AWeber Email Marketing Worth The Setup Process

AWeber Email Marketing Worth The Setup Process

Thank You to AJ Sheehan for helping me with this process!  That is the thing about everyone in this marketing community.  Once you get in and start to meet people at events and online you realize they are just like You and you want to help them. That is what AJ Sheehan did for me.


Setting up your email is not hard and it certainly is not a reason to quit as I have seen other people I have met in this business.  In our team back office you will find step by step instruction videos you can use to set up your email auto-responder messages and people have the ability to use your sponsors email set up code or go upline and ask to use your sponsor’s sponsor email code.  They may be using another email provider like GetResponse.  It is a personal preference and a choice you will make in your business.


What Are Auto-Responder Messages?


You may be asking yourself why do I need to spend the extra  dollars to  set up auto-responders?  Good question and when I started in 2012 I did not understand auto-responders either.  So let me tell you the cool things you can do with auto-responders:

1) You can send your list of people that have opted-in to your list a Thank You gift.  This can be a video of you teaching a solution to one of their problems or a PDF.  Something that will allow you to from day one, under-promise and over deliver.  You want to make sure you over-deliver by about 10Xs the value of the products they will be purchasing from you.

2) It allows you to form a daily relationship with the people on your email list.  It is important to remember that these are people.  I have seen marketers refer to “leads”  Yelling and screaming about leads is a good way to show how much you know.  It is not about leads.  It is about that leads are people that almost always have a problem.  If they didn’t they wouldn’t be on your list.  They would be off being happy and busy and would never give you the opportunity to serve their needs.

They have o0ne of the following situations in their life as it deals to money or time.  It will only be those two things:

a) They are in pain in these areas, and it will look like they do not have enough money or they do not have enough time with their kids or family or friends.

b) They are in fear that they will be in pain in either of these situation with money or time.

c) They may have an impending event that will effect their money and their time and they want to be prepared for it

d) They have an unrealized goal of money and time that they can not figure out on their own or they would have already done it.

My mentors at The Samurai Business Group taught me that.  Tell Dan Kreutzer or Robert lambert Tom Lincoln sent you.  They are great guys that will help turn super star sales people or business owners into legends.  They are really good at teaching complex sales and sales management.


Auto Responders are a great way to form a relationship with each person on your email list over time


Each email he or she opens, tells you something about your email list member.  You want to have open rates for each email of at least 5% if the headline is any good.  But that comes with time and 80% – 90% of your emails will bomb.  That is OK, each email that does not has been tested by you and now it can be put into your follow-up sequence.  When people on your team ask you about emails auto responders you can send them your tested emails so they can get started.  When you join my team I recommend you use the team code in your back office

“I’ve been preoccupied the last couple days trying to take this old guy, non-techy, mind and “wrap it around” how to set up an 81-message, email, AWeber[content_upgrade id=1271][/content_upgrade] marketing, auto-responder program.  But I finally figured it out.”  ~Tom Lincoln


That was me back two years ago.  Now I have started to see results with my emails.  It is my intension to send out two emails each day.  I do not always do that and some people say you should only email when you have something special to share.  It is a stylistic choice.  Both work.  For example Tracey walker, a million dollar earner emails an inspirational email in the morning and a sales email in the evening.  How do I know this?  She told us at an Event in Denver.  Vick on the other had and Jon Pembernathy only send one on special occasions or once a month and gets higher open rates.

Regardless of what you choose to do you need to form a relationship with your email list members through:

1) Broadcast emails

2) Drip market to them through follow-up emails that go out whether you are at the beach or not.


Catepillar In A Cocoon


Just as the caterpillar has to grow and struggle long enough to get strong enough to fly, so do you with email marketing with an auto-responder.  I know you struggle because people have come to me for help before that were just getting started.  Embrace the struggle for it will make you stronger.  Eventually with time and testing to see what works with:

1) Open rate = How good your headline is.

2) Click Through Rate = How Good the body copy of your email is.

3) Conversions Rate = Where did they click to buy your product.  What page did they come from?  What it a link they clicked or a image they clicked on that took them to your sales page for your product.  You want to know because then you will know what works best for your auto-responder email marketing campaigns.   You can have a different email list for each campaign too.  This will also help you keep track of what works, when it works and when it does not so you know when you need to do emails to get your best results.

Eventually people will do one of three things from your email list:

1) Buy from You

2) Unsubscribe from your list

3) Do nothing – some people are not right for your team and some are not right for being a network marketer.  That is OK.

