How Chris Rochleau And His Entrepreneur Ideas Transformed My Life

These interviews that Chris Rocheleau did single-handedly changed my whole perception of what was possible in my business online.  His Entrepreneur Ideas Changed My Life For The Better


Before I was lost trying to find a way that I could do to make money online or offline.


I tried everything until I stumbled onto a picture of a cow…Yes, a cow that Mack had posted on facebook.

and clicked it and this whole beautiful world of Internet and even better network marketers, not the kind I met many years before, but successful, caring about their team duplicating, kind of network marketers.  This is my sponsor Mack.  he is larger than life on the Internet and a real person.  I met him at an event.

and even better network marketers, not the kind I met many years before, with the “Rah Rah” meetings.  I hated those and quit that vitamin deal, and the cosmetic deal that turned my friends face orange, and the single family home real estate deal and the commercial real estate deal, and the commodity investing and wholesale merchandise, and garbage contract deals, I quit them all because they did not work.  Been there done that.

(although we do have events every 90 days, but nothing like you’ve seen before unless you have been at an Empower Network event before) but successful, caring about their team duplicating, kind of network marketers.  

This is my sponsor Mack.  he is larger than life on the Internet, with a huge list, he is a specialist in a certain kind of marketing, and a real person with a real inspiring story.  I met him at an event.  He never helped me.  He let me struggle to get stronger.  He answered my emails in the beginning.  He is the reason I am here.  Thank You Mack.  He is a brilliant marketer.  He attracted me!

 Mack My Sponsor











Mack and Chuck Marshall My Sponsors
Mack and Chuck Marshall My Sponsors

I learned about the kind of online, network marketing/affiliate marketing, and their listen to their entrepreneur ideas,   You see we help business owners make money with their good ideas, Aaron Rashkin said that. I wanted to work with, these kinds of people, I learned that in an interview Chris Rocheleau and Jon Mroz did on the Inner Circle Audios.  They described the perfect customers.  Kind of like the people you see in that picture.











I learned about offline marketing from my sponsor Chuck Marshall Pictured here with Mack, his sponsor, in the Inner Circle Audios.  he had already been successful offline before he found this business.  He talked about the importance of getting a mentor, like his mentor Mack.  M ack has guided me along the way by doing, by producing, by setting the example. Not by telling me how, but by showing me it can be done.

Mind you, I am no technical genius when it comes to this stuff.  I had rto come up with my own entrepreneur ideas on my journey to success.


I just have a burning desire to succeed that has been inside me since I resigned from my last “real job” back in 1993. Ever since then, I have struggled to find the answer to what I was going to be when I grow up.  I have been a business owner.  My family to this day has no idea.

Well, I found my answer in these audios. They taught me I really could succeed online. They helped me dream again. They gave me hope and the strategies I needed to make my dreams a reality.

They taught me I really could succeed online. They helped me dream again. They gave me hope and the strategies I needed to make my dreams a reality.

You know when you are young and in College or High School, you are full of passion and hope and you are going to make a difference in the World.  Then later in life reality sets in, the stresses of being an adulyt rear tyheir uglyhead,  that working for someone else sucks.  Struggling to pay bills sucks.  Not having enough pay check at the end of the month sucks.  The opposite is having

The opposite is having enough money to do what you want when you want, and it is a great feeling,  to grab the check at a restaurant and know that there is enough money in your account to pay for everyone in your family.  To be able to travel anywhere you want anytime, you want.

This picture above is when this all became real. This is when I met the guy on the Audios, Chris Rocheleau. He was so nice. I had never taken pictures with a celebrity before, so I stumbled all over myself, but he was very patient and helped me get these photos. You see in this post.  Sorry, I do not have all the names of the people.  Steve is the young man in the wheelchair a real inspiration to all.  I need to work on remembering last names.

I had met a young man with a burning desire to succeed all the way in Australia, and he had met me in Miami where this event took place. We had been doing Hangouts together using the leveraged power of the Internet. This is how I got good at using the technology of the Internet. By being not so good at it, and getting better.


