Do Your Business The Easy Way or The Hard Way.

If you’ve ever been in business for yourself, this post is meant for you.  Do remember how hard it was to get your first website up?  What with the infrastructure planning and the layout and design of your website in the beginning, it can take up a lot of a business owners time.

And you have to have a brand name so you spend hours, days weeks and even months discovering all the ins and outs of branding.

You finally discover the name of your company, and now you have to see if the domain name is available an it isn’t so it’s back to the drawing board.

You finally find a brand name that has the domain name available so you grab everything close to etc. 

Next you have to transfer your domain to a hosting account.  How do you do that you ask?  Well you need to find the two nameservers.

You finally transfer the domain to a hosting account server and know you have to learn how to understand all the hundreds of options available to you at the server, and then use FTP( file transfer protocol) to transfer the files of your index.Html to you public directory or your www file

And you need to have capture pages hosted as well and on and on it goes, you need to have an email autoresponder and  set up with follow-up messages and thank you pages

And, all the while you were not making any money in your business!  Sheessh it is a lot of work to have a digital presence nowadays in this digital age!  But it does not have to be this way

Oh, and I forgot.  Now you have spent all this money to do all these wonderful things you do not understand so you pay through the nose to pay a consultant to do it for you but they are always late and cost more than they said they would in the beginning….and now you have the finished product and nobody goes to your site.  So now you have to pay another consultant(it is beginning to feel like a racket they have to take your money) to do SEO and SEM campaigns for you s that the spiders???? recognize your site and crawl to it….that doesn;t sound good…I hate spiders, but I hear they are good things.  OK, I guess.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard at all.  You could just spend $25/month and get a hosted Blog on your own domain, that is up and running the second you process your credit card.  It is an “authority site” so lots of people go there already to read and listen to and watch great content so the search engine spiders love the site and your content already.

Plus they have made it possible for you to blog from your mobile phone so whenever the inspiration hits you, you can share it with the World!


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