How Mike Hobbs Empower Network – Million Dollar Earner

What is it like to be a leader about to cross the million dollar earner level?


This is a picture of me and Mike Hobbs. By getting to the events, I was able to learn a little bit about how to be a successful leader like Mike Hobbs

He gave me great advice about how to get to my stated outcome of $20,000/month in my business.

A little background, I have been stuck at that outcome since 2005 when I set it. Stuck is Stuck and it sucks.

I told Mike at the IPAS2/Prosperity team( our team) Party(Yes we have fun too)that my outcome was $20,000/month and did he think that was a good outcome to set.
In a very humble, and inspiring way of a true leader who will vey soon cross the million dollar earner mark, he said this,

“Get to $10,000/month first”

I am paraphrasing because I do not remember exactly what he said. But the gist of the conversation was to get past the grinder phase of $10,000/month first then worry about the $20,000 benchmark.

Good advice indeed. I also thought about the trainings I have attended in our team hangouts. Mike does these team hangouts that are all about training you on how to get traffic and run the technical part of setting up your business. His setting up auto-responders to my capture pages was priceless. I learned it wasn’t hard at all. All I did, was follow the video directions.

When you join my team you will be part of

Da Vinci Marketers/Prosperity Team

and you will have the added benefit of having close access to IPAS2,  a phenomenal marketing funnel you use to bring people into your business, and sort out the serious customers from the tire kickers.

I am testing it now and I have spoken to over 450 people, and Chris Jones( the founder) seems to have hit a home run here. Mike uses it too.

What can you learn from this post that I learned from Mike?

1) Start small get to $10,000/month first then scale up.
2) Stay humble and help your members get oriented using their prosperity team back office because for many iyt is new to them.
3) Be real.
4) Get to events to meet millionaires and do what they say.
5) Be accessible help people that are starting out.

Now today I am more focused on being the kind of leader that Mike Hobbs exhibits every day. I am staying humble and focused on earning $10,000/month to start, then we scale it up to $20,000/month.

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