How Much Sugar Is In A Cola

How Much Sugar Is In A Cola

First I’d like to thank YouTube and CrazyRussianHacker for this interesting Video.

Wow, look at how much sugar is in a cola!  I had no idea.  I have spent the better part of muy life drinking Coke, then I switched to Diet Coke, and the Coke Zero, and then back to Diet Coke.  Drinking a Liter and a half a day easily.  

I did it becuase of the caffeine.  I think better on caffeine.  But now that I am trying to eat healthy, I drink a small can with each meal.  I may or may not change that practice in my diet.

I asked my doctor what he thought and he did not have a problem with it.  

Of course when you boil anything with sugar in it you turn the sugar into molten sugar and if the sugar gets hot enbough eventually into hard candy.  That is how it is made.

Interesting experiment though. Really makes you think.

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