Fear Of The Unkown

What stops most people from starting a new adventure, learning something new, changing their life for the better?


Fear of the Unknown is the answer.

You see it has only been the last 3000 years that men and women have not had to rely on Mother Nature for guidance in their lives. Civilization as we know it has only been around for 3000 years.

There are still natural tendencies for all men and women to follow some force, some authority figure rather than figure out how to succeed on their own.

The reasons are clear in the picture in this post.

In society, as we know it most people are taught to mind their parents, teachers, community leaders, government leaders and their bosses. That is how you succeed in life.

Really? Really? How has that worked for you so far I know for me it has not worked well at all? I am a terrible employee, as I hate following someone else’s orders for fear of losing my livelihood.

I would much rather overcome my fears and become better at business, and build a value for people in the World.

So if you understand, this about people and you are ready to break free from your fears then I will be your guide.

There is a natural tendency to not be a self-leader. So for most reading this you will not be right for this business. You will be best to work for a boss and trade time for money. There is nothing wrong with that. The World needs employees.
But if you want to be your own boss
If you want to chart your own destiny in life

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