How Keala Kanae Has Inspired My Life With Lesson #11 of The Top Producer Formula

Become The Hunted and Automate That Process Locally

Rather Than Hunting For Recruits For Your Business

  • Chasing Friends and Family never being invited to holidays or parties ever
  • experiencing the pain of inviting total strangers into your home only to have you rejected there
  • being thrown out of someone’s home, being threatened with the police coming.
  • Having to fly all over the country and World each Week to keep producing, producing,producing
  • buying bad leads with good money.
  • experiencing burn out that all the above produce and then
  • joining the next easiest thing since sliced bread opportunity…because you are an entrepreneur and that us what you do

Get Off That Treadmill You Are Not A Hamster!


Learn how you  become the hunted and automate this process using the leveraged power of the Internet for your business online or offline…whatever network marketing, MLM or direct sales business you are in. Would you like to learn how to stop the pain from above?  Keep reading…


…Before you struggled recruiting people into your business.


In Lesson 11 of The Top Producer Formula. You will learn how to overcome these situations in your business.

Local Event Recruting


Now you have a resource that you can gain access to below.  You can use this to build your business locally.


Wouldn’t it be great if:

  1. You brought a bus load, or bus loads of people to your next event that were all on your team
  2. They heard you speak inspiration to them from your stage?

That is what this lesson does, it gives you the strategies to do just that.  if you do what they teach.

Your results will vary.  To see average earnings updated daily go here

Here is some more of what else you’ll learn in this lesson #11

  • Free up way more of your time
  • let you stand out from the crowd in whatever business or opportunity you are involved in MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing(whatever you want to call it)  What do you call your business model? Tell me in the comments.
  • How to communicate with people you want in your business and people you do not want in your business( you do not want everyone)
  • learn how and what to use for easy text messaging systems you can use to remind your prospects of the event
  • Watch a marketing funnel for a new event being constructed right before your eyes(priceless in my opinion) what do you think? Tell me in the comments.


Start by giving yourself a presence on the Internet, an address,  where people can find your business and You. Then once inside, listen to the training that is all part of this system. Do the Level-up Sequence, and gain access to this lesson #11 in the Top Producer Formula.
You can thank me later at an event in the future. I’ll be there. Will You? I hope so, I’d like to meet you!

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