Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

It’s all about perspective really.  We are living in the future compared to when we were kids. Science and Technology are advancing at a very fast pace now and innovation is making the internet faster and smarter than we ever imagined.  I’d like to thank YouTube and Fabiotheitalianone for this video that helps you realize that anything on this planet really is small stuff compared to the rest of the universe.

Live you life the best you can and just think about the youth of today that are thinking about suns that dwarf ours in other galaxies the next time you get down on yourself.  Their life will be so much more different than anything you and I can imagine.

I was watching YouTube Videos about the advances in robots and brain to animal interactions and it is amazing what they have come up with.  They can actually move an avatar by thoughts across the Internet.  It is mind blowing when you think of it and watch these videos that show the state of the art of robotics now:

I’d like to thank YouTube and Bostondynamics for this next video:

And then look at what they are doing in other robotics laboratories around the world:

I’d like to thank YouTube and Kazumichi Moriyama for this next video:

It is amazing what science and technology are coming up with.  You see we really are amazing creatures us humans.  You are an amazing person, know that.   The Human brain can do amazing things once it sets it’s mind to it.

For example,the first video was from a person in Italy( I assume) that is not thinking about our solar system but one in a distant galaxy!  That person’s mindset is totally different from someone else’s, but we need innovative thinkers in our society to think about these things and start to plan where our species will go next.  One day our sun will eject a massive coronal mass and Earth will cease to exist in an instant.  Hopefully, we will have studied the sun enough to time it and get the majority of our people off the planet and have found new planets to continue the species…..

see how thinking about things bigger than yourself takes your mind off your problems for a while?  I love doing that!

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Don't Sweat The Small Stuff



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