Headlines With Benchmark Email Open Rates Of At Least 5% Or More

Here Are The Headlines With At Least 5% Open Rates

  1. Talk to Your List Member In The Headline

    When you are looking at your email marketing strategy you want to look at:

    1) where are they opting into your list?
    2) where are you sending them when they do opt-in?
    3) What follow-up and broadcast emails are you sending them
    4) what are the open rates
    5) what are the click-through rates
    6) what are the conversion rates.
    7) How many people are on your segmented list
    8) What is your bounce rate.

    80% of what you try fails but 20% does not and gets at least a 5% open rate. If it does, my friend Aaron Rashkin tells you what to do with that email in the $15K Formula. Great product, tons of gold nuggets to take your business to the next level when it comes to email marketing.

    Today we are just going to talk about email open rates.
    Here is a list of the headlines that got at least a 5% open rate(feel free to swipe them)

    Let’s look at the email headlines out of 525 email headlines written from May 2013 until now, that have achieved at least a 5% open rate.

    1) 5 Principles You Need To Earn A Successful Living Online
    2) Be You
    3) Crickets Chirping [Open to Stop Them]
    4) Are You Ready To Get Your Business Started?
    5) Good Morning Team and Future Team Members
    6) Good Morning and Welcome to The Team Donna!
    (bounce rate huge on this one)
    7) Your Appointment 9 p.m. EST Tonight: Empower Hour Call 209-255-104
    8) Use This Regardless Of What Business You Are In- You Are In For A Real Treat!
    9)Update: Blog Beast Launch and Your Links.
    10) Wow! This Is Crazy 😀
    11) While You Were Sleeping Video #3 Went Live and It is (EPIC) -watch it
    12) Blog Beast #2 Is Alive (Watch It Here)
    13) Blog From Your iPhone or Android Phone? Really? Yes! Welcome To Success!*
    14) Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? – Harvard Business Review
    15) US government Claims Full Ownership Of Your DNA – Underground Health
    16) To People Of The World: Your Blog Beast Early Bird Link
    17) Here is your Link for Friday’s Launch **(only 3 people sent)
    18) Because You Showed Interest In The Blog Beast Yesterday ***
    19) Last Chance: Get On The Early Bird List For The Blog Beast***
    20) Google Hangout Tonight or Watch the Replay***
    21) Tonight 9 P.M. EST, 8 P.M. CST, 6 P.M. PAC…Special Sneak Peek of The Inner Circle Audios
    22) legend leagues
    23) The Best Day of My Life So Far-I Figured Out The Secret
    24) Tonight …Cure for The Monday Night Blues
    25) Secret of The Millionaire Mind…What will You do with all That Money?
    26) apparent reasons
    30) Secret of The Millionaire Mind
    31) Tonight The Secrets Of High Income Earners 9 p.m. EST
    32) This Week’s Results…Proof You Can Use.
    33) Your Appointment…[Monday Nights]The Empower Network Super Earner
    34) Your Appointment…The Empower Network Super Earners Secrets
    35) Congratulations! You are Almost There…One more thing for You to do…
    36) The Secret to Creating Content, Capturing Leads, and Converting Sales
    37) Your Future Is Looking Very Bright … The Missing Word
    38) Your Future Is Looking Very Bright

    The emails above are just some of the titles I use.  Your use of these titles may give you no results. To see what’s possible and average earnings go here: http://yourlastjobever.com/income/

  2. Click Through Rates

    In one of the products in Empower Network David Sharpe discusses CTR or Click-Through-Rate. This is the rate at which a consumer clicks on the link that goes to your offer. .1% is a good CTR or click-through-rate.  You body copy will contribute or diminish your Click-through-rate or CTR.
  3. Broadcast emails can be sent every day to your list o they begin to know like and trust that you are a real person that can be trusted with their future.  In other words, you have their best interest and that of your business at heart.


If you would like your own business that you can send your list members emails, and you’d like to focus on getting the numbers above or better then click here and we’ll have my assistant contact you to set up your team profile, then I’ll do a coaching session with you to make sure you get off on the right footing.

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