Steve, Chris and Tom
More Pictures That day with great marketers
Jon Pembernathy and Tom Lincoln
Jon Pembernathy and Tom Lincoln
Collin Burnette and Chris Rocheleau
Collin Burnett and Chris Rocheleau Collin Flew From Australia tio Be There.




Just like Jon Mroz talked about in the Inner Circle Audios, that I downloaded and listen to over and over. Each time I do listen to these amazing audios I learn “one more piece to the puzzle.”

There is a picture of a Young man  above I met. I heard him speak in Orlando the same event I met my workout partner Chad Ockstadt.

Chad Ockstadt and Tom Lincoln
Chad Ockstadt and Tom Lincoln

Jon Pembernathy said in a talk he gave as he had just won a contest in Empower Network, and I am paraphrasing here:

“The only people that do not become successful in Internet Marketing are the ones that quit!” These are the people that give up on their own entrepreneur ideas and go back to work for someone else.  But, I know that is not you.  Keep reading.


That one moment in time inspired me to no ends!

You see, what I am trying to say is, what I learned two years after I started online. I actually learned it today listening to the Inner Circle Audios on my way home from work.

I spent 40K(do not do that, although I learned a ton) I spent way too much money trying to find “the secret”  and it was inside me all along. 

It is my burning desire to succeed no matter what…that’s it period!  That is the secret!  


The rest is logistics, details, resources that everyone has access to, and those you have to pay for.  You see it is like a Wild West” out here and there are good guys and women, and bad guys and women out here in this Industry.

What Industry am I referring to?  Well, these are the Industries I have experience in:

1) Agency Marketing

2) Network Marketing

3) Affiliate Marketing

4) Event Marketing or sponsorships

We sell information online and off-line we provide services for companies big and small that want more sales.  When you get right down to it that is what we do.  We get paid handsomely to do it.  How much you ask?   This is one of the reasons that I am so persistent!  Good Marketers can easily earn $150/hr as a consultant.  Great Marketers make $250/hr ++ as consultants.  When I started online my services offline went out at $350/hr. Why?  I had to pay the great agents that did the work for my clients.  They are much higher now.  Why? because I set my hourly based on my outcome.  Vick taught me that in Chicago.  If you’d like to know my hourly now, ask me

My fees are much higher now.  Why? because I set my hourly based on my outcome.  Vick taught me that in Chicago.  If you’d like to know my hourly now, ask me in the comments, or at an event.  Our next one is in Nashville.

Why? Because my agents only work on multi-million dollar campaigns for Billion dollar companies.


It was just before the 2008 crash, my consultants/agents were coming to me and saying, “things are changing in marketing, and others were getting wind of the changes and saying, “I am getting out.”  I did not know what they meant, but they were right. 

I did not know what they meant, but they were right.  The 2008 crash hit, and I was now looking for a way to pay my bills.  Income froze.  I found myself starring at CNBC and Bloomberg Television, trying to figure out what just happened to my life ai had worked so hard to make.  My outcome would have to be put on hold while I survived.  That is a story for another time.

I was working with complex sales consultants and they charged me $20K on top of the 40K that I spent online( it was a contingency contract with my complex sales consultants)  So when I hit my outcome of $250K/year they get their  21K plus 6% of all the commissions I make.

You see, I was already good at sales. But, I wanted to be great!   Low to medium ticket,  (up to $4,000/month) has always been a natural for me, on the phone, and in person( although harder in person because prospects play games) Why? because they think they are supposed to.  No one likes to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy.  I always intend to be as honest as I can with them.  if it is not a good fit, it is not a good fit.  

Why? because they think they are supposed to.  No one likes to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy.  I always intend to be as honest as I can with them.  If it is not a good fit, it is not a good fit, and I tell them that.  They hear the sincerity in my voice, because it is real. 

As an Entrepreneur, You go through a period of time where you are firing bad clients. That was the best thing I ever could have done for my business.  But, at the same time,  I should have never have gotten rid of all my customers.  The lesson I learned there was:

The lifetime value of a customer is more important than the short-term sale.  I was learning through the school of hard knocks.  But the knocks make you stronger.

