Empower Network and The People You Will Meet At Events

It Is All About The People You Meet At Events

Denver Part I

 I  wake up fresh and ready for a new day.   I am reminded about the power of being grateful.  Back in 2005 I realized that what I think effects my success in life.  That by just making a conscious effort to be grateful for one thing every day…I could change my life for the better.  It was the most powerful thing I could do for myself.


Today I am grateful for all the wonderful people I met at the Denver event.

I had set a goal before the event to meet more people, wow!  Did I achieve that goal and then some!  Here is a quick list of who I met:

I met a lady that used to run her husbands law firm, that used to do Herbal Life for 10 years.

I met a college student that was so far ahead of his college buddies on a path toward financial, and life success!

I saw Lawrence Tam turn $1 into Thousands of Dollars of trips, consultations, and he got a video camera in a real game teaching people to be OK accepting money for value in the economy of the room, and it all worked in like 20 minutes.  I saw him greet a line of people that was three football fields long at registration, and that started at 6 a.m.

I really got to hang out with some buddies of mine that I had been on Hangouts with and get to learn their story

I met one of my blog syndication buddies, that blew my mind with how well he knew digital technology, yet wasn’t charging enough(price sends such a message)

I met a man from Sterling Height Michigan, that used to live in India.

I met a couple that owns self-storage units, and other businesses, and has a son that has dyslexia and that all decided to join this business, because the economy challenged them

I met a couple from Sweden who had made $1000 so far  in their business, and who wanted to video tape me because of my enthusiasm…They saw something in me  that I didn’t quite understand.

Here is that video below tell me what you think below in the comments and feel free to share it with people you think might like to be in your business.  Your the kind of person reading this blog post that understand what I am saying in this video.


OK, I may have gotten a little carried away but I was new and jus tout of a meeting and I was fired up! LOL My outcome is now 100,000 people finding freedom as they see it.  It is not about me, it is not about the money, there is just more of it here, especially now that Uni-Line™ is active.

I met a lady who was great at doing videos, she had a cool set up and every time I saw her she was somewhere else doing videos!  Her enthusiasm is contagious

I met a lady who helps people set up blogs from her double wide trailer in the fields of Wisconsin that wanted to Mastermind at 2 A.M.  in the morning.

I met an obviously intelligent lady that sat two seats away from me that used to be in a top tier wealth product, but that was really excited to be in this business.

I met a couple, she was a nurse who just got back from swimming with the dolfins, had two kids that just left the house, they had just lost their $600,000 house, lived a healthy lifestyle and told me I could live to be 100

I met a lady living in Florida, but from Bulgaria, that spoke Russian, a young man with tons of leadership potential

a young man that was in a wheelchair because he had an abscess on his vertebrae fro C1 to C7(vertebrae #’s)

a lady that works with a horse, trail riding company that borrowed the money to get to the event

an Ex corporate VP of sales for a technology company that had enough of the Corporate World, had traveled the World, and wanted to run a chocolate company.

A wellness sales person that was looking for work

I also met Chuck Marshall, one of my sponsors and one of the 15 millionaire earners now in 2015(your results will vary.  Please go to http://www.yourlastjobever.com/income  for average earnings and feel free to look at everything no secrets about money in this business you may make $0 or more than anyone has it’s up to you) He is an amazing magazine advertiser that learned advertising by doing and he used to be a cement truck dispatcher… but he wanted a better life for he and his family.

I met Tony Rush another million dollar earner in this company and Jessica his wife, on the sidewalk coming out from the ALL IN Meeting (for people who had spent over $5,000 on the educational products that teach you how to be an online and offline marketer.) Jessica’s comment to me as she was passing me on the sidewalk after I said hello was, “If we lived in the same town we’d all be walking around in our Empower Network T-shirts.”  I realized then that they are no different from you and I they are real people that have gotten real results.

Please click the picture below for see average earnings.

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Denver Part I

 That made me feel like I could do this too!  They were walking back to their hotel!

And finally I met Chris Record a brilliant Sales and Marketing Expert with a ethical and moral, no nonsense approach to life.

What a great event!

I hope you decide to join me at our next events.

They are going regional so that more people will be able to tell their story on Stage, not just the Huge earners.  Smart.  I will be in Anaheim California, Washington D.C, Orlando Florida and now Las Vegas wit Team Take Massive Action COOP Event.

Oh, and I am grateful that Dave ad Dave took $3,000,000 out of their own earnings and built ENV2 a new mobile version of EN that comes out September 23.  Get in before then and ride the wave!

And most of all I am Grateful for YOU!  You decided to be on my list.  Thank You.  I hope you have been getting value.


Tom Lincoln

P.S. ENV2 was a failed experiment but it led the way as they failed forward and quickly.  Actually I learned a ton from that failure too so it really was a success, because now I know what I want in an online business when it comes to paid traffic.


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