Beautiful Pictures Weekend

Beautiful Pictures Weekend

OK, so you landed on this page, and you want to see beautiful pictures…..yep they will be in this post. But I am showing you what I like so you can get to know me. I try to be a good guy. I am normally told I am too hard on myself, and I think just the opposite! LOL OK here is a beautiful picture for you. I’d like to Thank Photobucket for letting me share all these beautiful pictures with you on Beautiful Pictures Weekend

 photo 548688_109808115846032_1209658821_n_zpsc4c317c4.jpg

I particularly like the deer in the foreground and the color scheme…..very peaceful. It’s Friday time to relax and get ready for a fun Weekend! OK Back to my peaceful rant. I realized today my rants just looked desperate, and I’m not. I have my business and you will join me when you are ready or not. Time for another beautiful picture, it is Beautiful Pictures Weekend after all!

Beautiful Pictures Weekend

 photo 523252_138981512928692_1531736902_n_zps6c351aa7.jpg

OOO that is a nice one!

I will go on growing my business and you, you will do what you do. Only you can determine if you want to be in business for yourself. I respect you and wish you the best whatever you do.

But I really have learned a ton of things in this business about sales and marketing any business, and that is worth the money I spent to get all in, 20 times over. Hell,(yes I swear occasionally…sorry MOM and Dad) They are both dead and I do not think they would approve of this MLM or Network Marketing business I am in. We really didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. But I love them either way. They are my parents. Love You Mom and Dad.
Now I don’t even know why I swore in the first place….Getting older, sometimes lose my train of thought….The gist of what I was excited about was the enormous value I’ve gotten from using these educational products, and I own a Marketing Agency! My Agents only work on Multi-million dollar accounts(2008 dried that up in a hurry) No matter it gave me a good chance to rebrand my Company for Lincoln Enterprises to The Event Marketing Company to, and this is Final, Market Share Developers. You may have seen this logo in my social media accounts:

Market Share Developers Logo

Beautiful Pictures Friday


OK Back to Beautiful Pictures Weekend!  Those two Pictures are what you might find of me on The Internet along with my corporate picture in a sport coat, me sailing or me scuba diving, and maybe you might find me with a horse and a dog and cat or four…..Yes I love animals and so does the love of my life Stephanie!  God, I’m lucky I met that woman in when I was on top.  She has stuck with me through thick and thin.  You know you’re in love I think when no one makes me as angry as she can and no one makes me as happy and feel as loved as she can.  That to me is Love!  Mixed up as it sounds…..that is LOVE to me.

Beautiful Pictures Weekend

OK Back toBeautiful Pictures Weekend!

 photo 532233_10152746774730363_117064473_n_zpscd731095.jpg

That certainly is a beautiful picture! There is something about landscape, digital pictures that are just so peaceful. I am certainly searching for peace and beauty in my life.

OK, so as you can guess by now I am on a rant.  Not really I am just sharing myself with you my email list and if you Googled Beautiful Pictures and got here….Sorry please do enjoy the beautiful pictures on Photobucket where I got them.

Beautiful Pictures Weekend

Back to my parent for a minute.   OK, I think they would both think Empower Network is a SCAM…..That is Ok, it is a legitimate busness selling educational, inspirational, marketing education, internet education products, that are tied to a 100% commission compensation plan. The compensation plan having pass ups is the closest to MLM or Network Marketing that I see, and it is not based on recruiting, which if it was based on recruiting then that would be a Ponzy Scheme, but it’s not it is based off selling services and products, which is by definition a business.  SHHHHHHWOOOOO!  Glad I got that out!  Back to Beautiful Picture Friday!

 photo 1268529757897.jpg

Have you ever sen the perfect ray of light coming out of the clouds while driving on a highway in the middle of no where, in the fields of the Midwest? I have and I always feel closest to God whenI Do. I am a spiritual man, and I believe in God, but I do not share my beliefs. I believe that is personal. But I also believe you should believe whatever you want and I should nothingto say about it! More Power to You!

Beautiful Pictures Weekend

OK That got a little heavy, Back to Beautiful Picture Friday!

 photo landscape.jpg

There!  That is the ray of light thing I was talking about earlier!  Perfect example!

OOPs, I get to writing, and now we are at 1100 words so it is time to close this post.    In this Empower Network Business you run the show.  People can buy the products or they do not have to and they can stop using them at any time. People can be affilliates and make money selling the products or not.

Either way, these products have great value because they are taught by people that have proven results marketing on and off the internet and you should listen to them…..Yes I said that.    They are very good at what they do. You will see results. My Analytics account is testimony to that. As I have been using the products, I have measured results of my tests. Each time I learned, and did what they said, right away, I saw a spike of traffic to my blog. This stuff really works!

Beautiful Pictures Weekend

Internet Marketing Isn’t Easy it’s a Business That Requires Massive Action. That is why I joined Team Take Massive Action. Listen to the name it says it all. What team am I on?  Team Take Massive Action. Until you do take massive action you will only get so, so results, just like in any business.  If you want to see real results and average results  for Affiliates in Empower Network, got to /income.php?id=linc1618.  These results are updated every 24hrs.

You see Empower Network really has taken the time to develop and they continue to set up all the systems to make this job as easy as possible, but in the end, the Internet is a “Wild West” and it is constantly changing and growing at the speed of the human imagination, which I believe is limitless, so get ready for a wild ride!

Today I had a huge breakthrough listening to the Inner Circle Audios. On this particular audio from Bradley Koons and Chris Rochleau I learned all about paid marketing, what works and what doesn’t and about marketing for people that have no money. You see folks Internet marketing is a business like any other business, and you have to have the skill, or you have to be persistent enough and willing to be taught these skills.  There is no magic button you press and cash comes out.  But you can learn how to make money online.

 photo 945643_170334059793437_854914297_n_zpsa85f783b.jpg

So that just about does it for Beautiful Pictures Weekend. Hopefully you’ve learned a little more about me and if you want to talk about this business find me on Facebook here:

send me a message and I’ll give you my direct phone number and we can chat about it. I promise, no heavy sales pitch. I can answer questions, within reason, some of the stuff you have to get from the products themselves. They say you can feed a man or woman a fish and they eat for a day or you can teach them to fish and they can eat for a lifetime. I believe these products and this system teach you how to make money in your business for a lifetime.

Have a Great Weekend! And again if you are here to look at Beautiful Pictures here:

Horses photo _Hourses_zps8cfd644a.jpg

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