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Women Are Great Network Marketers

Network Marketing Pro founder Eric Worre recently posted on facebook a post about name the most powerful network marketers who are women.  

What was interesting looking at the results of the comments people put in.  I found that many did not network with these powerful women.  My question is why?  Why in the world of business wouldn’t you network with as many women as possible in this industry?

Women in my opinion are better communicators and they ate better at forming communities of followers, as they are more willing to speak emotionally in public.  They are more willing to speak to people at an emotional level that most people respond to positively, and women are more nurturing in most cases.

Now before I get haters I am not making a blanket statement about all women.  Of course, not all women are the same.  But I’ll tell you what.  I will work with as many women as possible and we’ll see what kind of organization we build around the World.  I am currently looking for 52 women that are in network marketing or affiliate marketing to form my advisory council of 52.  I am looking for 52 women with the vision of helping thousands of people gain true freedom from ever working for anyone else but themselves ever again.

I am looking for 52 women that have no other option, no plan B for finding a life of their dreams.  These women know why they are in business.  It is because they are Entrepreneurs.  They are not meant to be led, but to be leaders!

If this is you and you want to begin your adventure with us we are the Da Vinci Marketers/Prosperity team and we will make available to you very valuable systems that you can use to build any business.  No one will tell you you can’t build your primary business.  What we sell are products and tools that help you learn how to do just that.  

You are welcome to build offline and build down your legs.  You are welcome to build online and offline and build online only.  It is your business.  You build it the way you see fit.  

To learn more about how this system works in three, simple steps then click the yellow button on this page and listen to my mentor Dave tell you more.


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