How to Forgive Yourself

How to Learn to Forgive Yourself

Look at yourself and say, “I Love You”  to your reflection in the mirror.

I’m serious, try it.  It’s hard, or at least it was at first.


(rough estimate based on being at 8 of our events)

and looking out into the audience

and talking to countless people

watching hours of video and listening to 

audios every day…

…I would say that Empower Network

is made up of a lot of Mom’s and Dad’s

People even bring their children to events.

Why?  They need to.  Babysitters can be expensive!

and…they want to.

Some even buy the Empower Network products so their children can do the business, one child of 12 actually made $12,000( you have to have an adult’s name on the account that gets paid) 

He said he shared a video with his friends. That is really all we do to get paid.

Back to the parents…

Learn how to forgive yourself

…You want the best for your children

Are you able to provide the kind of life they deserve?

Are you able to be at all their special events, games and matches?

Or do you have to work, so your children go to daycare?

Are you able to Home School them or send them to the best 


What will you leave for your children when you are no longer here?

Maybe you are single and have no kids.  Maybe you would like to fall in love and have them one day.

Maybe you have a problem with doing what it takes to be successful for yourself.

I understand that. 

 I didn’t think I deserved the best that life had to offer either

But then in 2005,  I started to learn how to understand, care about, and even love myself. I had to learn how forgive myself.

( go ahead get all the jokes out of your system…I’ll wait lol)

No really, I had to learn how to respect and love myself

for the first time in my life.  Here is what I did.

Step by step instruction for learning how to forgive yourself:

Go into the bathroom or other room 

stare at your reflection in the mirror….I’ll wait. 

I’m serious. This is for you.

No link here. I am not selling anything in this section of this post

That will be later 😉

This one is all for you.

Look at yourself and say, “I Love You”  to your reflection in the mirror.

I had the hardest time with this exercise.  Where did I find it? In a book.

Read daily, it will change your life.  Listen to audios daily. Get them on YouTube if you can’t afford them

But you can’t spend your money more wisely.

Life can be hard and you do somethings you are not always proud of to survive.

Believe me, when I tell you I know struggle.  Each of us has our own secrets that we tell to no one.

no one else knows.  That is a burden.  I know.

How did your exercise go?

For me,  I broke down and wept.  I didn’t even know I was in so much pain.

I was too busy complaining and blaming everyone else for my troubles.

At the time, I was the reason I was not successful, not may parents or schools or authorities or anyone else…ME! my choices, the ones I made previously.

But, I changed all that the second I decided I wanted more out of my life.

All I had to do was stop complaining and look inside myself to find the answers.

Oh, I was a hard case. I put up the tough front, I was a bouncer, bouncers don’t cry.

They do, if they really do not love themselves 

and everything they’ve done to just survive

pay the rent, eat, not live among bugs crawling on the floors and walls.

I had to start all over to build myself up.  I had to hit rock bottom

to want success for myself, bad enough.

Tony Robbins wrote a book called Awaken the Giant Within

Read that book.

You can do it.  The second you decide that you really love, care for, and respect yourself

If you do not love yourself, who will?

Start today. You are starting over today!

The cool thing is that each day you get a new beginning.  There is no past, you can’t change it.

There is no future, worrying about it will just wear you down emotionally and physically.

There is only now.  Live each moment “in the now”

There is a book called the Peaceful Warrior…read that book( yes those are my affiliate links…I am a marketer…but I intend to run my business ethically)

and get ready for the most amazing world you do not see now open up before your very eyes!

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I Love You”

Do this once a day for 30 days( when no one is around, believe me 

I know it can be embarrassing) but do it regardless, close the bathroom door if you have to.

It only takes a minute.

Do it with your kids, if you can’t leave them alone for a couple of minutes,

 help them learn how to be good people too

that respect and care for themselves, and for others

Be good to yourself. Be good to your children.

You both deserve the best that life has to offer.

Start by forgiving yourself 🙂


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