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  2. Pomegranate Martinis

    Last Night I had a Pomegranate Martini and let me tell you it was delicious! take a gfood quality Vodka like Absolute( the others are a little too harsh fro a good tasting fruity martini.

    Juice one Pomegranate or use POM Wonderful which is Pomegranate Juice, and add some simple syrup to take away any bitterness you may experience from the natural pomegranate.

    Bruise the heck out of that drink over ice in a martini shaker. You want to do an 8 second pour for your Vodka…Absolute or higher blend, Grey Goose or one of the flavored vodkas.

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Do you like to use Social Media for your business? Do you enjoy a great tasting cocktail from time to time? Then I would like to talk to you further over drinks at one of our events in the future. Get your blog so that you can blog about what you are passionate about first. Then get to our events and we will discuss over drinks your future as a blogger. By the way at events your life will change 🙂 and they are fun!
If this sounds like fun and a great way rto write about what your are passionate about, then

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