Best Woman Speakers In Network Marketing

Tracey Walker Is Without A Doubt The Best Woman Speaker I Know in Network Marketing

I have seen Tracey speak in Chicago and I was impressed there, in Denver she blew me away with her chalk talk, and in Washington D.C. (The krunkest) she gave the audience a shalacking I will never forget,

“Unless You Have Been Through My Life, You can not be me, Be You”

That was the moment I changed.

That was the one moment in my almost two years that I had a huge breakthrough.

You see when you go to events( our next one is in Las Vegas you get to hear wonderful leaders that have all struggled and you get to hear how they overcame their struggles.  You see success leaves clues!

That is why you go to events.  We have one every 90 days.  Get to everyone of our events if you are serious aboiut being one of my 52 World leaders.  Events change your life.  When your life changes your busienss changes for the better.

Read below how great Tracey Walker is! 

If you want your own business to start join my team by clicking on the Yellow button and putting in your best email address and then clicking that button to watch a video where my mentor dave will tell you more about the business.

But whatever you do in any busienss be yourself.  Do not try to be someone else.  Model them, that is OK because success does leave clues, but be yourself.  Noone is as good at being You as You are!

Reblogged From The Mind Behind the Million….

Hello EN!

Here is the final installment into our ‘Mind behind the Millionaire’ sessions – with none other than the amazing Tracey Walker!


1.    Can you give us three interesting or little known facts about yourself?           

A: Some little known facts are first I am trained in a variety of classical dance including ballet, jazz and modern. I danced all throughout school and college.


Second, most people don’t know that I’m an only child because I don’t fall in line with the selfish and spoiled stereotype of only children.


Third, I get nervous before having to speak in front of a large group of people! I get so nervous my feet and hands sweat and I have a little ritual to calm myself down.


2.            What are your hobbies?


A: I haven’t had a lot of time for hobbies, but I’m finally to the point in my career where I have an amazing supporting team and I can step away without feeling guilty, so I hope to get back into volleyball, which I played competitively in high school, and dance.


3.            Do you have a business/life mantra,motto, theme or tagline or saying?


A: “Inspiring you into action.” I don’t just want people to listen to what I’m saying and feel great I want them to take that and pump them up into action.


4.            Can you tell us about your family?


A: My boyfriend Kelo and I have a 5-month-old son, Jasiah, and I have three stepchildren.


The oldest, Isaac, is 18 years old and goes to Clemson University. He’s big into sports and hopes to make the football team next year. Next is Kylah, she’s a 16 year old diva who loves basketball. Last, but not least, is Alexis who is 11 years old. Alexis lives with us and she’s simply a joy!  We have a fantastic time having “girl’s days” and picking out outfits together.


Being a mom is so much more than I could expect. I love it. Kelo is an amazing stay at home dad and I’m very thankful he’s so hands on.


5.            What motivates you?


A: Besides my family, never going back to where I was, back to when my real estate

business went under and I was left with nothing. I never want to feel that fear again.


6.            Who or what inspires you?


A: So many people inspire me. First would have to be my mom. She passed away 11 years ago and still inspires me to this day. She was able to make it happen for me growing up. I didn’t grow up with struggle, but after she passed I found out she had been making less than 20,000 a year. How she was able to support me, put me in dance and volleyball and whatever else I wanted I have no clue. I’m moving to make her happy and show her everything she did for me was not done in vain.


The next group of people that inspires me is the people that contact me and are looking for success and change. These strangers that look to me as a benchmark for success. I keep moving to not let them down and hope that if they can see me do it, they’ll believe they can do it too.


My family. Being able to show my children that there is more than one way to be successful, that they don’t have to fit into the box of corporate America and still have success. Seeing the look on their faces light up when I take them to Empower Network events and they get to be around all the entrepreneurs is inspiring to me.


7.            Why do you believe you’ve been so successful?


A: I really really really wanted it and was willing to put in the work. I taught myself to not measure myself against anyone else. My timeline is not someone else’s timeline. I had to develop and be ok with my process and strive to do better than I did yesterday. I am my own competition. I keep my head down and stay focused on my goals.


8.            What difficult challenges have you had to overcome and persevere in your life and/or career?


A: I’ve had many failures. Empower Network is not my first rodeo. I’ve been with multiple companies over the years. I’ve had people come with me from company to company and I felt guilty that they weren’t making money and I had to lift them up and believe in them, sometimes more than they believed in themselves all while trying to believe in myself.


