Have Fun While Discovering The Skills Needed To Be A Great Communicator


If you want to learn how to be a great communicator and have fun doing it, listen to comedians each day.  Try to stay away from the swearing though LOL

Great comedians are like you and I, they are not like normal people.  They have developed a set of skills that make them as funny as they are.  They have done certain things that have helped them get better at their craft.  I talk about a couple fo them and throw in my own advice below:

1) Use your Mentaloscope.  Look at the World as Big as It Can Be and use your imagination skills to look at the biggest to the  tiniest of things in the World. Use your mind to do these things and jot down ideas as they come into your head. Now, reverse the process and go the opposite direction, from the tiniest to the biggest things and Ideas in the World.

Comedians use this to look at their stories from all angles.  You see the more detailed they can describe their story, the more they are able to bring you along for the journey.

This is how Robbin Williams was able to free-flow any topic at anytime and go along for hours doing it at break-neck speeds.

Learn as much as you can about everything each day.  How?

Read and Listen to Great People speak on videos and audios, each day. Learn something new each day.  Keep files of what you learn, that way you can always go to them for more ideas of what to write and speak about.

You see we are not like normal people, that we see on the street, you and me. 

They are happy working for someone else’s dreams.

They are willing to trade most of their life for a pay check.

They are willing to work for the rest of their lives only to retire with $25,000/year to live on.  I discovered this fact in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Most people also fall into the trap of a negative mindset, and show it off by complaining all the time.  Listen to people for the next 30 days while you are around them.  What is the predominant style of conversation? 

You will find it is many times, complaining about this and that, “The government screwed us, or the bankers were greedy my boss sucks, I hate going to work or it’s Sunday and I hate Mondays.  My boss doesn’t understand.”  You see complaining, complaining,complaining.

The problem with this, is it immediately brings more negativity toward you.  It is impossible to get wealthy and successful when you are always complaining.  You actually will be so caught up in the complaining that you will miss the opportunities that present themselves to you every day.

1) Stop Complaining for 31 days.  I learned that in the book The Success Principles   by Jack Canfield.

You see we are not like normal people. Working for someone else does not work for us.  In fact,

We hate it.  

Normal people live for the Weekends.

We design and create our lives so that every day feels like a Weekend.

We are willing to do what it takes, for as long as it takes, to be able to
be lazy for the rest of our lives. 😀

Who are we?  We are ENTREPRENEURS 😀  So are comedians so learn their communications styles and patterns.

You will need to discover and unlock new skills to become one of us.

1) Start by reading daily for at least 15 minutes a day.  I do not care what you read but read something at least 15 minutes a day.

Why? Because Readers are Leaders.  Reading every day helps you get a great handle on communication skills.

2) Also turn your car or your free time into an audio listening university.
Listen to great speakers every day like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and Martin Luther King, and Robbin Williams and George Carlin(RIP) Choose any comedian you want.


Watch these two Videos Every Day( it only takes 5 minutes)

1) The Secret Scrolls For You

2) The Secret Scrolls Manifesting Money

If you want to have fun and laugh while doing it listen to Comedians.  They are great communicators.



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