Horse Show Weekend

Horse Show Weekend

First I’d like to thank VisionaireEN and YouTube for this great video on an essential part of any horse show and that is putting in rosebud or button braids in your horses mane..  

Horse Show Weekend

Of course there is also getting your horse acccustomed to the new show facility, doing your warm ups the first day and every day after that, just before the test, stall mucking, feeding watering, and of course getting Blue Ribbons and Reserve Champion and/or High Score the first Day.

Of course I am just the groom for the love of my life Stephanie, on Weekends we have horse shows, but I like watching her ride too!  In fact this blog that will be acting like a little sales robot, when you click the link and join my team, will work 365 days a year 24/7 while I do horse show Weekends!

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That is my background.  I work with people that are looking for sponsors and looking for sponsorship properties to spend their money on.

The key to getting sponsorship dollars for your Horse Show Circuit is to make sure that the company sponsoring you has an alnost guaranteed way to increase sales.  That is one of the reasons why sponsors sponsor riders.

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Horse Show Weekend

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