You are using email marketing to sort through the many to find a few that are serious and teaching the few that are serious how to sort through the many. Do anything else in your business and you will start to lose money.  Be smart about how you do that.  Do not spend a lot of money at first. test things, get results, scale it up and then you can spend a lot when you know for sure your copy converts to sales.  That way you get a great return on your investment.  I have seen as high as $2450 for a $25 investment but your results will vary per customer.  See our income disclosure at

Some people just are not in enough pain to take action.  When their compelling reason is greater than the pain of change( people hate change because of the unknown)

I learned how to do this by the school of hard knocks and I am very grateful for my mentor Mack for not helping me figure this out.  You are always going to be figuring it out.  If you are bad at copy follow other leaders, opt-in to their email list.  Chances are their copy converts or they would not be sending it out.  You need to struggle on online at each level.  Each level of success comes with a:

a) Learning Phase – Everyone starts with the knowledge they have

b) Overcoming Obstacles – You are going to see things not work about 80% – 90% of the time.  This is the 80/20 rule of marketing and it is more like 90/10

c) Getting your Mindset Right – for that level

I did it that way and it gave me something that is priceless, so I want to thank Mack again, as I will never be able to repay him.  His marketing attracted me.  I followed him and other leaders until I found a style of my own and started to do it my way.  Now it is my time to help others like Mack did with me, by being an example of what a great marketer does. He or she produces sales not the hard way:

1) doing three-way calls

2) Always being in a strange place on the road preaching the dream and living the nightmare.

3) Doing home meetings or hotel meeting you do not want to do

4) Not seeing your team duplicate past 5 people or the average in this industry is 1.7.  That is why most people quit.  The people that make it in this industry want success more than the air they breathe and they are willing to do whatever it takes until they achieve success.  You can not be successful being greedy, or taking advantage of people.  You have to believe you are providing huge value, about 10x what they pay for.  That is when you are successful and not a moment sooner.  How do you do that?  You invest in yourself, in your education until you understand what you are doing enough to start producing results.  Even then it will be a numbers game as how you do it matters.

5) buying over-priced leads – Never pay over $0.50( fifty-cents) per lead there is no need to unless you are in a hurry.  And then, know who you are working with, be referred by someone you trust 100% in the industry to a lead source.

stop painful network marketing practices

6) Switching from deal to deal looking for the secret( no secrets just tactic and strategy in marketing) and there is no right or wrong.  No white hat or black hat marketing.  It is all marketing.  The person with the most knowledge and action producing results wins Freedom in their life!  If you want to play and win click here


You found this and it will help you gain enough footing in email marketing to get started but you should always be testing new ideas. ABL Always Be learning.  I can recommend you learn from Aaron Rashkin and Tony Rush as they are great email marketers. I will be your guide to the resources you need to succeed but you must do the work.  You must learn, over come obstacles, get your mindset right and you must be the winner in this game of online marketing.  It is no different from any other business.  The only difference is iof you build it big enough it will start to create residual income for you and you can “drink a Mai Tai'(from Inner Circle Audios Interview Chris Rocheleau and Tracey Walker) and see a commission come in.  But, you must do the work first.

This is The Easy Way to Learn Email Marketing

This is The easy way


What would have been easier, than trying to learn it all on my own, was to rely ion the training in the Prosperity Team, which I am a part of.   All I had to do was go to my Prosperity Team back office and watch the email set up videos and do exactly as they say.  They give me the codes to done for you email swipes which have done well getting people started with good results in the past.

You will find that many people are on multiple people’s email lists.  People will buy from the person they think will give them the best chance to succeed in their business.  It is that simple.  No bells or whistles or special code.  There is a great book out about this topic called the Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey

I would also recommend that you use the products you buy and listen to Aaron Rashkin talk about email marketing.  Get on Aaron Rashkin’s email list too.  He is a great copy writer.

Learn, do and teach what you learn.  Eventually they will decide whether or not they want to work with you.



When You want to find out how your campaign is doing, go to the subscriber tab in Aweber and click search.  There you’ll find all the emails of the people on your list. See what email each has currently read and clicked on in the report section of, in the follow-up messages.

I can be doing other things and people are learning what they need to learn to, to make a decision to buy from you.  I can be on the beach and you can just decide to take out your credit card and buy the products you want.

“To date I have 8 subscribers and one opt-out( I think it was an undeliverable, they happen or it is not going to be for everyone)”

Update: My list is much bigger now.  That was how I started.  This article, part of it was written when I started.  I originally wrote this post as I was just starting in internet, network marketing.  Plus, I was and affiliate marketer as well.

