Find More Time For Your Family

Find More Time For Your Family
Find More Time For Your Family


Does This Look Like You Building Your Business?

If you are in #direct marketing or you work with #businessconsultants  #directsales #mlm #affiliatemarketing products or services. You can have a life while buuilding your business.
Ready for the secret?
“Help the people buy from you, what they are already looking for online, with credit card in hand, expecting a call from you(or your assistant) Wouldn’t that be nice. It is a reality in my business and it can be in yours no matter what you sell or, as I prefer,  help people buy from YOU. I am using the trainings for my management consulting business and I have never had so much exposure until now.

That is a brilliant way, to describe what having an online business is all about. Thanks, David Wood. The beauty is there are many ways to bridge this idea into any primary business online or offline in MLM, Direct Sales or Affiliate Marketing.

Read Daily

I then realized as I was reading some of Dave’s oldest blogs, that this will work for any kind of business, small or for a major corporation. Actually there are hundreds, and I may even say thousands of ways to get great results in your marketing campaign.  And, for the decision makers reading this, no marketing campaign is worth “it’s sSalt” if it does not produce salt.  You can turn your marketing into a “line-side” item instead of support for sales. Wouldn’t it be nice to see revenue generation  without the need for sales?  There are many ways to do this.
Buying Leads Still?

Or, as a leader you can go back to buying leads, spending thousands of dollars, cold calling, going for 20 rejections to get a meeting or a yes, hanging business cards up in restrooms, gas station pumps, and prospecting in person at retail stores, have home parties, convincing people that they should do what you do,getting three-way calls, and having family functions interrupted by a call from your downline traveling the country to recruit at meetings, and not getting any real results you can show your spouse. Going to network meeting after network meeting only to have people try to sell you their goods and services.  I am preaching to the choir, Right?  I know your pain. I experienced it for years.

Expensive Consultants Help But They Are Not The Answer
Believe me know how expensive mine where. You can easily spend 10’s of thousands to Millions of Dollars on consultants or agencies.
Or, you can spend a big portion of your income hiring expensive consultants or agencies that charge you for every addition, or even charge you to fix mistakes they made, hiring the most inexperienced people to handle your account to prop up their bottom line at the expense of your increased pain of working with them.  I always got a kick out of that one.

You are the leader. The choice is yours. What kind of lifestyle do you want while you are building your business? Not knocking any business or business model, just food for thought.
Who Is This Guy?

I have a long varied history in direct sales, sponsorship, fundraising,  and other kinds of marketing as I own a marketing agency.  But it was not always like that.  I got my start just after graduating college.  I did poorly on the MCAT to get into medical school, couldn;t figure out what I wanted to study in a Masters program in Biology, so I was left with the wonderful task of making a living without having any idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I finally figured it out at 52!  Yes, 52.

I started learning how to sell vacuum cleaners out of college, until I realized I was selling vacuum cleaners LOL Still ~SMH over that day. My friends at the time, never stopped razzing me.

In the multi-level marketing world, I’ve been in Interior Design Nutritionals, Nuskin Quickstar, Arbonne International and I was pitched Amway in a garage when I was 18. Oh, yeah and recently I attended a law service meeting only to find out it was an MLM.  That is OK, as it is a very lucrative profession when done properly.

I have also been threatened with “jail if I did not get out of that ladies apartment!”

( my sponsor was showing me how to do a home meeting LOL)  Yes, that really happened.
I took a break from Network Marketing.

Then one day, I had the fortune of visiting the World Headquarters of Amway in Grand Rapids Michigan( I was crewing the golf driving range for one of their events) WOW!!! Nice place. It was then that I appreciated all the court battles they went through legitimizing this business model. A ruling from the highest District Court in The USA was recently delivered that legitimizes this business model once and for all, if you do it properly

Recently, in a business meeting with my graphic designer I was pitched an energy drink(sorry it tasted terrible) I know you can make a lot of money, but no thank you. Oh, and there was my sponsor in an event I was selling exhibit booths and sponsorships to, who sent me a free bottle of some #tropicalextractmadetolooklikewine, then he tried to sell me his commercial property I’ve seen many business opportunities. I know the pain associated with them interrupting your family time.

Oh, and then, on the affiliate marketing side of things, I have seen the trainings from #theaffiliategod and #ericstips and I know what my technical skills are like(slow) so while they were a great start, and I love the work That Eric and Ryan put out, they got me interested in online businesses and I will always be grateful for that.

I Found The Answer To More Time With People I Love While I Am Building A Business

But then I met this Community of great marketers, and I knew my life would never be the same. It got a whole lot better and it gets better every day! My future lifestyle does not look like this picture below. I found The Self Leader System.

If you are interested in real change in your business

I will be your guide to beyond your awareness
Your results will vary if you do not get the knowledge from Empower Network trainings. To see our average earnings updated daily go here, so you know what to expect.

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