Empower Network Build Your Team

 Empower Network Build Your Team

Message From Tom Lincoln To Our Team and Yours

What Is Network Marketing

Our Industry gives people hope, it builds dreamers and gives them the vehicle to actualize their dreams. Whether it is living on the beaches of the World, or raising that family you so want, it gives people time to think, independent of any man or woman or government institution.   Would you like to be free to think because you have all your bills paid on time and five times that amount extra, at the end of the month, that is what our industry gives people a chance of obtaining in their lives, to finally figure out how to earn a very good living.  Look at the graph above, how it blows away any other profession or job in terms of income results. But some people do it the hard way.  If you feel pain while you build your business you are doing it the wrong way.

To see average earnings click here http://yourlastjobever.com/income

You can learn how to use the Internet and no one will know about it, if you wish. Or, you can learn how to use the Internet and become a celebrity, authority-figure, speaking on the stages of the World inspiring generations to come, like so many network and online marketers before you.  This is my vision for you…leveraged income…leveraged residual income to free up your time so that you can finally think about what you want to do with your life.

You will become the authority-figure, people want to be around.  To do that, You will have to do as you say, get the products you sell, then and only then will you work with them.  This is how you can use what you learn from us, to grow your primary business.  It is called creating an “Inner Circle” and if you do it properly, it works wonders to help you grow you business, whatever it is, and we will help you make an extra $30,000 per month here on top of what you gain in your primary business.

On these pages you will find our journey as we learned the ins and outs of network marketing online, and other forms of marketing and sales, to an audience of business owners and people that want to be business owners.  My blog posts over the years are here for you to use to build your business. Feel free to explore older posts.

They are written here on this blog, on my Empower Network blog, yourlastjobever.com.   It is placed on the Kalatu Premium platform for a very specific reason.  It is easy to use.  It is easy to look like a professional, even if you’re a regular person like me.  It is easy for you to attract the kind of people that are already looking for your business by name, and looking for the right person to join – which in this case, would be YOU!

Your last job ever will be to treat your blog like a job.  Treat it well, and it will reward you beyond your imagination.
Whenever we talk about income or lifestyle we have to give the following income disclosure to keep the FTC happy.  The governments of the World( the same ones responsible for messing up our global economy) need to let free enterprise take us back to our once great economic status as a World.(OK getting off my soap box now) To see average earnings click here: http://yourlastjobever.com/income


I write on my blog daily and will share each day I publish with you  if you are on my email list.  You can add your email in that white box found in the blue box to your right, as you look at the screen.  This will go to my AWeber email list.  There, you will get messages from me periodically.  Sometimes, they will be pure value, teaching you something I have learned about business, personal development, as it relates to business, marketing to attract your perfect customer, and sales psychology so you can understand the process people will go through as they are deciding to buy from you or not.

My commitment to myself and you, is to help you grow your business, and to help you get to know me. I like to have fun, so we will throw in some of that as we work hard and smart at the same time to grow our business empires online.

You realize that is what we do, Right?  We build sales businesses online that we will be able to will to our heirs.  We will be safe in our minds knowing that what we sell is of huge value to the right people.  These people will be your sweet spot customers.  They re most like you.  You get to help people that are most like you and get paid well to do so.

They will be easiest to work with. But, make no mistake about it.  They will have a specific need that you need to discover while you work with them. That is why they are customers in need of a product to help them solve a problem that your products solve, right?

Posts will come to you in an email link that you merely click on, to be taken by technology to my posts, if you are on my list.

I hope to see you at our next event.  If you recognize me say Hi!  Or, facebook message me, I’d love to meet someone of a like mind.  You can find me on facebook in one of many places, and you will not even know it is me.  You can learn how to do this and sell your products to people that really will benefit from them, by using this stealth technology that I will share with our team members that get All In.  It is too valuable to just give away.  You have to prove that you are serious, and you will have to back that up by finding a way to invest in your education.  You do not have to to make money in this business and there are no guarantees.  I had to promise my mentors that I would never give this away.

 A Little Bit about Me

Tom Lincoln


My Why – Horses cost a lot of money and Stephanie(the love of my life) never smiles more than when she is on her horses.  She gave her heart and sole to the medical world serving ant the bedside in ICUs.   It is her time. She is my WHY and the rest of our family, 4 cats, a 150 lb dog, and the horses we will breed in the future.  Dressage is a lifetime hobby.  Who knows some day the National Championship for USDF and International competition will be in our future.

Odin Our Percheron

Me, I like horses (more of an extreme trail rider myself) but I love the water!

See You on SCUBA diving and on The Beaches of The World!

I love that!

Tom Lincoln SCUBA Diver

If you are not on our team yet and want to be in Empower Network click the button at the bottom of this page to learn more.

One of my core values is:

I like to help people.   If you want to get on a Skype call or Google Hangout, great, let’s do it!  Keep checking back in the pages of this blog that are of interest to you or that help you, as I will be adding more trainings on my blog and you should add trainings for your team on your blog and share them.

You will see examples of my blogging throughout these pages as well. In here, you will see what I like and what inspires me, and once and a while, I may rant about what I do not like. But, that is negative energy and I intend to keep that to a minimum, if at all.  Sometimes you will just see fun content, and other times you will see very, valuable content with “secrets” to the Internet marketing, and to the direct marketing World.

Hint:  There are no secrets just knowledge that you can learn

*****Important*****  I was inspired by David Wood’s Empower Hour Call recently so you may get a call from my assistant  Chad to set up an introductory 1 hour start-up, telephone or facebook chat appointment with me once you become an actual customer like you maybe considering to do right now.

