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I run my business from the comfort of my home.  I used to have an office in downtown Chicago in the Stone Container Building but with the Internet it is and unnecessary business expense.  Think of it as a marathon with a series of sprints.  You are in this business from home for the long haul.  Me I am in it until I die, as I finally found my passion.  I get to be paid to help other people find theirs. Cool!

I have  close to 500 videos to edit and get ready for all of you from Denver and before.  I believe we will blow away any 90 day video challenge when we get done.

Update:  I published 350 of them before a hater shut down my YouTube Channel, twice.  I got it back the second time by following their rules for contesting the shutdown.  Remember Google Algorithms check your videos.  I am convinced of that until I hear otherwise.

Google Plus is still mad at me.  I will be careful so they do not get mad until I figure out why they get mad in the first place.

The point I am making here is not to quit because it is too hard.  No, No, No stay at it.   The Internet changes all the time.  Mark Zuckerberg said something to the effect of when you are building business and innovating try to break the Internet site you are using quickly as this is how you learn and innovate online.  You fail forward.  You do not know what is possible until you stretch its limits.

I did a video today for a client of mine showing him how to get on the first page of Google, and I was surprised that this system has placed me ahead of Chuck Marshall, Rob Fore and Chris Darty for the long tail keyword phrase “empower network magazine advertising”

Update: 11-9-15 let’s see in an incognito window where my post is ranked now so you see longevity of getting on the first page of Google.  Remember this is all a marketing experiment. Always be measuring, tweaking and making it better. Be right back as I am doing this now.

OK, not on pages 1-10 of Google search(make sure you use an ingognito browser window when you search) and I never look past there.  Hmmm, well back to the drawing board.  It is short-lived traffic at best so that means you will need to experiment with how often you syndicate or share your content.  Check( Yes, I talk to myself)

The  words below were written when I originally wrote this post.

I got so excited I yelled into the mic when I saw this so I have to do some editing.

I also placed some LinkedIn ads and started to personally email my business associate list.  You see I used to sell exhibit booths and sponsorships in my agency. We’ll see what the results look like for that.

Results were OK for generating traffic, but much more testing needs to be done to find out how many professionals convert to sales from Linkedin.  Definitely gotten some traction and exposure from ads and posting there.  Forums and group postings are a good idea too to target the kind of person you want on your team.  That will be up to you to figure out.  I got a paid account fo a year and I am experimenting with a non-paid account.  LinkedIn also recently added blog post on their site.  Try them out and link to your Empower Network blog.

I also got an email from a person that is concerned that their disability will get in the way of them doing this business.  I wrote back saying that there are many people in Empower Network that have overcome disabilities to live a better life.  I told this person I will believe in them until they can believe in themselves.  I have seen blind people, people with hearing disabilities, in wheels chairs, lying flat on their back in a hospital bed, getting their cancer treatments paid for by what they make in this business.  So there are no excuses, only the fact that WHY you are in business is not strong enough to overcome the obstacles that a new business owner online faces.  It is as simple as that.  The only people that truly fail online, quit.  They stop building their bridge to their outcome.

So that was my day, and I need to spend some quality time with my love, as she just got in.

Oh and I just got a fantastic introduction to my guest blog post from Cesar Soto

Here is a speed blog video for your enjoyment.  I’d like to thank YouTube and Broken People for this Hilarious Video( It is all meant n Fun and is Rated R)

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Speed Blog Until I Catch Up

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