Baby Sea Turtles Video

Baby Sea Turtles Video

Video Credit: a facebook post I read

This video reminds me of a trip I led in Cozumel, Mexico when I had my Eco-Tourism Business.  We actually got the Mayor’s Cousin during a seista tequila shooter competition, to allow our group to get a special tour of the biology facility on the island that hatches baby loggerhead sea turtles.  The turtles in this video look like Green sea turtles or leatherback sea turtles but I am no sea turtle expert.  If you know the type of sea turtle please comment below.

The children on the island release the sea turtles into the ocean each year to remind them to conserve their natural island resources and respect the sea and its living creatures.

They also took us on a Midnight run to watch the Sea Turtles laying their eggs, but that is another video and aoither blog post in the future.

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