I’ve had to experience foreclosure, repossession, food stamps, losing my mom, divorce, bankruptcy, you name it. But my belief that I was designed to do something great kept me inspired to not give up!


9.            How long have you been an affiliate with Empower Network?


A: Since the beginning! I signed on October 26, 2011!


10.          What drew you to Empower Network?


A: I knew Dave Wood and his heart, I knew he really wanted to help people long term and not just make money and run. I was already building my business through blogging so I already knew the power of it.  So It just clicked.


11.          When did you know you would be successful with Empower Network?


A: The first month out the gate. Back when we were faxing in applications and the website was barely there but I Had a 5-figure month.


I knew then I was on to something and that things don’t have to be perfect, as long as people believe in the mission and the vision we’ll be successful.  


12.          What do you do differently than most network marketers?


A: I don’t jump from deal to deal to deal unless something is extremely wrong. I stick and stay. I plant my flag for as long as I can, and if I do move it’s for a good reason.


13.          Can you tell us a little about your team?


A: The Dream Team! I love them so much! This team is one of the most loyal, caring, inspiring and supportive groups I’ve ever been involved in. It’s like a big family. We send each other gifts, go on vacation together, they even threw me a baby shower! They stick up for me, and I for them. Moving forward, no matter what, we’ll always be connected.


14.          What about Empower Network do you enjoy?


A: I really enjoy the differences in personalities of everyone involved in EN. It’s so great to have that light heartedness in business and there’s no stiff or stuck up people. Everyone’s just as humble as the person next door.


I love the events. I get tired but I love being out with all the people.


15.          Where were you when you crossed the million dollar mark?


A: I was at the Miami event back in January. I was backstage with Nicole texting, email and calling hoping that if I made the million dollar mark they’d let me cross the stage.


16.          Now that you’re a million dollar earner, what’s next?                                               

 A: Two, three and four million dollars! There’s plenty more millions out there for me to reach!


I have a few projects in the works like Be Blog Savvy 2.0. I’m looking to do more TV work, and have a web series like a talk show. I’d love to get back into traveling. I’m also going to continue building EN and building up leaders. Let’s see how many more we can raise!


17.          What words of wisdom do you have for others in Empower Network?

A: Listen, no matter what someone else is doing, saying or posting if you believe in the mission of EN keep your head down and get to work. Go to work, blog everyday, and everyday try to be better than you were yesterday.


18.          And those not yet involved with Empower Network?


A: If you’re looking for something, for a change and you want to be home with your family, Empower Network provides that opportunity. EN gives you a voice for what you’re passionate about. Understand that there are no freebies and no guarantees, but the positive energy is second to none and it’s a wonderful place to be.


19.          How has your involvement with Empower Network changed your life?


A: My life is free. We can fly first class, we can eat where we want to eat, I can have a stylist for events if I want to. My son doesn’t have to go to daycare.


20.          And your family?


A: I’m able to show my kids there are other options for success. Kilo was able to retire from his job and become a stay at home dad. I’m able to invest in other’s businesses if I want to.


21.          And your community?

A: My local community doesn’t know I exist – yet. I need to make myself known. I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, which is a community service organization where my goal is to be more active.


22.          What advice do you have for others in the Empower Network who want to achieve what you have?


A: Focus on what you want. Before I got my ring, I had Post It notes all over my office and my mirrors with affirmations like “I Am a million dollar earner” written on them.


23.          Knowing what you know now, what might you have done differently in the past? If you could start over tomorrow, what would you avoid doing that wasn’t productive? Within Empower Network? Outside Empower Network?


A: Outside of Empower Network, I would have saved more money from my prior real estate investing career. Everything else was a learning lesson, so that’s all I would do differently.


Inside of EN, I would have believed that I would be super successful sooner. It took me 27 months because I couldn’t fathom it was possible in a home business, and then I saw others, like Lawrence Tam and Justin &D do it and it got me thinking it’s not out of the range of possibility.


24.          Anything else you want to add or say to Empower Network blog readers?


A: Go after your dreams. Anything is possible. Who would have thought I would be the first woman and African American to reach a million dollars in commissions in this huge company that was under a lot of scrutiny and spotlight? Don’t quit because there’s a challenge. Don’t allow minor molehills turn to mountains.

Hope you found this information as amazing as we did!

See you on tonight’s webcast!

Appreciate you,


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