Here is what I have learned so far:

1) You will start where you start everyone does
2) There will be a learning phase, everyone has one, and they are all different.
3) You can easily spend too much and get overwhelmed. Don’t let that happen to you.

4) you do not have a business unless you are making money.  You are in business to sell products or services. Period.  There is no room for negotiation there.  make money, earn money providing value for others or your business dies and you go get a job to eat.

5) Getting together to network to see what kind of business we can do together is a crock!  if a person really is a good networking fit you will know it right away.  You feel it in your gut.  You can tell when everyone at the event just want to sell you their stuff.  You can tell when people want free consulting.    They do not know any better.  They are where they are in their business.  Unless they are willing to invest in their education, you will not be able to help them. Always find out how you can help them as you may know someone who can help them. Seek first to understand before being understood.  I learned that fro one of my mentors, and there are many, success leaves clues, The Samurai Business Group.  They turn superstars into legends.  Ask for Dan Kreutzer or Robert Lambert.

Now with that said, I needed to go through that phase to learn what I liked and what I did not. I needed it to become the person I am today.

My struggle made me stronger. 

Do not deprive your downline of the struggle. If you save them, they will go right back to the place they found you at in their lives. The matrix (working 9-5 in corporate America and liking it) will pull them right back down and that will be sad. You can be their guide because we have a system that is so great it allows the individual to really get empowered to be themselves if they use the products and do the work

You can be their guide because we have a system that is so great it allows the individual to really get empowered to be themselves, if they use the products and do the work on themselves, they can develop into the leaders that speak on stage.

So what I am really saying is, if you are the kind of person that wants to succeed more than the air you breathe, and you are willing to invest in yourself, and your personal development, if you know you are, and can only be an entrepreneur, because you have no more options, then…

I Will Be Your Guide Beyond Your Current Awareness 


Take a look at what’s possible income-wise first, I want you to have no surprises.  This is not a lottery ticket, you will have to work for what you earn.  You may quit before you earn anything.


As Vick said in Chicago.  “You have no PLAN B.”   

Because you are an Entrepreneur,  in your mind it is, “figure this online world out,  out…..that’s it period!

If you are a little or a lot  OCD this will help you…I learned that from Sophia Rashkin.  She said it in Chicago, on stage, and I met her in Denver and she was a wonderful person.  I asked her what she meant when she said it in Chicago.  She said that some of the activities require you to use your OCD tendencies to stay the course through some of the most boring work you will ever do…well really working for anyone else fits that category…to me this online World is a blast!  


 If this is you and you can afford to invest in yourself and your education, to position yourself for maximum success, then you are the person I can help best.


Today, relistening to the same Inner Circle Audio with Chris Rocheleau and Jon Mroz I realized who I did not want to work with:

1) people that have no money..I’ve been there, I know how you struggle.  Go get a job to pay for some training, work hard and let’s get you back to a place of hope again for your future.  But, do not spend your rent money, your mortgage payment or your living expense money on this business.  80% of what you test will fail.  20% will succeed scale that upo and monetize it.  Then, always be learning, doing and teaching.

You will go through many phases before you earn a decent living in this business:

1) learning phase do not get overwhelmed, learn, do, teach. learn something, test it out, measure the results, tweak it and scale it up

2) sorting out phase, deciding what of the many ways to earn a living online there are, what you choose to do

3) teaching others to do the same.  You are constantly sorting out the many to find the few who are serious, and teaching the few to sort out the many.  Do anything else and you will start to lose money.  This is a network marketing business.  If this is not appealing to you, then this business is not for you.  No worries.

I also do not want to work with people that think they know it all…if that is the case you do not need me to be your guide because that is all I can be.  I am not a guru nor do I want you to be.  You can just make money like one.


3) people that want all the tricks and secrets.  I am not the guide you seek.  But, there are many out there that will gladly take your money and leave you hanging.  Been there done that.  You can go broke doing that.  Be careful what you buy to figure this out.  Be careful while you Google and Youtube the answers you seek.  At the end oif every video is a product or service to buy count on it.  


