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To continue what I was saying about 2008 up above I do not to leave you in an open loop there. In 2008,  I didn’t feel it was ethical to tell a company brand that we could guarantees their sales in a global economy that was melting and that was propped up by the Central Banks of the World.

I turned to discover the leveraged power of the Internet that my agents understood and made sing, but that I had not much experience in.

I looked at Commercial Real Estate as I had done some residential real estate investing practice and some secondary mortgage market coursework and business, but nothing really panned out.

I also tried my hand at affiliate marketing but had my affiliate sales stolen, although I did make a sale and received a check for $125 in the mail.  My first Internet money.  I was excited and getting traffic with my article marketing and getting on the first page of Google bit for archaic, long-tail keyword phrases That used | symbol in them as it helped rank my article on page one. 

I also got the great idea that I could use ad sense in 84 different blogger blogs to make money.  To date I have made like $13 …but with what I am using in this system I will soon change that to a windfall. 

 It wasn;t until I got all the products in this system and used everyone of them and started becoming an expert in my craft, that I started to see sales just show up in my back office.

That is the Coolest Feeling!

That is where I am going now and it is helping my agency brand itself and help other entrepreneurs along the way.

That sounds like a pretty good career path for me.  

Ultimately I will close a $24 million dollar deal for a Fortune company because my agents are used to working with them.  

Ultimately, I will see 10,000 business owners I’ve helped get more customers.

My vision for you is to see you on stage speaking inspiration into the hearts, minds and souls of 10,000 people all that are million-dollar earners.

If you resonated with anything in the Hangout above and you would like to use this system to help you get more Zurvita(TM) Customer sales listen to David Wood tell you about the system we use.


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