You see in network marketing or affiliate marketing you are always sorting out the many people that say they want to be successful to find the few that really do want to be successful.  You do this by capturing leads or having people opt-in to your capture pages to be on your email list.


Next Steps


Then you drip market valuable content to help people decide if they want to buy from you.  They have to be able to know, like and trust you or they will not buy anything from you.  You have to provide about 10X’s the value of anything they buy from you.  I know this is repeated up above it is that important to repeat.

Do not get upset about each lead, as Tony Rush one of the top earners in Empower Network history mentioned at the Chicago Event. People will opt-out for any number of reasons.  I have learned that you want to have people unsubscribe and opt-out.  This business is not for the weak minded.   You may not be ready for it yet. But you may. With time and personal development work you will be. If you are not ready it will eat you up and spit you out if you do not learn, do and teach daily.

Two new customers a day that is my vision for you.  Help two people each day join your business as a member at a lower level or a middle level product that really helps them even if they do not join your business opportunity membership, they will still benefit by using your products.   If you see that it not help them you must tell them. Do not harm first.


Top Producers – Network Marketers need to be top sales producers.  Many people in network marketing struggle with sales of their products and I do not care what product you sell  You can learn how to be a top producer


Do A Good Job Treat Your Business As A Business and You Will Do Fine



Do a good job setting up your follow-up autoresponder emails and let people be responsible for whether they get into this amazing business.

“When the pupil is ready they will appear.”

I think David Wood said that in “Speak Your World Into Existence”

You can’t force anyone to help themselves.  They will, in their own time.

Keep this attitude and You will stay sane and you will be profitable.  Of course there are no guarantees in any online business or any business for that matter.

This is just the beginning.  There will be many more leads to come and go, some will buy, some will say no, and some will not make a decision.  It is the nature of sales in network marketing and in nay business.


The process is bring as many people as you can that are already looking for what you sell to your pot-in page and have them opt-in to our list.  You must build a list.  How big?  Get it as big as possible with the right kind of people.  What are the right kind of people? Struggling network marketers that have trouble selling, building team and gaining mass influence that are looking for an easier way to run their network marketing business.

Send then to a thank You page where they get a bonus of some kind or a video showing them how to do something that they need to be able to do in their business.  Give them real value.  We have assistants call all our new members.

An assistant will be a member of your company at the same level as you income-wise. This will be your workout partner.  This will be an invaluable person who will contact all your new customers for you and get background information about:

1) where you are currently

2) Where you want to go

3) How you plan on getting there


Then You will get on the phone with you and do a Skype meeting, or Google hangout with your customers for free, for 1 hour.  Get them started right. This is a way of welcoming them to the team.    If they want more of your time they will have to get in your Inner Circle(buy your top products, as this system brings in sop many leads you will not have any time to work with people that have not demonstrated they are serious.  This sorts out the serious people from the many people that say they are serious.

You will also send follow up emails that come to them from your auto-responder, and periodically you will send a broadcast email with more value and to give them the desire and the ability to buy the products they want to use to:

1) Have The Right Mindset

2) Produce Enough Sales to Be a Top Producer in Your Company

3) Build Teams That Last

4) Gain Mass Influence in The Marketplace.

If you are not in Empower Network  and if You’d like to make money blogging about your network marketing customers, solving their problems with your solutions(your products) from the comfort of your own Home:

  1. Click –>Here
  2. Fill-in the box with your email
  3. watch the video and get in and started

a) Producing more sales in your company

b) Building Teams that Last

c) Gaining Mass Influence in your Marketplace.


The process itself was really pretty easy.  When you get a sharing campaign code from me or another leader, or from your prosperity team back office video, then you put it in the little campaign sharing code box and click the load button on AWeber follow-up setup pages.  The Prosperity team has all this to get you started

Once You do this.  All messages that Dave Wood and other leaders used and gave everyone permission to swipe are loaded.  Actually, the previous users messages are loaded with his links, so put your links in the personalization settings(just make sure you check all the settings so that they have your information in them, and then double check each email by double clicking on the message link after you send it to yourself to double check that your signup form actually goes to your signup page.  Otherwise you may be “cookied” into a situation where you do the work, and someone else gets the sale.  Don’t do that. 

Empower Network computer code is strong./  It is meant to protect you and your affiliate id, if you become an affiliate.  That is, if you o make 70% commissions on sales of $25 – $3,500 currently in 2015


If You’d Like to Be A Top Producer in Your Company

  1. Click –>Here
  2. Fill-in the box with your email
  3. watch the video and get in and start blogging.


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