If you are in the Chicagoland or NW Indiana area we can do it in person. Or, we can meet in the lobby of our next event too.  We hold events every 90 days to go along with our new product launches.  You should budget for these so you can attend every one.  We can program and teach you way more at events than we can through courses.  But, the courses help get you enough money to get to events when you sell them.

Use these courses on:

1) Become a Top Producer

2) Building and Keeping a team around more than two years.

3) Training thousands of people while you are sipping a Mai Tai or other beverage on the beaches of the World.

4) Learning the skills necessary to gain mass influence in your team, your company and the World.

Our products can also be used by people that want to take the principles of sales and marketing online and apply them to their own business model.  The great thing is once you learn how to sell  online you can sell anything your heart desires…because you know how to get the results you want, meaning money into your bank account.

Here is a bonus tip for this post:

It is important to have someone call your new team members and unpaid basic members too, to set up an appointment to welcome them, and make sure they get started on the right path to their success.  This person is called a workout partner or your assistant.  They need to be of the same income level you are at in your business or can also be doing better than you.

You can learn how to do that in the old 15K Formula( You get that for free when you get the $500 Top Producer Formula, and in the Fast Start trainings come as a bonus.) Those alone are worth millions of dollars to me, and they can be for you too.

We also will make this part of your team training, because it is a critical part of teaching you how to make an extra $30,000 per month outside the growth in your primary business. You can also look at the chat message you got from Chad and when you joined our team.  Save that as you will use it in your business later on.

Other days on this blog you will see my results as I grow in my business. Some days you may see a speed blog with a video that I want to share. You will always see a call to action in every post and you should put them in your posts too. Remember, you are in business to sell products that help people, so you must always have a call to action, unless you choose not to help people.  But you like helping people, Right?

The Council of 52

Notice too, on the right side column  there are several pictures.  Choose the picture that interests you most and click on it. I placed them there to attract you to click on them, as I am looking for 52 super business women to be on our Council of 52.  We will hold our meetings once a year, in a different location around the Globe, so you will need to be well established in your business to qualify for this council.  More on that to come.  From this council, we will grow a global team of 100,000 people that have established true financial freedom for themselves and their families.

To see average earnings click here http://yourlastjobever.com/income

But if you think of yourself as average, this probably is not a business for you.  I am looking for:

1) Ambitious people
2) Risk takers
3) People that hate working for anyone else
4) People that are above average.  The average person makes $100 or less.  So above average people only or those that want to become above average in their ability to sell online.
5) People that have at least two years of network marketing experience but have struggled to build and keep teams
6) People that want tobe compensated for the value they provide to their teams
7) People that are in this business, with no plan B.

Now I am not saying I am, or you will be better than anyone else, please do not misunderstand me.  But, you will run into about 94% of the people you attract with your marketing, once you learn how to do it, that are not a good business fit yet, for your business.  They typically will have the employee mindset or they will feel they are entitled to an easy button or a lottery win.  There is nothing wrong with being an employee it is just not what the products in this company are geared toward.  They are geared toward free thinking entrepreneurs.

I am not saying to quit your job right away.  Keep it as 80% of what you try will fail while you learn what works for you.  But  focus on the 20% that works and brings you income.  You will work your business like this:

1) test different marketing techniques, ideas, strategies and tactics our products are comprised of audios and videos that will give you many ideas for what you can do.  But, it will be up to you to choose what works best for you.  How?

2) Measure the sales results they produce

3) Tweak what you do to make it stronger

4) Then and only then, scale up quickly to monetize before it changes as the Internet is changing all the time.  You will need to take the mindset of Innovate or die.

That is business.  That is being a business owner

“You do not go from zero to sixty in sixty seconds in this business” ~ David Sharpe

But, with daily consistent action, you will start to see that people will start coming to you instead of you needing to go toward them with your business.  You will get good enough when you keep coming back, and keep coming back, each day to your business, that people will just show up without you knowing it, and buy what you are selling.

This is my vision for you.  They will start to buy from you. Eventually, this will happen when you are out playing because you have done so much work that your business almost runs on auto-pilot. Or, at least it will see like it.  You will always need to prime the pump once and a while to let people know what they should do:

1) get enough traffic to your offers to create 30 new leads a day
2) help two of those people to buy from you at a beginning level(you choose whathat is)
3) Follow the 8 core steps of this business you learned aout in the Fast Start Training
4) Get to the next event with a team of people as quickly as possible

Our events are held in nice locations every 90 days and they run with a new product launch every 90 days as well


Some of my posts are meant to be instructional and have messages for you to know exactly how to do this business. This blog will be our team central location along with our facebook page.   I will let you know by a special email  if there is something that you will really want to know, as it will catapult your results in your business,once you join our team at the beginning level below

To Your Success!

Tom Lincoln(linc1618)

Email: jointomlincoln@gmail.com
facebook page https:www.facebook.com/tomlincoln1618

Facebook Profile and there is a difference https://www.facebook.com/tom.lincoln.linc1618

P.S. My ultimate goal can be found on my Facebook Page Global Passionate Businesses it is a goal that is much bigger than either of us.

P.P.S.  If you need help or you have questions about running your Empower Network Business my Skype # in USA is (219) 230-9875 (Linc1618)

If you are not on our team yet and you’d like to learn how to blog from the comfort of your own home and build your business doing so, click  the button below, watch the video and join our team



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