How Landon Stewart Has Transformational My Life

Two Types Of Customers, You Need To Be Successful In Business.

This was shared with me by a great mentor Landon Stewart


I was taking massive action, and having limited success. Mind you I was having more success than I’d ever had online, but still limited. I was stuck, but not anymore.

As I said before, I learned this from Landon Stewart a leader in the industry.

Leonardo Da Vinci said something to the effect that simplicity in itself is perfection.

Paul Gardiner, also a leader in Empower Network also said something about “broke geniuses.” That was me, while I do not consider myself a genius, a am intelligent and can learn anything. That the Universe or whatever entity you believe in,. that I did learn this from Landon today.

He taught me and I am passing this on to you. If you wanty to be successful online making money from home then you wiull need to sell your products or services to:

1) People that have purchased from you in the past

2) People that have purchased something similar in the past.

That is it, simple. I was making my first attempt at making money online to hard, and it was not it is simple if you follow the success o others and many people like Landon are will ing to see you succeed.

I am not guaranteeing you will succeed in any business, not ewven this one. To see average earnings updated daily go here:

So in my case that means that my Empower Network products help:

1) Network Marketers

2) Affiliate Marketers


What they have in common is they are all currently struggling in their business in one of three ways. I got this information from the Samurai

The Samurai Business Group Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert, my offline sales mentors ( I have many offline and online mentors) These two wonderful gentlemen taught me so much including this about complex sales.  In a sales situation there is always, idf a sale is to be made:

1) Pain –  they are in currently
2) Fear – They will be in pain soon or in the future
3) gain They can not fulfill on their own.

I provide the solutions to those types of people.

I will also throw in one more concept from Dan and Robert…that is the concept of:


The Sweet Spot in Your Target Market – These are the easiest people to work with because you like them and they like you.  You like to do the same things, you like to travel with each other, you wouldn;lt mind introducing your Significant Other or Spouse to them.

If you would like to be the top affiliate

or the top producer in your network marketing company then

I Will Be Your Guide Beyond Your Awareness

Just follow that link above to learn more.  I am not a Guru, and neuther do you have to be to be:

1) A Top Affiliate in Your Company


2) A Top Network Marketer in Your Company

Or Both if you have that in your company like ours

Stop making it so hard on yourself and you family.  It does not have to be.

Good news is I discovered it and so have you!


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