Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra

Tonight I went out to a nice lobster, and crab leg dinner and we were treated to the performance of one Mr. Jim Bulanda as he sang a tribute concert to Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet, Dean Martin and Neal Diamond.

All I can say is Wow!  What a performer!  He was having so much fun up there you could just feel it, and it made you want to sing along, and I did, a lot!  It was a great night.  He sings every first Saturday except for December at Theo’s in Munster Indiana.  If you are in the area, Theo’s has top notch steak and seafood and the best crab legs ever!  Stop by I’ll be there

I had so much fun I thought I’d share a little bit of what we heard.  He sounded just like Frank!

I’d like to thank YouTube and far444444 for this great hit from Fran Sinatra.  This first song is a favorite of mine…Summer Wind, Enjoy!

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Next I think Frank Sinatra’s song That’s life captures so much of what life is all about.  Also Check out Frank Sinatra’s comeback tour and some of his ballads.  The words really hit to the heart of the human condition.  You can really relate to Frank’s Songs if you’ve been around on this planet for a while.  I’d like to thank Rainbowfilms1989 and Youtube for this rendition of Frank Sinatra’s That’s Life, Enjoy!

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And of course no tribute to Frank Sinatra would be complete without Frank Sinatra’s My Way…My Theme song.  The essence of who Frank Sinatra was in many ways can be compared to that of an Internet marketer when you listen to the words and think about it. I’d like to thank YouTube and ElektraMSK for this version of Frank Sinatra’s MY Way


And then I’d like to share with you a decision I made a long time ago, when my Dad died.  My Brother and I were pall bearers, and I didn’t do well on the stairs going out of the church, so my Dad’s body slid down in the casket at the angel I was carrying him.  I felt his head hit the end of the casket and I was mortified.  I said later that day, “Not for Me.”  I would not go out that way.

It was that day that I decided, that I would not put my loved ones through this kind of event.  I decided I was going to be cremated, and my ashes would be put in a fireworks show, over a  body of water, while playing music I’ve chosen, and each person doing a shot.  That’s it, nothing else. Celebrate, don’t be sad.

I will be too busy riding comets to care what goes on when I die.  I’d rather people spend time with me while I’m alive!  It will be a  time to celebrate my life!

I am not sure of all the details – what body of water and all, but I know I want to start with this next song, and end with Frank Sinatra’s My Way.   Tonight I heard what I want playing, at the beginning of the fireworks show.  It describes so well what I plan on doing when I am no longer here on this plane of existence.

I’d like to thank YouTube and riseupformymind for this rendition of Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon  Enjoy!

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