Copy Writing That Sells Your Products Hacks That You Can Implement Instantly For Your Business

The marketing team at Empower network is top notch. “Model” their copy writing and you can learn a lot about how to be a great copy writer!
  1. Model Copy Writing From Empower Network Capture Pages Copy

    The capture pages from Empower Network have all been split tested. You can be assured that they are using the right words for their copy writing to bring in an audience that will buy your products.

    I tested the Inner Circle Capture Page Copy in A Classified Ad. My phone rang off the hook with people that wanted to know what I had. I went from no traffic one day to my phone ringing off the hook when this ad hit. So one thing I know for sure is that copy writing definitely converted!

    Inner Circle Capture Page Copy

  2. Model Copy Writing From Empower Network Product Descriptions Inside Each Product

    An example of this is the tons of great copy writing you will find inside the Inner Circle Audios product descriptions.

    You see when you listen to 5,6 and 7 figure earners you will learn that their words are golden nuggets, that actually can be modeled to attract the audience you want to help buy from you. Ask me in the comments where you can get your Inner Circle Audios Membership, so you always have fresh copy writing to model and learn from.

    Inner Circle Audios Copy

  3. Model The Copy From Every Single Empower Network Product Sales Page

    I dissected the copy from each product in the Empower Network Product Line

    1) Affiliate
    2) Viral Blogging Formula
    3) Inner Circle Audios

    I have all the Old Empower Network ALL IN product Line as well as all the new products.

    4) Top Producer Formula
    5) Team Building Formula
    6) Mass Influence Formula

    I guarantee that you will find great headlines and copy by listening to these products over and over again.

    Viral Blogging System Copy

  4. Listening To Leaders Speak At Events

    If you want the best copy writing you can find in this industry go to your companies event and take detailed notes. I mean write down almost everything that resonates with you. What you will find, is that those notes will be headlines and copy you can use in your advertising and marketing. Model it do not copy it. Analyze it for:

    1) What emotional response are they writing to. Pain, fear, or unfulfilled gain.

    2) What audience are they writing to?

    3) What are the main parts of the copy or speech.

    Empower Network Event Denver 2013

If you like copy writing and you want to learn more about it and you want to learn how to become a better copy writer take a look at the company below. Follow the directions and get in and I’ll see you on the inside.

Congratulations! You’ve found and amazing group of marketers and your adventure of becoming a great marketer are about to begin.

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