Business Email Format

Business Email Format

This post will cover writing emails for your business if you are a :

1) Network Marketer

2) Online Marketer

3) Authority Figure or Public Speaker

4) Someone That has an idea for a product  but they have no idea how to turn this idea into a business income.


The art of email writing is covered nicely in the products, past and present of Empower Network.  This is where I learned how to write my business email some of which get 23% open rates consistently.  We have people in the community of online marketers that get 70% open rates, but this number can be mis-leading.

Example if you only send out your email to two people on your list, and only one person opens it, then you have a 50% open rate. I got excited one time I looked at my analytics in my Aweber auto-responder when I saw a 50% open rate.  But then I realized I only sent it to 4 people.

Nevertheless, writing good emails can be broken down into a few different areas, each of which need to be mastered:

1) Headline

2) Body Copy

3) Image

4) Link in the copy three to five times

5) Call To Action done in three steps


It is considered best practice to keep your emails short.  This is a matter of opinion.  It depends who is on your list.

Writng A Good Headline

A good headline will grab the attention of the person you are attempting to stop scrolling through the hundreds or thousands of emails people get every day. Keep in mind that people opt-in for many different lists.  Everyone in your industry is probably on everyone else’s list, so you need to grab their attention.  I recommend that you start paying attention to headlines that grab your attention, becuase chances are good you want to find the kind of people that are most like you.  This is called finding your sweet spot customer.  They are the easiest to work with.  I learned this from Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert of The Samurai Business Group

In your headline you want to attempt( you will not always be successful) at including two or three benefits your customer will get by opening your email.  But sometimes a simple HEY will work, or “Your Appointment” or “Tonight” to create a sense of Urgency.

One of my best open rayes was simply the word “test”  it created a sense of curiosity.  You want to test, and measure results with email headlines.

Spend more time crafting a headline that works than writing anything else, because if they do not open it then they will not read your body copy or call to action.  You want email headlines that get at least a 5% open rate.  Anything less and it is a failure.

80% -90% of the headlines you write will fail.  Keep the 10% – 20% headlines that get at least a 5% open rate and use them for your follow-up sequence in your auto-responder.

I got a lot of the above by reading email copy from people trying to sell me courses on email copy writing. I read every day for at least 30 minutes or more.

You will write two types of emails:

1) Broadcast emails you can schedule to go out on a certain date and time

2) Follow-up emails that will always go out a certain number of days, that you can set in your auto-responder, from the last email you sent them.  Your follow-up emails drip market to them, keeping you in focus in their mind.


Writing Good Body Copy

Again, I recommend you start following leaders in your industry and see what their email body copy looks like.  If you have permission, like you do in Empower Network, if you are an affiliate, you can do what is called creating a swipe file of all the great email body copy, and use parts of it in your emails.  Don’t copy them word for word:

1) It looks bad, remember they are on everyone’s list

2) It looks bad and does not work.  Make your copy your own.


Now, this is eventually, once you get good at writing, have read enough emails and you know what converts to sales and what doesn’t.  How will you know?  You are going to track everything you do in regard to the emails you send.

You may want to get on several authority, email lists as well.  Some people in Empower Network read five emails from different people each day to get the creative juices flowing.  Then, when they write they make it their own version of the compilation of the five email concepts they read that day.  Again, this could work.  Test it and use what get’s you the best sales results.


Tip: Listen to audios every day from authority figures in your industry.  Listen to great speakers.   What happens is that over time their words are absorbed into your psyche and you just start communicating like them, and you will not know whre it comes from, it just does.

The only purpose of an email is to eventually get sales.  It allows people to get to know you well enough that:

1) they start to know You

2) they start to like You

3) They start to trust that you have their best interests at heart.


That is it.  When they do feel that way they buy from you and not your competition, who, if they are smart are also sending them emails.

