – Example: When you join our team we will provide you weekly Hangouts you can bring your prospects too, and all you have to do is drive traffic, to your offers, which we show you how to do it,  in the products, and in our team training website that are all part of your membership fee.


    The name of the team is not Prosperity Team for nothing! We are part this system so you get all the benefits and none of the costs for training your team.


    There are some other benefits for you while trying to build your team.


    You do not have to worry about conversion or training.


    The system does it for you.


    You will convert customers to upsells only and that is also done for you as well if you want.  You may just decide to convert them on your own, which is fine too.


    Here is an example of what our events look like.  It is my vision for you that middle of the way through your adventure with us your team events look like this and when you go to our main events they will be 1o0X’s that size.


    Think of it this way.  At a popular Concert there will be how many people in the audience?  What if there were an event in multiple languages being held in different locations simultaneously around the World.  That is where we are going and we want you to join us!  The picture below is only the beginning as we have not hit logarithmic growth yet.



    hack image

  2. The 10th, 11th and 12th Step Of The Presentation Formula


    You will get knowledge of the resources for gaining the knowledge of the 10th, 11th and 12th step plus: a private new member call with my assistant to get you started the right way, and I will personally schedule a coaching with you as your sponsor, when you join for the low price of $145/month and you can cancel at any time.

    a private new member call with my assistant to get you started the right way I will personally schedule a coaching with you as your sponsor, when you join for the low price of $145/month and you can cancel at

    I will personally schedule a coaching with you as your sponsor, when you join for the low price of $145/month and you can cancel at

    when you join for the low price of $145/month and you can cancel at any time.

    This will include:

    1) You will become an affiliate for $19.95/month

    2) You get the viral blogging system with fast start trainings for $25/month

    3) You get the Inner Circle Audios which are recordings you download and listen to in your downtime, walking working out or doing chores around the house.  By doing it in your downtime, you start to absorb the communication patterns of 5,6 and 7 figure and future 10 figure earners.  Success leaves clues ladies and gentleman.

    That is what I recommend you do.  Then once inside,  level-up and Get ALL IN.


    Isn’t that what we all really want as business people, as business owners.

    Success is not just a word to us


    It is a way of being.


    It is who we are


    Who we strive to be


    This is my version of success. This is a picture of me working on my business after one of our events in Miami.  I’ll show you the video later on.    I love working like this.

    Your results will vary. to see average earnings go to http://yourlastjobever.com/income/


    Once you see the opportunity there, in that link above,  join us here.      If you do not see the opportunity, in that link above never buy anything from me ever, please, it will save us both a lot of pain.

    If you do not see the opportunity, in that link above never buy anything from me ever, please, it will save us both a lot of pain.

    My Version of Success


This Is Your Last Job Ever

You Are A Successful Business Owner.

That is all we ever want to be. If this is you too, join us here   We have a blast and we make a lot of money.

Oh, and here is what I promised You in the beginning of this post.  I did a campaign using classified ads.  I think I paid about $300 in total for the ads.  When you join our team I will share with you the tactics and strategies that literally had our skype line ring so much it scared me.  I had it ringing with prospects.   I did not have to call them.  They just picked up the phone and called me.   It was a combination of the copy that I chose for the ad and the particular classified ads network I used.

I look forward to sharing it with you all.  Join our team here

We are Da Vinci Marketers/Prosperity Team Art+Science+Magic = Results Your Team Can Duplicate.

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