Remember we are online to sell products and services.  We are not Mother Teresa.  Even she had haters.  You will get haters as ytou get better at marketing.  Haters are a marketing metric.  Believe it or not, they are a good indication you are doing it right.


But first, you will be a crap magnet.  Lawrence Tam, Million dollar earner told us that in a workshop in Las Vegas.  It is true.  First, when your marketing sucks,  you will get people trying to sell you everything under the sun.  First, you will get people asking you to donate money to this cause and that cause.  They will spam their links at you and ask you to watch their video.  They will come to you looking for a relationship.  Be careful, they are not real in many cases.

But, then you will really get clear about whom you want to sell your products and services to.  

The answer:

People who want to buy what you are selling.

Then  the magic happens!  People just buy what you are selling.  It happens overnight, it happens while you are working out, it happens while you are at an event, it happens all hours of the day, and it keeps on happening, consistently. then you are on the right track to freedom for yourself and your family.

1) you will get 10, 20 and then 30 leads a day and then you will get more each day.

2) you will convert 2 of those leads into sales each day for as long as you are in this industry.  Our system will upsell and convert for you.  People that have been around this industry for years really, really like that part. You do not have to do the training unless you want to.  The founders and leaders do all the selling and telling, you just share your link with people, the right people.  The products teach you how if you use them.

Then you have made it to financial freedom.

I am not promising you anything.  Anyone that does, run from them.  To see average earnings updated daily go here:


I am looking for:

1) Entrepreneurs, that already know it takes work to succeed in any business

2) Network marketers and affiliate marketers that want to make more money.  People that are beginning to struggle teaching, their downline to duplicate their success.

3) Traditional marketers that are sick and tired of losing their job at the end of a big campaign.

4) People that are willing to work for someone else until they build up a big enough business online for themselves, that they no longer have to work for anyone ever again.

5) People that are older, in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s I am 52, I’ll be 53 in March 7th. Older people, we call them wisdome keepers do well in this business as well.

6) Baby Boomers that are mad as hell,  that what they have been promised all their lives:

“Work hard, get a good grades, go to college, get as good job, retire on a great pension…how is that working for you after 2008?

7) Self-employed individuals that are tired of struggling to make ends meet, and that know that the only way they can make more money is to get more clients, but that then they have to serve those clients, so there is no time to get more clients, so they are stuck in that vicious circle, having no life.  Been there done that.  You can break free!  You can learn to leverage the power of the Internet and of others actions to earn a really nice living for yourself.


The people above…those are the people that want to do what  they want, when they want, with the people they love, but they are already in the Entrepreneur mindset.  That is why they started their business in the first place.  

They have also read one or all of these books or are willing to read them:

1) Rich Dad Poor Dad

2) The Millionaire Next Door

3) Think and Grow Rich

4) The Millionaire Mindset

5) Psychocybernetics

6) The 50th Law

They listen to audios from Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Robert Procter.  


They understand The Law of Attraction and believe in The Universe and it’s powers inside them.  They are open to meditation and unlocking a sense of peace and tranquility that most never find in life.



If this is You…if I am preaching to the choir, then I will be Your guide to a great business you can run from the comfort of your own home.   I am typing this in my PJ’s.

You hate working for others.  You are already an Entrepreneur and I look forward to working with You.

If you have a downline and are worried about leaving your primary opportunity…don’t be.  The Inner Circle Audios will show you a way that you can use what you learn to grow that business as well as make extra money with this one. 

Click this Link

I Will Be Your Guide Beyond Your Current Awareness  and I’ll see you on the inside.  

What should you buy?  All of it, You deserve it all.  


It is called getting ALL IN and they will explain that in the fast start training. My assistant Chad will contact you and help you get clear.  

Next, every 90 days,  we will help you at events.  Use the products, get to events. Follow the eight core commitments you learn about in the fast start trainings and I will see you on stage next to me my brother or sister.  Once you are on the inside we are all brothers and sisters in this amazing community of marketers


I believe in You.  Believe in Yourself and get started on your journey.

Thanks For Reading. Feel free to comment

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