Writing good body copy takes time to learn.  Give yourself that time.  You do not go from zero to sixty in sixty seconds in email copy writing.  You learn by following others, and by doing and seeing what works for your writing style.  You will soon develop a style that is all your own.  Keep what works and discard anything else.  Remember you are always writing for new people that join your list.  Some people will stay on your list for years before they do anything.  Some of the best email copy I have seen is from these authorities:

1) Aaron Rashkin

2) David Wood

3) Tony Rush

4) Chad Ockstadt

5) Michelangelo Lopez

6) Any speaker that is on stage at their industry event that has an email list

Tip: Get on lists from people you resonate with

If you are new, and I assune you are, when you join our team(The Prosperity Team) you will find full video instructions on how to use swipe email copy that you will have access to for free, and you will be taught how to use, by using a swipe file code.  Just follow the instructions word for word in the videos you will find in your Prosperity Team/IPAS2 back office.  You will be set up with a sequence of follow-up emails.  Read each one and choose the ones that work best for your personality.  That way you know what you are saying to your prospects. Test each one by sending it to yourself, making sure  your links go where you want them to go

Eventually, as you get better at writing emails, you will want to replace them one by one, with ones you write.  Take the ones out that do not get a 5% at minimum open rate.

Tip: The bigger your list is, the more people will be reached when a 5% open rate occurs.  Make your email list as big as you can as fast as you can.

Tip: Use the format for your copy of :

1) here is what I am going to write about(Introduction)

2) write about it in detail( Body Copy)

3) here is what I wrote about(Summary)

4) here is what you should do next(Call To Action)


 Call To Action


This is where you tell people to buy from you.  Do this at least three times per email.

Always have a strong call to action.  Don’t assume people will know what you want them to do.  Tell them in 3’s:

Here is what I need you to do next:

1) Pull out your credit or debit card

2) Click on the >>>>>>>>>>link here<<<<<<<<<<

3) watch the video and at the end fill out the sign up form completely, with all your contact information, and how you want your name to look on the checks or on your account. Then hit the buy now button.

Yes, you need to be that specific.  Test it to see what works best for you.  You may want to split test it by changing only the call to action text and see which one converts the best or gets clicked on the most.

You may also want to add a call to action button.  Test which method works best for you.  I like to use links because new people will be able to do this.  BUt that is a business choice and you can do whatever works best for you.  It is your business.  People do better when they are free.


Tip:  If you want a better click-through-rate(CTR) use the exact headline of your email as the text that you place your link in.  But, make your email read well.  Make it flow.

Example: test… is the email title

Then in your body copy you would place a hyper-link in the word>>>>>>>> test<<<<<<<<<<

Bold it and place something that grabs their attention, so there is no doubt you want people to click it.



Always try to include a hyper-linked image in your email.  People like to click on images for some reason.  Make this an image that goes along with the theme of the email you are writing.

They will also click on images of a video, that has a video play button in the image.   With recent changes in Aweber you can now embed videos right into your emails.  Videos will engage you audience more than a picture, and they will allow people to get to know you better.  Remember the whole purpose of the email is to allow people to begin to know, like and trust you enough that they click on your links, and they buy what you sell.  Or, if you prefer they call you up.




One of the most clicked on places in an email is in the signature P.S. that is bolded.  It should be some kind of statement that gets them thinking about using your product.  Or, it could be a benefit of your product, or a statement like:

“I do not know if this solution to your(state their problem) will work for you, but what if it could?  This does not always work and you should test it and measure your results.

You may want people to share this email to social media as well.  Many of the email auto-responders today have this easy What You See Is What You Get(WYSIWYG) Drag and drop functionality, to make it easy for people to share your emails.

Tip: Always make sure if you use email swipe copy that your links actually go to your sign-up page. With the advent of cookies and retargeting, you always want to test your emails by sending them to yourself and clicking on every place you put your link.

That way you know you will not be selling for the person whose swipe copy you used.  The best way to do this is to use a split screen and type every word and character out separately.  Do not copy and past email swipe copy.  This way you’ll have the best chance of making a sale for yourself and not me ;D

Your results will vary.  To see average earnings click here:

Get out there and learn how to write your emails by writng them and seeing what people click on.  It is exciting to say the least when it works.  You will get better with every email you write.

P.S. Dan Kennedy is a great Copywriter.  Read anything he writes.  Success leaves clues.

If you got some value from this post let me know down below in the comments.

Here is the system I used to find a community of great network marketers, online marketers, authority figures, public speakers and people with ideas for making money, and the knowledge to monetize their product ideas.  If you want to learn more about this system and community click here and watch the video.

Your Last Job Ever will be to build a successful business while having a life.




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