Focus On Yourself

Focus On Your Goals

I prefer to call them outcomes because goals can be shot at, and missed when they get difficult.  Being in business for yourself is difficult, especially when you are doing it from home, where you do all your networking online.  Use these steps to make it simple.  Notice I did not say easy, but it is simple once you figure it out.

An outcome has steps you follow to get to. Your eight core commitments are those steps.  Follow them every single day.( message to my team now that you are reading this)

Focus on your strengths

You will not be like anyone else.  Don’t get caught up in the trap that many business people get trapped in and I know I did for many years.  I started my business in 1993 and I definitely got caught up in wanting to be like the successful business owners that I would meet.  Don’t fall for that.  You are better than that.

 Be You.  Run your business the way that feels most comfortable for You.  No one that has ever been ion business for themselves and was being honest would say any different.

Focus On Energy

Focus on the energy of your outcome and see it as bright as the brightest sun.  Let the energy of that thought propel you forward daily.  When you get down in energy (and you will) think that thought again, use your imagination to see yourself as if you were already there.  You are already a success the second you decide you are.   Again, simple, but not easy as you have to develop into the kind of business person that can sell your service and/or product(s)

Notice I did not say this in a negative way like,”Never Stop” ( cancel, cancel, cancel…I say this in my head if I ever get negative it is that important to focus your positive energy) that is just asking the Universe to Stop and you want to move forward every day.  Read leadership, personal development, and business books daily.  All great leaders have been readers.  It will work for you too.

Listen to Audios Daily.  This will help you learn new tactics and strategies of other business people and you will hear communication patterns that are inspirational and that will help you inspire others.  Whatever business you are in you will need to keep the energy field in the Universe focused on your outcome. Turning your car into a drivetime university will help you do that, or listen to audios when you are doing chores or out taking your daily walk.  You will be amazed at how you start absorbing the content of the Inner Circle Audios

Finally, Focus on Love For Yourself and For Everyone On This Planet

That is my vision for you and your business 🙂

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