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Having A Heart In Business

You have found the business that is right for you!   How do I know?  Because you searched for a business with heart, Right? Or, was it something similar?  Me too, but mine was distinguished as making money from home.  I came for the money I could make.  I found it here.  It is the community of people with hearts as big as the World, that I found here also, that has me committed to them for life.

You see you can have all the new products in the World, but unless the heart of the organization keeps people around the organization dies.

You can have all the secret technologies but unless the heart of the organization is truly set at helping people break free these new technologies become old hat, yesterday’s news and your organization dies.

Dave Wood built this organization with heart, God knows, he and I have made our mistakes, and guess what,  each time he and I stretch ourselves into a new areas of growth we start all over again just like a baby first walking. We are going to fall, we sometimes fail in that particular area, but the organization, “The WHYS” of 264K people is always a much bigger driving force than one individuals mistakes and we grow bigger and better and take our businesses to that next level.

Why? Because being in business for yourself, is never about you.  It is about how much you care about other people and their results.  If this describes the kind of person you want to be, then click the buttons you find on this page, put in your best email so I can contact you, and listen to Dave tell you about your business, should you decide you want one.

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