Drip Email Marketing Campaign: A Beginners Diary

 Drip Email Marketing Campaign

Hi Tom here, That’s how I always start my email out, since in many cases I do not have the name of the person I’m writing to.  They saw something n my marketing funnel and liked it.  They probably felt it was cool and they could make money fast.  Those are the two driving factors that people have that opt-in to my email list.

That is quite a trip actually.  It took me a little bit of soul searching to get over having to have everything perfect.

This is the Internet and it is far from perfect.

The Internet is about people, just like you and me.  Normal, everyday people.

With that said I have a total of 78 subscribers so far( this was written after one or two CPA Brokers) paid email campaigns.


78% have opened an email more that once.  That is actually very exciting!  That is 21 people that have expressed an interest in this business.  Below are the email follow-up swipes I used and the Broadcast emails I sent.


Sorry about the formatting when you join as you may be considering right now you will be relieved that all the set up of the follow-ups is explained to you in Videos from the Prosperity team now.

28% have opened an email enough times so they are aware that I have a company.  ( Notice how we measure everything)

A brand usually achieves branding awareness( for better or worse) after 6 times seeing their emails or ads or a combination of both.

I’ve definitely made my share of mistakes with my emailing campaigns.  80% -90% of what you try will fail.  So fail forward faster, as fast as you can.  That way you will find the 10% – 20% that works, that gets people to click on links, that gets people to make a decision to buy everything you sell right now.  Once you find that you have found the “holy grail of marketing.”  It is like finding a money machine that spits out money all day and night.

The first email drip campaign that I did was due to not understanding and being familiar with autoresponders.  Ione other affiliate advertising with his blog post that I could use his autoresponder messages. The problem was I was a Noob and I was sending people to his affiliate link and not my own.  I can laugh at it now, not so much at the time.  The videos you see when you join the Prosperity Team with me will show you exactly how to use someone else’s follow-ups the right way, so that the sales go to your affiliate link.

My Warmish List

I have a 3000 person list I used to mail to all the time from my marketing agency that I have accumulated throughout the years in my travels, attending exhibits and conferences, and in my selling exhibit booths and sponsorships for clients.

Always keep your list.  It is yours always.  It is an asset you build online or offline

Google and Yahoo used to let me do emails 100 per time, but that is too much risk now after Canned Spam Laws have gone into effect.  Now if they have already opted into your list and you want to email 100 of the opt-ins at a time …Your results will be your own.  Run your business the way you see fit and learn how to email by following the Laws of each country you are emailing into.  It will save you a otl of hassle and fines.

I rarely got complaints back then, in 2005 and before, and if I did, I apologized for the inconvenience and took them off my list as requested.  Sometimes government needs to stay out of business matters.  But that is a soapbox for another time.

Those days are gone, and now I have learned to not look back to focus on the now. Now we use opt-in autoresponders, to communicate our Internet Marketing messages to our audience.  You have a choice of double opt-in( better quality leads) or single opt-in leads and there are more of them, so it becomes more of a numbers game.

I am not sold on them yet, but so far, they seem to be doing the trick.  People are being engaged and people are clicking on links and trying things out.  Only a percentage of them 1-2% will actually buy anything. This is standard direct response sales rates.  Nothing new here.  I have been getting 1-2% response rates since I started direct sales in 1993.  It is a very exact science.

Right now, I have 5 people trying out the blogging system and one that is a member. ( This was when I started in 2013)

Empower Network keeps my list in my back office as well, so in some cases I will email them once on my AWeber account and once with my Empower Network account.

You want people to leave your list.

When I first started email marketing I thought that I had to protect every lead, but the exact opposite is true.  You want to try new copy, and not be afraid of what people think.  The people that opt-out of your list were not going to be good customers for your leadership style.  It is best they find someone whose leadership style meets their needs.

What I should never have done is email, with 5 minutes notice(I thought I saw someone do that before but that was a disaster) I got my first complaint that way.  This is what I thought at first, but the more I learn from successful people with email copy, like Aaron Rashkin and Chad Ockstadt, You want people to leave your list.

Provide inspiration to them in the morning and provide an opportunity to buy from you in the evening.  If they opt-out, so be it.

I also got two more complaints today as I have been testing new copy that provides free training for people that put their email address in a capture page that leads back to Empower Network and to MLSP marketing funnel.( I was with MLSP for about a year under Rob Fore I have learned a lot since from Rob)

So Far, 3 complaints.  I am not sure if this is going to be a good test…still running it for two more days.  It may be a good test to see if people are serious customers or if they need to leave our list.  It is good that you segment out the serious from those looking for free training.  Nothing wrong with that, I have gotten lots of free training over the years.   I have been learning a great deal about sales marketing and online business from home.  Share what you learn with your list.  Help them look cool and make money as fast as possible for them.

You just want to make sure you give each person the value they want. The training videos sounded great so I thought I would provide more value to my list.   I might have confused them( I used the Fast Start Videos as my first videos…do not do that it confused people)  Eventually, after enough reading and listening to audios and using the products I bought, and I bought all of them in the core business line)

It is important to keep a congruent message from capture page, to welcome email, to the thank You page you send them too when they confirm to each email.

This topic could be a whole course in itself and I am already at 1253 words

Tell Me what you Think.  Comments are always welcome below.

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~Tom Lincoln

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