Business Letter Format

 Business Letter Format


When writing a business letter you want to use the proper format, there is no need to use indentations:

1) Today’s date

Then return two spaces

2) The name of the person you are writing to

3) Their title

4) The name of the company

5) The address of the company

Two spaces

6) The salutation using their first name.

Some people say use Ms or Mr and the last name and that is fine if you are looking for a Job.  You are not you are in business.  You can help this person or they can help you.  People will do business with people they know like and trust.  Start this relationship off right.  Use their first name.  If they get upset about that, do you really want to work with them?  Your answer should be no.  You want to work with people that are like you as much as possible.


All of the above should be single spaced.  In fact the whole letter should be single spaced.

Include in the letter:

7) Introduction – telling the reader what you will be writing about

8) The body copy -telling them the details of what you said you were going to be writing about

9) Closing – summarizing the main points of what you wrote about and throw in a compliment that is relative and makes sense.

10) Signature

11) Contact information – how you’d like to be contacted

12) P.S. bolded – Most people will scan all letters and then end their reading by looking at a bolded P.S.  This is where you want to ad a question or thought provoking statement that get’s the person to want to contact you.  Use this if you are writing a sales letter.  Most business letters are a form of sales letter.

You are always branding yourself when in business.Even if it is a vendor you are writing to, you never know who they know. Always present your “best foot forward” as the saying goes.

Blah, Blah, Blah!

Do You really want to run your business this way?  

1) Sending out single letters to people that you do not know hoping they will open it?

2) Getting past the “gate keeper” (executive assistant or personal assistant)

3) Not knowing if you will get a response?


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Do you really think that you will make any money running your business this way?

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This is 2015(When I am writing this post)  and business is not conducted this way or it should not be anymore.  JMO(Just My Opinion)

Learn how to use auto-responders:

1),  or

2) build a list of suspects

Suspects are people that have a pulse but you have no idea if they will buy from you or not.

3) build a list of prospects

Prospects have a reason, although corporate sounding, for why they want to buy from you

Apparent Reasons are always in “corporate speak”

  • Save me money
  • Save me time
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase profit

Underneath these are:

  • a pain – they need out of, right away,  because the pain is too much
  • A fear – they will be in pain
  • An impending event –  that they need to be ready for
  • A goal – they can not reach on their own

If they do not have one of these things going on in their business, they will never buy from you.  I learned that from one of my many mentors Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert of The Samurai Business Group

4) build a list of buyers

People will not buy from you unless they know like and trust you.  Each time they look at your business they will not decide to work with you unless you have helped them feel comfortable with you.  One way to help with this, is to always do what you say you are going to do.  This is the definition of integrity in your business.

One way to do that is to sell them a small item or service so they can see that you run your business with integrity and you under-promise and over-deliver. Building a list of buyers will help you get better open rates and click-through rates, as long as you always over-deliver on quality.


Learn To Write Good Emails and Text Messages That Your Future Customers Will Open

Emails and text messages are the way to communicate with people that have already asked that you communicate with them periodically.

Writing blog posts is also a way to communicate with prospects, people that are searching for a solution to their problems.  The good news about a blog post is you can be communicating with people you want to work with as customers based on the topics you choose to write about and they search for.

This way, if they read your post, and opt-in( ask to be sent future communication from you) you can start building that relationship, by them getting to know like and trust what you say in your emails or text messages.

I use Gmail for my emails and use AWeber for my auto-responder messages. I have always been happy with both services.


Writing Good Emails.

What is a good email?

Answer: One that get’s opened and one that your readers click the links in the email and buy from you, or request more information about your company, or one in which they have started to:

1) Know who you are as a person

2) Like who they are reading about

3) Trust that you have their best interest at heart and that you will be able to help them find a solution to their problem.


If you want to write business letters the old way go right ahead it works…sometimes.  But, having dome that for 22 years with sometimes good, and sometimes not so good results, I’ll choose:


1) writing good blog posts or ads – so people opt-in to my email list

2) writing good headlines – so people open my emails

3) Using a picture in every email that has a hyper-link in it so people that click on it will be taken to more information or my buying opportunity.

4) Writing good copy in the email body – having at least three places that they can get more information or buy from me.  Putting Links into your Auto-responder message will allow you to give your future customer or prospect a place they can go to get more information or a place they can by directly from you.  When people click on your links you will be able to see a click-through-rate(CTR) report to see what body copy converts to clicks and what clicks convert to sales.

This is a science the science of advertising and marketing.  Scientific Advertising is a great book written a long time ago.  The principles in this book still hold true today.  Measure, Tweak your results, and then when you get results you like, scale up that activity to monetize your list.  Always be building a list.

You will always be sorting through many people to find the few that are serious about wanting success in their business to find the few who actually are, and teaching the few to sort through the many.  Do anything else and you will start to lose money in any business and especially network marketing.

5) Having a good system for sending emails – that allows me to segment my list into the different types of people that opt-in

6) Having a good understanding of who is on my list – so that I can then craft good messages that address their problems and give them the solutions to those problems.  Google + is a great tool for that.  You can put your email addresses into a circle and learn more about them, ans start to segment your list into circles.


 You are writing to real people with real problems.  They are always problems or they would not be on your list.


If you’d like to know how I run my business online and how I am learning how to use a blog to target the kind of customers I want to work with click the link and you will be taken to a community of people(marketers and network marketers) that are teaching me how to grow my business into a worldwide phenomenon that back in 2008 I could have only dreamed of with no clue how to achieve it.  Now it is an outcome to help 10,000 people learn how to do this to a point of freedom, defined by them or in this case you.

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