Empower Network Reaches 250,000 Customers

Empower Network Reaches 250,000 Customers

Congratulations to all in Empower Network as we have just reached a confirmed 250,000 customers, people who have bought our products

1) The Viral Blogging system

2) The Inner Circle

3) The Costa Rica Masters Intensive

4) The 15 K Formula

5) The Costa Rica Masters Retreat

These are the Core ALL In products of Empower Network.

What should ytou buy if you ave not done so already?  Buy All of it you deserve this high level of Marketing, Sales and Advertising courses.  You deserve it all. nplus so much more.  There is somethoing for everyone in Empower Network, but obly if you are serious about changing your current results in your network marketing or affiliate marketing experiences.

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For any company, celebrating success is a big part of increasing productivity, maintaining that success and encouraging team members, affiliates, employees and potential customers. 

The same holds true for Empower Network.

As a company and as individuals we should take the time to celebrate our successes regularly. Success comes in all different forms for many different people.

What you consider success or successful might not be how your neighbor describes success. The way you evaluate success depends on you, and whatever it is, it isn’t wrong. Just be sure you actually celebrate your small wins as well as your BIG wins. 


If you don’t celebrate them, who will?

On to the news…

The news and the recent success that we want to share with you is that Empower Network surpassed the 250,000-customer mark! As you can guess, this is a huge accomplishment, especially with less than three years since founding Empower Network.


We are still in rapid growth mode, and the addition of Jonathan Cronstedt as our CEO, with his expertise in the affiliate marketing industry, is an asset to our affiliates and our company as it continues to grow and we firmly establish ourselves in the industry.


Accomplishments such as these are big deals and we should treat them as such, which is why we wanted to share this news with you.


While other companies continue to struggle in this brutal economy, Empower Network’s growth flourishes with the help of our affiliates and customers.


In case you missed it, in December 2013, we announced that Empower Network reached our 200,000-customer goal, which was just over two years since our founding in October of 2011.


We can’t thank all of you enough for being a part of our family and our successes, as they are your successes, too.


We’re shooting for the 300,000-customer milestone before the end of the year.


Can you help us reach that goal?


Can you help us exceed it?


What milestones do you aim to achieve by the end of the year?

What recent accomplishments and successes are you most proud of and want to share?

Let’s celebrate!


– The EN Team

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