Front End Sales Assistant

Front End Sales Assistant

In Empower Network you will start to succeed at the $30,000/ month level when you can consistently get two, front end sales of our $25 blogging system each day.  This will take as long as it takes you to start getting 30 leads a day into your sales funnel.

We teach you how to do that in the more advanced products.  But we also teach you how to do that in our $25 viral blogging product. 

We recommend that you find at one of our events, or on facebook, someone else in Empower Network, that can call you front-end basic members( your front end sales assistant and they will be one for you as well) to get the background orientation, kind of information, out of the way first.  Pick someone that is around your level of success.

That way when you get on a coaching hangout or call with your new front end customer, you can really focus in on their situation, and help them see how they can reach their business and financial outcomes as quickly as possible.  Our products teach you how to do this.

Help two people a day buy your viral blogging system at $25 each.  Do that every day and you will start to see duplication within your team, because they are seeing you lead by example.

If you are a front end sales kind of sales person and you want to learn more about making $25, $100, $500, $1,000 and $3,000 commissions then click the link below and listen to Dave tell you more:


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