Empower Network New Member Coaching

Empower Network New Member Coaching

Today I will talk about a topic near and dear to my heart as it is by doing this that I learned what this business really is all about.  It was by doing this that I got my belief that I will be on that stage speaking inspiration in front of 10,000 people that I helped find freedom from the 9-5.  I will do this by March 7, 2027 or better.  I know it.

What I did above today is what you can do too.  In this business you are really doing two things to make a living:

1) Sorting Through The Many To Find The Few

You will find that you will learn so much about the different people of the World by doing these calls to customers and people that almost became customers.  You will see that you can not help everyone, because some people are not ready to become wealthy yet.  They need some more personal development first.

2) You will teach the few to find the many.

That is how you build teams of 10,000 people who have found financial freedom.  How?  Our products teach you how.  Our community and getting to our events and meeting leaders will show you how.

If you resonated with anything I said above join my team here and build your own team of 10,000

Da Vinci Marketers/Prosperity Team

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