Believe In Yourself

Today I will be sharing how one, actually three people transformed my life in business. First, is Tom Casallas, he introduced me to The Samurai Business Group. They transformed my life.

Believe In Yourself
Believe In Yourself

But, I am getting ahead of myself. You see when Tom found me I was floundering in a networking group. I had no idea how to help people buy my sponsorship consulting services. I had learned sponsorship the hard way through the school of hard knocks. I would read everything I could get my hands on. One good thing I had going for me at the time was I was good at helping people in business find each other. Networking was like breathing to me. It just felt right.

I had made my mark on this world by selling exhibit booths for trade shows and health fairs. Selling sponsorship was a whole different ball of wax. I had to start from scratch.

I learned sponsorship starting with In-kind contributions for Charities, and then later I learned a great deal about fund raising as well as sponsorship and fundraising go hand in hand.

The thing I did not realize was that most people have no idea how to do either. Most people miss the cardinal rule of business, that I learned much later in this story. Build Value in The Marketplace and Help Others Get Wealthy and You too will become wealthy. B ut that is a story for another time.

This story is about my mentors Dan Kreutzer and his partner and also my mentor, Robert Lambert. They saved my life. You see they signed a contract with me to learn how to sell in a complex situation like to a Board of Governors. They transformed me from a beginning sales person, into a corporate executive and owner of a marketing agency that has agents worldwide. They helped me by teaching me all about:

1) Being a better person through the Bushido Code that I intend to follow every day for the rest of my life…it is that strong.

2) They helped me understand the sales cycle and why I had been going through ups and downs in my income throughout the years of being in business for myself since 1993.

3) They helped me understand when a client is a toxic client. At the time, all my 5 clients were toxic.

4) They helped me understand what only 4% of sales people understand in business today. It helped me move into the 94% of all the sales made by that 4% category.

5) They helped me to become the best version of myself. I found great people to do the work in major multi-million dollar campaigns, but I was only the business development person. I did not understand enough about marketing overall to make headway in my overall business.


I also had no money so I had no website. I had no nice brochure. In other words, I could get the meeting through what Dan Kreutzer and Bob Lambert taught me( I owe them my life and a lot of money)

You see I had to pay their consulting fees to gain this knowledge. No one in sales and marketing is going to give it to you for free. They paid for it and so do you. It is only fair.

They got me to a nice monthly income in client fees. Then the bottom of the economy dropped out and it is still faltering since 2008. It is currently 2014 6 long years ago. But I found the answer to my marketing and advertising and fitting into the World of $150,000 to $250,000/year income earners as many in marketing make. In fact, one of the groups I networked in I could not join, as I did not make that kind of money, so I was on the outside looking in. But not for long.

In 2013, I was looking for a way to gain more knowledge that would help my business. To most people I was bankrupt, but not to me. I was figuring it out and I was successful…that is my outcome.

It was in 2013 that I ran into a great marketer by the name of Mack. I later learned that Mack came from little means and built up his business into a multi-million dollar enterprise by learning how to sell and market online. He had the proof in his videos. He became my sponsor in a network marketing company, called Empower Network. I have not looked back since.

I have been getting more and more knowledge that I put into use and test. 80% of what I test fails but 20% does not and I see income results. Now all I have left is to keep moving forward every day. Empower Network products have taught me how to find my target market and how to communicate to them. whose products teach you how to be stellar online marketers.

I am already seeing great results. With the combination of what Samurai Business Group taught me and what Empower Network provides me( a great community of marketers to mastermind with and a great set of products to sell) my future is looking to be in the six to 10 figure range for a lifetime.

I am in this for life. I am that certain of my life now. Thanks to Dan Kreutzer, Robert Lambert, Mack, and Dave Wood the founder of Empower Network.

My business will constantly be finding new ways to build value and wealth for 10,000 people. You can be part of my inner circle of 52 leaders around the World.

I have never been positioned for more success in my business and life. By following three simple steps, I am building my business daily. I have the opportunity to travel to nice places for Empower Network events every 90 days and I am meeting some of the nicest people that are also great leaders and stellar marketers.

They say your income will be the result of the 5 people you hang around the most. I am learning from millionaires 🙂

If you’d like to do the same for your life and business look below and follow directions.

I am using my blog as a way to communicate with people that are looking for what I have to sell. Then, I use what I learned in Samurai Business Group to help them buy it from me.

What to learn what I know? Want your business to have this kind of potential? Join me below!

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