Hacking Using View Page Source and Text Editor

This is part 2 of our previous blog about anchor text. In this post, we look into using “View Source” to look at the actual HTML code for creating an anchor text
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  • View Page Source Code or Text editor Code in WordPress

    By right clicking on your mouse, you will see a window pop up if you are on the outside border of the Web page.

    Next scroll down in the pop-up window until you see “view page source

    Now click on “view page source” and you will see the HTML. javascript, CSS style sheets, and all code that was used to build that particular page.

    What you are looking for is a code that starts’ with <a href=  now you have found the code for making an anchor text using a text editor that you find in WordPress and in Kalatu



    Anchor Text View Page Source
    This is what Anchor text Looks like in HTML
  • Click on the picture above to view what anchor text looks like in HTML code.
  • Finding resources in the code

    This is how I learned basic HTML. I learned how to use view source to find the things I did not understand and then I Googled what I did not understand, YouTubed it, and looked up certain code like <a href= on

View page Source Anchor text Hack

  • Click on the picture above to see the HTML code for the link below.
  • Plus, I learned how to explore the web pages of the internet by using View Page SourceSometimes you see a wonderful page or software and you just have to find the source of this resource. Looking at the viewable page you have no idea how they did what they did. For example:
  • I was looking at Hangout skins, all the cool graphics for team sites that house Google Hangouts. They usually come with comments that people can make and people can monitor while the Hangout is going on.
  • This is definitely an advanced topic and should not be undertaken by anyone not making $30K/month minimum. It is more important for your to produce sales to that level first before you worry about team trainings with this fancy graphics.
  • But I digress. If you view page source as talked about above, you can usually find the company that designed that piece if they want you to find them. The company is usual mentioned or some clue as to how they made it in the code of the page you like.
  • Play around with right clicking your mouse and viewing the source code you will be amazed at what you can learn about coding in HTML by doing so. All the secrets are revealed in the code.
  • It is at that point that you realize there are no secrets just awareness of a code that no one else knows unless they understand the code.
  • But that is usually the kind of thinking that gets network marketers and affiliate marketers crazy, trying to move an image 2 inches to the right, or change a color or get some program to work. Or get rid of annoying numbers and bullets.  We’ll cover that in another post.  The good news is I do not have to be great at computers or graphic design or writing to earn a nice living online, as you can see from this post…one thing at a time.The good news is we have systems in place and trainings you can purchase at whatever price point meets your needs and budget, that show you:

    1) How to get leads on your own and not have to buy from a lead broker

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    3) Learning how to build a legacy for your team and their teams

    4) How to create a team culture that will last past your time and be inherited by your heirs. Yes, you can leave a dynasty for your heirs if you play the network marketing game the right way.

You can build a Business Empire While having a life. If you are interested in one or all of the above:

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