Do You Know What The Beast Can Do?

Do You Know What The Beast Can Do?

In this post we will explore what The Beast will do once it is unleashed on the Internet.  Currently it had given my Blogger blogs “link authority juice,”  I was blown away when my Nursing Virtues Blog ended up #2 on the front page of Google because of

Do You know What The Beast Can Do

The Beast

I had to take it down as I had some affiliate link issues with some guest bloggers on my blog.

You see The Beast in it’s infant stage still devoured the other affiliates links and preserved my own regardless of how hard I tried to put in another affiliates link it reverted to mine with anger! It will not take prisoners…it will devour every social media site not strong enough, and every messaging site not nimble enough to outwit The Beast. Media Sharing sites faint at the slightest glimpse of The mighty power The Beast witholds right now, but not for long.

You see

The Beast

when it was an infant was so powerful it made my blog rise in the Rankings over 7 million spots since February.  But the Beast ins no longer an infant.

What is the Beast you ask?   Hmmmm it’s hard to describe….

When it is finally unleashed from it’s cage, and it has been rattling it’s cage quite a bit lately.  In fact it’s handlers have let it out into the fresh air a couple of times as a test and, it exploded upward in the rankings, but then of course we had to put the beast back in it’s cage until you were ready for it, and until it was ready for you.

Are you ready for the Beast?

What does the beast look like?  What will it do?  Why do you have to have the beast if you want to use the Internet in the future for your business?

These questions will be answered soon enough.  Are you in yet?  Get in before the power of the Beast is unleashed.  I can’t be responsible for the results you get after the beast is released.  Once it is out I can not put it back in it’s cage it will be too late for you and for society.

Do You KNow What The Beast Can Do?


The Beast is coming……Are you ready ?

Imagine if you will a time and space where 50,000 websites are all launched from one domain…What websites will it devour in the rankings in the process, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Google+,where do you think it will end up in the Alexa rankings…100,50,20,10 globally?

It’s coming… ;)

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