Healthy Fall Soups

Fall Soups For Your Family

If you like food like I do but you want to remain health conscious( as I do with my hi-cholesterol history) then you will love this video above.  First I’d like to Thank diethealth and YouTube for this great video.  If you liked that you will love to read about these recipes as well

1) Fall Recipes for Soups and Stews | Eating Well

2) 101 Healthy Soup Recipes – Cooking Light

If you like the idea of eating right and enjoying every bite, and you want to share that idea with the World, maybe share your own recipes or start a business writing about healthy eating or soups, if you really like soups like I do, you can do so with your own Empower Network blog.

Why not just blog on a regular blog? Why an Empower Network Blog?  Well you see your Empower Network blog will get more traffic because it will be part of the domain that is one of the top 400 sites in the US and top 900 sites globally.  The search engines will put more authoirity to what you post and you will have a much easier time getting your content seen.

Why is it importnat to get your content seen?

1) it’s fun!

2) you can add links to your Empower Network products at the end so people can join your business sharing great recipes with the world and making a nice income from the comfort of your own home.

 You can earn a great living from your home business being a blogger about food and recipes if you want, or you can blog about whatever your heart desires. 

As long as their is a big enough audience looking for what you are writing about each month.

 For example, over 24 million people Google the long tail keyworkd phrase

(title of his blog) Fall Soups For Your Family

That way if over 24 Million people are looking for Fall Soup recipes. How many of them do you think would like to make more money?

This is a test blog to see (as I believe that women are better network marketers than men.)  

Or if you are a man that likes to cook I do too so we have that in common.

But Ladies I am taken Stephanie has my heart and soul for life and beyond as we ride comets in the Universe afterwards.  But I would still love to help you start on my team.

Women are better with people, and relationships of building teams, I believe.  I am looking for women and men that can communicate, to join my team of 52 leaders in my Empower Network team around the globe…are you one of them?  If so, click the yellow button and puit in your best email, so I can contact you. Then listen to Dave tell you more about this business opportunity now that the kids are in school you will have the time to start a business, right?

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